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AGM M-500 SWAT Airsoft CQB Training Weapon Shotgun - CQB

59 Customer Reviews

by Julie S. on 07/07/2013
"I bought this gun for a friend who i was trying to get into airsoft, overall a sturdy gun, Exelent for the price. shipping was on time. and the gun Had surpassed my expectations for the price. no issues at all
by janet d. on 05/23/2013
"I have had this gun for a couple of days and it is a high quality gun. It is sturdy, affordable, and is pretty accurate at close and long ranges, both indoors and outdoors. The only cons so far are that the pump is plastic and jiggles a little but it is not horrible, and when you take the mag out you lose 3 BBs in the process, and there are no spare mags in stock currently which is a little annoying. The gun has a nice weight to it and looks cool. Overall, this is a good gun to have as a secondary or a primary.
by alec h. on 05/16/2013
"First of all this is a great gun. It is worth the 18 dollars. Now do not be reading this later and be all its 25 dollars. It was on sale......... Any who most of the parts on the gun are metal and plastic. The pistol grip is plastic. Trigger is plastic. And safety along with the hop up lever. The barrel and buffer tube are metal and the pump is a bit wobbly and plastic. the receiver is made of a high quality plastic and is smooth. It has an acceptable with .2g and .25g rounds. The mag holds 14 rounds but the gun makes up for that in performance. It is easy to pump and is accurate weighs about 5.10 pounds and has a metal heat shield/sink. I would greatly recommend this gun to anyone and is a good secondary.




pump is a bit wobbly
low mag cap
bad for non cqb environments.

Over all this is a good shotgun and worth buying!!!
by Casey S. on 05/01/2013
"This is a really good gun. i just bought it a couple days ago. this i a good back up gun for snipers.

good power 9/10
speed loader
great sling
durable 10/10
heavy weight
accurate 9/10

magazine only hold 15 rounds
can me hard to put the magazine back in to some people
by Monique P. on 05/01/2013
"I got this just today. It's very well built and no loose thing in it. It says 350 fps but on tha box it says 400 fps. Good buy if you want a low price and good quality shotgun. :]
by jack C. on 05/01/2013
"This GUn is amazing!!!!!!!
its rlly worth buying even for a first wepon!!

bits are metal
heavy(if u like that)
mag that goes into the gun

Must position mag then hit it into the gun (its not hard and it works perfect after that)

BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!

also shorty USA have a video of it on their site

thanx for reading
by Christin S. on 05/01/2013
"Don't get me wrong, this gun was a lot of fun, but the internal parts broke fairly easy. Its pump action, but the trigger that pulls back the gun breaks fairly easy. I have had two of them, and both of them have broke. Perhaps it is just me, but i did not think i was rough with them.

However, its not expensive, so it is you get what you buy kind of thing.

(i was able to replace the trigger with a metal system of my own design, and that did work, albiet it was not as smooth.)
by Zach S. on 05/01/2013
"Guns great for $25, its solid, no wobble, shoots at 315 with .2g BB's, its a good back up to have, its also surprisingly accurate. It has an aluminum barrel which is good for a $25 gun which would normally have a crappy plastic barrel, the heat shield is also metal which is nice. I'm impressed Definitely worth the money. Need to get some more mags now!
by Alex Z. on 04/26/2013
"This is a great shotgun to have. It is not really heavy and it is very accurate. It has a lot of power and a high fps for a shotgun. It is also not too loud and the cocking does not make much noise. It feels good and looks nice. The gun has a good hand grip making it easy to hold. The only bad thing about the gun is that the magazine only holds about 14 round and it may be a little difficult to put the magazine in sometimes. Other than that it is a great gun and it comes in a great package because it includes a sling and a speedloader.
by brandon m. on 04/26/2013
"This is a great gun. I use this gun a lot more than i thought i would. Overall good gun, and worth the 25 bucks.
by alex a. on 04/26/2013
"dude this gun is great ive dropped it like 10 times and it is still shooting as well as when i first got it

totally recommended
by Matthew V. on 04/26/2013
"This shotgun is an amazingly realistic weapon prop for film. It's heavy weight makes for realistic performances by the actors and the finish looks great even in high definition.
by Jared J. on 04/26/2013
"just got this gun and all i have to say is i strongly recommend this for beginners as well as people who want a cheap quality gun. its really fun to shoot but its main use would probably have to be at close range it also has a small magazine but thats a small prob
by Nick N. on 04/26/2013
"GREAT GUN!Completley worth the 25$!i have this gun except for mine has more metal than this one!.but it is a great gun! i shot my friend with this thing and it hurt him very bad.i recomend using .2 bbs.if u hav .12's the accuracy is terrible.
totally recomend this gun!

accuracy: with .2's = 5 out of 5
with .12's = 2 or 3 out of 5

Power: 5 out of 5!

Usage for war: 5 out of 5!

Usage as a primary: 5 out of 5!

by Tupac S. on 04/23/2013
"wow this gun packs a mega load its so strong pretty cool that it all made of metal good deal weight alot too