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DE Full size Heavy weight Maruzen Clone Everblast CQB Shotgun (LE Stock)

33 Customer Reviews

by Nathan T. on 06/15/2008
"i have this type of gun and iv had it for 4 years and stiill works and hurts super bad great by and very durable
by uncle-airsoft s. on 06/06/2008
"I have this same gun but without the stock. I think its a good gun but when you shoot it the bb swerves to the left my friend has it to but his doesent swerve so its kinda a gamble, but its pretty durable. Its kinda heavy. i upgraded mine with laser sight. a good gun for everyone who loves airsoft. SAVE THE TREES
by Guilherme G. on 07/22/2016
"This is a great gun for backyard shooting. Its a very resistant, I have it 2 years now, I droped it several times and it didnt break. As this gun is relatively old, some issues started to appear. The precision is crap, due to dry shooting. Feeding issues, wich sometimes i have to pump it upside down.

-Very cheap
-Light weight
-High FPS (relatively, cause its a CQB gun)
-Adjustable Hop-Up
-Accurate (if not dry fired like I did)

-Bad accuracy after dry shooting
-Low FPS for long range combat

Conclusion: Very good gun for the budget. The only REAL problem is the feeding. 8,5/10
by Peter T. on 04/05/2016
"for 24$ I'd say you get more than what you payed for I threw a 20$ scope on it and can hit pop-can sized targets pretty consistently the gun could be used in cqb but you better be quick at the shake of the mag and good at the pump action the adjustable hop up would be nice if it wasn't set so that it fly's straight (with .20s) at lowest setting. maybe I would have more success with .25's the removable stock is nice and the lack of plastic on metal combination put's it over other plastic shotguns my friends have owned the trigger and pump action are pretty solid despite how jankee they look. The big deal breaker is the magazine it comes with, well it's good for a shake mag its...well a shake mag. if you know a friend who's owned a similar shotgun with a standard high cap that busted (the gun not the mag) see if he saved the mag or purchase the one available here at evike. Overall I'd say this is a good gun for pegging squirrels, shooting pop cans and some good ole backyard action. certainly beats bying a 30$ cross-man pistol at a retail or sporting good store.
by David C. on 02/29/2016
"Just got my ss01 shotgun in last week and I am pleasantly surprised. The shotgun is all plastic with few metal parts. I'm a big old guy and it is a little small but not too bad thanks to the adjustability of the stock and it's removable too. It is very light so not sure how it will hold up in a game. It seems like sturdy plastic and it doesn't flex much. I added a NcStar aluminum red dot for quick targeting and it fits the rail perfectly. I don't how well this will work out having metal attached to plastic but it feels pretty solid.
I dont have a chronograph but I can tell it shoots pretty hard even with .25g BBs. The mag is odd in that you have to retract the internal spring and shake the BBs into the mag from the reservoir... you have to remove the mag every time to do that. I hope the other mags fit better as this one is held in by one spring loaded plastic catch. The slam fire feature is cool and is smooth. My advise is be aware of the fragility of the gun when playing, don't drop it or abuse it or it wont last. But I would recommend it for first time players on a budget...can't beat the price for this cool shotgun.
by Kathy P. on 02/20/2014
"If you are new to airsoft and none of your friends have automatic weapons, then this is perfect for you. This was one of my first starter guns.

Good starter gun- maybe even the best for the price.
Rail system, though optics and any other attachments are useless on this gun.
Very reliable, and you have the ability to pump up to three BB's at a time into it.
Sling mounts, although it isn't heavy enough to need a sling.
Orange tip came off on its own, which is illegal. Nothing a little glue couldn't fix.
Compatible with many shotgun magazines. GET THE HI-CAP.
Looks pretty awesome from a distance.

Retractable stock broke, but was fixed with a new bolt.
The barrel slants forward slightly, which you can see in the picture.
A little wobbly.
Plastic in most places.
The pump action might be a little hard for younger kids.

If you don't have the money for a better quality airsoft gun, or are new to the sport, I highly recommend this gun, especially for the price. Definitely upgrade though, and maybe keep this for a rainy day or as a spare weapon for others.
by Sam M. on 11/16/2010
"THis is THE first gun I ever perchased about 7 years ago at some anime shop in my mall. I gotta say it's a great gun for the money. No shame in showing up to your first match with it, and no shame in bringing it after a few years of games as a secondary/last resort or to share with other players. Love the M4 stock on it, and I believe it comes in three other stock variants sold speratly. Mine came with a POS Red Dote, a flash light, and a lazer the had handle-mounted switch. I still have it today, although the barrel up to the reciever is gone, as well as the tube the action rests on. I let my friend use it as a side arm since he poured all his money into a sniper rifle.

Lasted almost a decade.
Lots of rails, even though on something this low in quality, why waste attachments?
Easy to reload.
Acurate to about 30M, hits hard enough that you'll know if your hit.
Cheap as hell.

If this is your primary, you'll probably be out guned 4/5 times.
Hard to reload, and left over rounds in mag after dry.
Like most air soft "shotguns", it's really a pump action rifle and not that great for CQC.
by Aaron M. on 11/29/2008
"Let's get the bad over with; an inherent design flaw is in this weapon. This is wear the cocking tube meets the frame, it only has a half an inch in multi-layered plastic which only lasts for about a year of abuse. Keep in mind, you'll never see my drop my weapons on the ground, bang them into walls etc.
Half of the frames plastic threads that the ube screws into broke off (no reason), and then the tube seemed to have losts its threads.

This was solved by ABS glue.


- Accurate
- Nice range
- Nice stock (I love M4s/AR-15s)
- Mags are cheap

- Bad design that connects cocking tube to Receiver.

Overall: worth your money. Be careful with it, and it'll give you lots of shooting time with no errors.

(To whoever had jamming problems: were you using quality ammo? Are you sure it was the UTG shotgun? I haven't had any feeding, jamming or any performance issues for the year and a half, or so that I've been using this thing)
by pro a. on 10/11/2008
"I forgot, don't let anything get stuck in the mag cause it can break, just be careful. have fun dominating with this shotgun!
by pro a. on 10/11/2008
"this is the sickest gun ever. the range is ridiculous.I Was a little skeptical about buying this because i play in hardcore leagues but this is my final backup gun other than pistols. surprisingly the range is about 45 yards and .2 BBs dont curve at all. they go about 300 fps because shooting my shotgun then my TSD M14 which I bought off pyramid airsoft they shot the exact same. the shotgun may have even been better. the grip is great nad I bought the extra 200 round mag too so now i have tons of shots. I am giving this a 4 out of 5 stars only becuase i am a pro airsofter and I use gas shotguns, but this gun is ridiculous for anyone in a clan ages 16 and down. backyard wars this would own easily. oh yeah and check out some of my other reviews on spring guns.
by winston q. on 07/22/2008
"i have this gun with a bigger clip but i got mine for $50
this is a good gun for the price if u want to play in the back yard but not in a real match
u can hold the trigger down and pump it to make it shoot faster
by Yo M. on 06/04/2008
"Um, the gun is pretty sick but the problem was with the orange tip fell of pretty easy. Also I had big problems the with the wind up mag if you got one little piece of gravel the size of a few sand grains you have to apart the mag and find it or it will break. So stick with mag that comes with th gun. It has some sick power to I shot my cousin with it now he has the bruise the size of quarter!
by Yo M. on 06/04/2008
"Um, the gun is pretty sick but the problem was with the orange tip fell of pretty easy. Also I had big problems the with the wind up mag if you got one little piece of gravel the size of a few sand grains you have to apart the mag and find it or it will break. So stick with mag that comes with th gun. It has some sick power to I shot my cousin with it now he has the bruise the size of quarter!
by Travis N. on 06/03/2008
"This is a good gun, but it is a bit heavy all around due to the high quality ABS plastic in the retractable stock. It is great for people with smaller hands, but a drawback is if you mount a scope on it and wear a paintball mask you will have no luck looking down the sight. Funny thing is if you have an M4 with a removable handle you can mount it on here and have a ghost site with the rear M4 sight. Buy a 200 rd clip or more small clips if your serious because your in for a surprise when you find how quickly you fired them. Very strong, but just a tad to heavy.
by Darrien O. on 07/15/2013
"This was my first airsoft gun and it was pretty good it has great accuracy and a pretty good stock that didn't get loose after a month or so i had dropped this thing maybe twice then the third time i dropped it the stock broke off but the guns accuracy was still pretty good but no longer has that good weight to it

Easy Pump Action
Comes with speed loader

Broke in half after 3 drops
mag only held 15 rounds
Very crappy sling

If your looking to buy a spring shotgun for a low cost this is it but for durability i recommend something other than this