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Model: SR-MP001A

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by Kyeong Y. on 2010-09-27 20:35:48
"This gun is great!
the assembly was very easy out of the box! i recammend getting a spare mag because the mags only hold about 25 bbs. I did not order the scope+bipod together, instead i ordered the nc star 3-9x40mm scope. IT IS A GREAT BUY! Once sighted in, i can hit a coke can 25 for 25 from 50 feet. This gun is a great buy for beginners to intermediates! It is also really powerful!
by billy d. on 2010-09-25 20:56:09
"i love this gun its badass,nice weight,accurate strong.but the stock wasn't that good anyway i like this gun
by Austin M. on 2010-09-24 18:39:59
"This gun is excellent. Shoots up to 150 feet accurately. Recommended BB weight is .25 Matrix Brand BB's. Even though it has an artificial stock, it is solid. The bolt will need to be tightened a lubricated regularly for optimum performance. Overall rating a solid five stars.
by cain b. on 2010-09-23 05:10:35
"I got this and love it!! everything works nice. I just bought the gun do you sell the bi pod too?
by Allan L. on 2010-05-07 16:01:18
"I have only had this gun for two days, but so far I love it. I ordered the one with an imitation wood stock because it was cheaper, but they sent me a real wood stock anyway, which is great. I love the feel of the gun. I don't have a scope for it yet, and there are no iron sights, so it is kind of difficult to aim. It shoots very accurately, though. I used it in a skirmish today, and the accuracy was pretty good, even though it was very windy and I was only using .20g bbs. I think this gun will be extremely accurate with .23 or .25g bbs and a scope. The only problem I have had is that the magazine gets stuck in the gun. However, I scraped a bit of plastic off a small part of the magazine with a pocket knife, and now it works fine.

Shoots hard
Nice feel
Looks great
Easy assembly/disassembly

No iron sights
No bottom rail
Magazine gets stuck

Overall, I love this gun. I think it is pretty much the best sniper you can get for the price. I would recommend it to any sniper, beginner to advanced, who does not want to pay an arm and a leg for an accurate sniper rifle.
by Ryan T. on 2010-03-10 19:17:00
"This gun is Good. It has approved accuracy, but the lack of iron sights made it very difficult to aim.
The provided sling will probably last for a while, by the looks of it, but the clip looks questionable. This receives a four because the provider included two of the same allan screws, which, though they work ok with them, might not prove sustainable in the long run. So the final verdict, buy at your own risk.
by Mary C. on 2010-03-10 14:27:54
"This gun is a great sniper i highly recommend this sniper to anyone.I suggest .26 bb's.

-High FPS (390~410)
-Good accuracy
-Good mag size (around 30)
-Easy to cock
-Hop-up is great and easy to adjust
-Range is good (around 90~110ft)


-Magazine is annoying (if i don't hold it in while cocking the gun will misfire, might be just mine)
-Velocity started out good but went down significantly (still ok though a do tend to miss shots b/c the guy ducks down before the bb hits him)

Very good gun and it is a must buy.
by micah b. on 2010-02-21 14:53:12
"Very good rifle. It works as a good introduction for beginning snipers looking into getting the real VSR-10. Unfortunately, this won't accept upgrades made for the VSR-10. But even so, it's still very useful and reliable. I got hit right on the collarbone from about 50-60 feet away and it left a nice welt there for a week.(my friend thought it would be funny to no-scope me)

Pro's -
Good for starting snipers
Nice average of FPS
Small size (not length)
Even weight
Good range
Balanced power

Con's -
Can't be upgraded with VSR-10 parts so you might want to get the real one
Hop up is odd (mine shoots straight if its at either of the limits, not anywhere in between)
Requires a decent scope (I got stuck with a mini scope and it is not fun having to adjust while aiming)

Conclusion: While this may not be upgradeable like the real thing, it's still a good fallback sniper if your main one is out for repairs. If you bought this and want to get a new one like me, keep it. It's not as above average as many other snipers but it still get the job done with satisfaction. It also can help you learn how to disassemble and reassemble most types of bolt action rifles, mostly the bolt mechanism.
by timothy a. on 2010-02-02 13:10:52
"This gun is SICK. right out of the box i am packng punches. I bought a scope and this gun puts the BB right where you want it. buy a scope it helps out alot. and get the 190 vsr sping up grade.

power (.23)
accuracy (.23)
weight ( not to heavy but comfortable)

clip size (buy at least one more clip. one shot from this gun and you dont want to stop shooting.)
by Benjamin Jones R. on 2009-09-20 11:16:36
"This is an amazing gun! I put a red dot scope on it and worked better than a sniper scope because u have a bigger view. Anyway i sniped my friend from about a football field away! The FPS is around 400- 430. i would use .20 or .25 bbs with this gun.The hop-up is amazing. The gun is so powerful it gets stuck in the skin from point blank range. Great gun for the price! I would recommend a back up gun like an AK74 or a Matrix G5.
by Chris S. on 2009-09-03 16:11:17
"I love this gun it looks very strange without a scope but when you put one on its awesome and intimidating i bought the upgrade spring clocked in at 594fps 5/5 BUY IT ps buy it black
by john w. on 2009-03-24 21:23:51
"This is a great gun I got a year ago. I'm a beast now and all or mostly all the guys i play with want me on their team!!!!!!!Its a really good price for it. I think that if u got this gun you will love it!!:)

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