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Tokyo Marui SPAS 12 Style Full Size Airsoft Shotgun (Pistol Grip)

9 Customer Reviews

by John P. on 06/24/2015
"This is by far the best spring-powered tri-shot shotgun that money can buy. The Tokyo Marui SPAS-12 is absolutely fantastic and for the price, it was totally worth it, you will not find this for less than $200 anywhere else, Tokyo Marui's SPAS-12 Tri-Shot has been around for many years, in fact, it has been around for over a decade and still proves to be one of the best Tri-shot shotguns available. When my TM SPAS-12 first arrived, the first thing I noticed is how big the thing is, it is a very bulky gun which gives it a huge intimidation factor. Performance-wise, it is about what you would expect. The hop-up is fixed and designed for .25g bbs. In a CQB environment, it works great, it is very accurate up to a certain distance, then the bbs will start to fall. I wouldn't recommend this for field use, only because of the fact that it was not designed to shoot that far, but it is perfect for CQB use. Overall, it is actually a pretty hefty gun, but it is very front-heavy, mainly due to the fact that the outer barrel and tubular magazine are made out of metal, the rest of it is made out of plastic. The biggest disappointment of course is the lack of the classic Steel folding-stock, Tokyo Marui used to make them, but they have been long discontinued and have become very expensive collector's items now, If you are lucky enough to find one, it really does complete the look of the SPAS-12.

- Very Accurate
- Decent Range
- Tri-shot feature works very well
- Intimidation factor
- Does not require gas or batteries because it is spring-powered
- Perfect for CQB
- Looks amazing for being one of the only available airsoft SPAS-12 shotguns

- Weight feels unbalanced, it is very front heavy.
- Does not come with a folding-stock
by Max F. on 11/25/2009
"A truly awesome weapon to behold, and always a good backup when your AEG is having problems and your pistol is low on gas. I actually use this as a primary weapon because I play a CQB/grenadier role (packing a M79) and couldn't give a rat's @$$ about my G36K.

Performs slightly better than the M3
Looks intimidating
Shell magazines are useful and cheap
Packs pretty good range with .25/.28 BBs

Shells are kind of annoying to get rid of in the middle of a fight (suggest a dump pouch)
Though the range is good, the firing rate won't stand up to an AEG
Almost all plastic construction
Expensive (and always out of stock)

Overall, I'd say it is definately a new and different style to airsoft, playing with a pump-action shotgun. You'll recieve respect for being different in a crowd of AEG-wielding team-mates, and I often get questions of where I got such a shotgun (hint: not here). Against an AEG, you will usually win if you are at short to medium range and can squeeze off the first shot. If you miss, your screwed, nothing to it. My only gripes are that the folding stock is $100 more and the mock bolt is fixed and will NOT move. Definately recommend it if it is ever in stock again.
by dane k. on 11/07/2008
"Yea but dont forget the 2 month wait and 70 dollars shipping. My stuff from evike come in 2-3 days, redwolf comes in 2 weeks to a month and here you get free shipping, redwolf you get 70 dollars shipping. Your also taking a gamble to see if it even makes it to the U.S.
by Ali A. on 07/11/2008
"this gun really surprised me. at first i thought it was just another shotgun but its worth the money. accuracy is incredible. i play cqb and when i turned a corner, i was shot. later i found out that this gun shot me accuratly 120 feet! i was shocked!!!
by Jay B. on 05/24/2018
- Front heavy, but overall great weight, not light
- Lots of metal parts on the outside
- Great CQB gun, but it's somewhat difficult to keep sights on target when running and gunning
- Colored realistically
- Sounds awesome when you pump pointing up
- Easy to operate

- Hard to pump at first
- Muzzle brake fell off on the first day, I had to use some heavy duty glue to put it back on
by James C. on 11/28/2009
"Great shotgun. But $160 is the MAXIMUM of what its worth. Internas are nice, externals....not my favorite. The plastic on the pump is pretty cheap (oh look at the time...FLAME WAR!!!), and when you bump it against something, it makes a loud "CLACK!". Pumping is kinda hard, a stock wouldve been great....Accuracy is decent, if you arc it right, you can get mabey 80 ft. from it. The sights are nice IMO. The barrel(s) are relativley long (this shotgun is longer than my M4). Fires 3 shots at a time at a decent grouping.....I would say 3-6 inches at average range, long ranges can get from 5-12 inch groupings....thats pretty impressive for a spring shotgun. FPS is 300...might be bad for n00bZ who like ub3r h1gh FPS'z y0, but around here, for room clearing you must have a handgun or shotgun (or semi-auto on an AEG) that shoots under/around 300 fps. So the FPS is PERFECT for a shotgun. I did get shot in the shoulder point blank with this (yes, all 3 rounds), aaaaaaand it hurts, but ive definately seen worse.


-FPS is around 300 (might be bad for n00bZ who like ub3r h1gh FPS'z y0, but around here, for room clearing you must have a handgun or shotgun (or semi-auto on an AEG) that shoots under/around 300 fps. So the FPS is PERFECT for a shotgun)



-Plasticky plastic...and LOTS of it.



In conclusion, im gonna give this a 4.....its perfect, but after heaing talk from the TM fanboys about TMs uber awesome plastic...this disappointed me. However if you want a good, reliable room clearing weapon, dont hesitate to buy this shotgun....because if you do, il kick in your door and shoot you with mine!
by john k. on 09/22/2009
"umm guys anyone who thinks theres a better store out there you thought wrong.and why do some people think its a gip?they say they can get it like for 160!it IS 160!and this gun is awesome.its really accurate and the hop up helps
by William M. on 06/23/2008
"my friend has this gun its pretty good but it would look cooler with the stock ill give it a 4/5
by Patrick B. on 11/07/2008
"wat a rip off you can get this gun for 160 at XXX (From ASIA)