Reviews: MP40 WWII Full Size Replica Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle


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Model: AR-P1301

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by Chang W. on 2009-01-06 21:46:54
"It's not bad actually. Not only is it fun to play with, it comes with a sling (Hey, free stuff is always good). Also, that orange tip at the end of the barrel, sure it does look ugly at first sight, but with a little paint (which I did), it can really look like an nice gun. Other stores may sell this for maybe 20 or even 25, but for 15 bucks on evike? Yeah, it's worth it.
by Chris C. on 2008-06-09 20:06:17
"Decent gun, even for Double Eagle. The real one doesnt look like the one in the picture, the real one is more plasticy. Fairly accurate, but to aim down the sights you have to take off the picitinny rail that you have to screw off [ i found that out the hard way, i snapped it off a piece and found out it had screws =P ] but the gun is better if you just dont attach the barrel. [ If you buy this gun, youll know what i mean ]

Overall, If youre a WW2 gun collector, this is a good buy.

Displaying 1 to 2 (of 2 reviews)