Reviews: DE Full size Heavy weight Maruzen Clone Everblast CQB Shotgun (LE Stock)


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Model: SGUN-DE-CSI786

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by Dawn A. on 2009-09-05 06:21:41
"my little brother got this shotgun as his first gun. Its AMAZING!!!!!!! my little bro put on a red crosshare scope and it was amaznly lethel. he shot me from in a couch fort that i made in my backyard and it stung a little bit still! I recommend it to anybody and everybody!

5 STARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Joe M. on 2009-02-04 17:05:40
"this gun is indistructable. the magazine is low cap, but extremely easy to load it with the speed loader it comes with. it has a built in chrome barrel, and comfortable stock.its easy to pump and is made out of abs blastic.its actually a very good gun. 5 stars
by James C. on 2009-01-26 08:52:53
"good shotgun shoots hard (id say 300 fps) and is great at cqb but thats probably about it. like other reviews accuracy is kinda not good, not terrible but not good (like i said cqb only) but what do you expect its $25 (worth $45 not $150, $45 is probably the highest price ive seen for this) but the pumping is so easy (a cave man can do it. lol) and smooth just like the real 12 guage (i mean theres no stress to pump it, it just glides rite back and forward) and you can pump 3 times(or more) then shoot, and 3 bbs (or however many times you pumped it) go out (which wont go very far but there again CQB) but in conclusion for cqb 5/5 for field 3/5

Webmaster: Believe it or not. When this shotgun was released in Japan, before UTG/DE cloned it, it was $150. Airsoft guns had gotten A LOT cheaper now.
by Aaron M. on 2008-11-29 08:10:36
"Let's get the bad over with; an inherent design flaw is in this weapon. This is wear the cocking tube meets the frame, it only has a half an inch in multi-layered plastic which only lasts for about a year of abuse. Keep in mind, you'll never see my drop my weapons on the ground, bang them into walls etc.
Half of the frames plastic threads that the ube screws into broke off (no reason), and then the tube seemed to have losts its threads.

This was solved by ABS glue.


- Accurate
- Nice range
- Nice stock (I love M4s/AR-15s)
- Mags are cheap

- Bad design that connects cocking tube to Receiver.

Overall: worth your money. Be careful with it, and it'll give you lots of shooting time with no errors.

(To whoever had jamming problems: were you using quality ammo? Are you sure it was the UTG shotgun? I haven't had any feeding, jamming or any performance issues for the year and a half, or so that I've been using this thing)
by Jeff M. on 2008-10-16 12:59:35
"This gun is trash. I bought this gun at a local store with a bigger clip. It constantly gets jammed and now the hop up doesnt work for crap. Also it is a newer gun that I got not to long ago.

by bob c. on 2008-10-12 19:01:49
"this thing sucks.the first day i got it it broke i would sugest you get this at shorty usa for $37.89 and it comes with a 180rd mag.the 180 rd mag is worth $57.89!so dont buy this hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-
by pro a. on 2008-10-11 07:05:08
"wow forgot again, the stock is quite sturdy unlike peopel said. I think they didn't really understand how to put this gun together. its not much assembly at all, and its simple to use. they just have problems. also, wicked easy to cock it and you can hold the trigger down while cocking it and its almost like semi-auto for a shotgun. amazing doing that when I use my 200 round clip.
by pro a. on 2008-10-11 07:03:53
"I forgot, don't let anything get stuck in the mag cause it can break, just be careful. have fun dominating with this shotgun!
by pro a. on 2008-10-11 07:03:24
"this is the sickest gun ever. the range is ridiculous.I Was a little skeptical about buying this because i play in hardcore leagues but this is my final backup gun other than pistols. surprisingly the range is about 45 yards and .2 BBs dont curve at all. they go about 300 fps because shooting my shotgun then my TSD M14 which I bought off pyramid airsoft they shot the exact same. the shotgun may have even been better. the grip is great nad I bought the extra 200 round mag too so now i have tons of shots. I am giving this a 4 out of 5 stars only becuase i am a pro airsofter and I use gas shotguns, but this gun is ridiculous for anyone in a clan ages 16 and down. backyard wars this would own easily. oh yeah and check out some of my other reviews on spring guns.
by jamie f. on 2008-10-11 06:55:25
"This gun is ridiculous. it shoots so fast. every info thing there is correct. its deffinitly 340 with .12 but id say 300 .2 it dusnt giv a range but its as good as my tsd m14. this gun was just cheeper. the pistol grip is great and its incredibly easy to cock. the stock isn't wobbly as ppl said. 4 the mag just get the 200 rnd 1. its so helpful. any shotgun mag wrks tho. sickest gun evr tho. def buy it. rly realistic feel. heavy weight isn't 2 heavy so its sick. BUY THIS GUN!!!!!!!! check out my reviews for s-system m4 and some other spring guns like the m16s and the mp5s
by winston q. on 2008-07-22 02:02:19
"i have this gun with a bigger clip but i got mine for $50
this is a good gun for the price if u want to play in the back yard but not in a real match
u can hold the trigger down and pump it to make it shoot faster
by donovan e. on 2008-07-02 19:37:24
"This gun is alright its fun to use it in a backyard war but in a field this gun is horrible.

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