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AGM M700 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Scope Rail (Color: Black)

108 Customer Reviews

by Brandon A. on 11/07/2008
"what goggles are best for this gun with the scope that i can use in airsot fields
by Samuel A. on 10/31/2008
"I just received mine last night before I had to go to work...but I had time to mess around with it when I got back. The installation is so simple, I'm sure my dog could do it. I bought the scope and the bipod too. In the package, you'll have five parts. Scope, bipod, bipod base, barrel, and stock. That is needed to build the rifle. There is also a magazine and a speed loader and a package of unmarked BBs.The barrel is a long, all metal one-piece barrel. It is really beautiful.

Also in the package will be an Allen wrench and two screws. Unfortunately, I was sent two of the same sized screws so one of them sticks out. But really, not that big of a deal. Just slip in the barrel, screw it nice and tight (no pun intended), and you are ready to go. Scope slides on in 15 seconds on the included picatinny rail. My scope was pretty much zeroed when I got it.

The bipod is really easy. You just need to disassemble the bipod base. No wrenches or screwdrivers required. It fits on nice and snug and looks awesome with it.

My only problem is sometimes the next BB won't load after it fired. I think a little bit of silicon spray should fix that right now. But to make a long review short....

This gun is damn sexy. The black stock makes it easier to paint than the wood one. The scope included is amazing and would cost more than the 50 dollars I spent for the scope + bipod combo.

For potential buyers:

Be sure to pick up an extra bag of quality BBs. Just in case.
Pick up a can of silicon spray. You'll thank me for it.
(Optional) Stock slings haven't been known to work very well so I'd recommend a new one of those too.
(Optional) Gun bag...for...taking your new sniper rifle around.
by michelle b. on 10/27/2008
"this gun is insane! i hit my friend from 120 ft and made him bleed. ITs great i got a nice red dot(recomended) and painted it with this and my ghille i get the most kill during games. GET IT
by mason c. on 10/25/2008
"this gun kicks ass got it two days ago and its awsome
if u want this gun buy it.
by matt t. on 10/04/2008
"this gun is amazing it has good acuircy good ps and the whole the is WOOD exsept for the barrel witch is METAL so get this gun and its easy to cock back
by casey a. on 09/27/2008
"This gun is compatible with all TM upgrades, as is stated in the product description.
by casey a. on 09/26/2008
"1. you can get a tm adapter for a silencer.

2. it is very easy to assemble and break down. the gearbox/trigger/barrel assembly is held to the body by 2 allen screws.

3. it is a sniper rifle. the defining characteristic of a sniper rifle is that it is designed to shoot more accurately over longer distances than a more compact, practical weapon.

feel: plasticy and light, on the whole. the whole upper assembly is metal and has a lovely weight to it. this is offset by the hollow plastic body. however, it feels solid enough. i noticed no creaks. the bolt has a very light pull, and feels fairly solid. the stock may seem slightly long, but it is easy to remove the rubber butt plate.

build: the trigger has slight wobble, and the allen screw holding in the bolt comes loose while the bolt is being operated. use some sort of threadlock (i used electrical tape. yay for field repairs. :p ). the bolt can occasionally become annoying because it is very loose in its normal position, so it often just flops around. the sling mounts are very weak. i do not recommend using them. damned orange tip is gigantic. used a sharpie on it for now. will remove eventually. the mag well is a tight fit around the magazine, so there is no wobble. it is slightly difficult to remove the mag, but it is fine.

range/accuracy: wow. .28g matrix bbs (i recommend matrix bbs to everyone...highest quality i have yet found). i adjusted the hop up a bit, and the fun began. since the scope rings were still in the mail, i couldnt use my scope. however, the rail system worked just fine for sights :p. hit an opponent from 220 feet or so. amazing accuracy and range.

accessories: sling is weak. do not use. magazine is fine. it is also clear, so you can gauge about how many rounds you have left. i believe it holds somewhere in the vicinity of 30 rounds, which doesnt last too long. however, you can get a 55rd one for only a few bucks. the speed loader works.

other notes...
i am left handed. because of where your hand is positioned, it WILL stop you from cocking unless you move your hand. it will also hurt your hand. i forgot that in the midst of battle. yay for lovely cut.

the gun is extremely quiet.

i play in a forest. the range on this gun is such that, in my bdus, shemagh, and boonie hat, nobody will know where you shot from unless they were looking that way.

this gun is excellent, and i recommend it to anyone who want a cheap sniper rifle.

i probably forgot something important in here. whatever.

here is a link to an upgrade guide.

and another review. its not the exact same gun, but its close enough.
by dudley t. on 09/24/2008
"how is it not a sniper rifle bolt action long barrel thats all you need 4 a sniper velocity doesnt matter
by Linda R. on 08/31/2008
"I've recently purchased this Airsoft rifle, and it is amazing. In my first airsoft war with my friends, I nailed a guy in the chest from 50 feet away. That shot was taken without any sights on the rifle. It fires very accurately with Crossman .20 gram BB's. It does not make a very loud noise, which makes it ideal for sniping. The only shortcoming I can find with this rifle is that the screw at the back of the bolt will come loose after about 50 shots. As long as you don't lose the allan wrench, you'll be fine. I give this rifle a 5/5 and highly recommend it to anyone who is a serious Airsofter, or anyone who wants a really accurate rifle.
by Tracy D. on 08/28/2008
"0.25g Matrix bb works best with this sniper rifle.
by hendrix K. on 07/24/2008
"The rifle already have the $30 scope rail on it. So all you need to buy is a scope with weaver mount built in or a scope (most of them come with scope rings anyways). Very accurate gun for a super low price! Go evike!
by Nicholas M. on 07/21/2008
"this is good for beginners and experienced players alike. It is high fps and accuracy and all around goodness. buy this gun. very inexpensive and worth every penny.
by Peter S. on 07/10/2008
"This gun is amazing. i have had it for 2 years now and i use it as my mains weapon when im the sniper for our squad an di hav enot had a single problem with it. i bought it stock for 60. i didnt get the bipod or scope because both wont really help you when playing. we play in the woods and my friends sniper has a bipod and its a pain in the ass because it gets caught on everything. he magazine can hold 33 rounds but i use 25 to preserve spring life. i use a WE-Tech as my sidearm with 2 magazines so im pretty well set when we play.

overall this gun is amazing the stock is ABS plastic but the barrel is solid 1 piece full metal. i personally havenot found any cons with this gun its works great
by AJ F. on 06/13/2008
"Fun gun to shoot in wars and at pop cans!!! Must buy for a good price! 5 Stars
by Jesse M. on 03/29/2017
"Really good gun

good plastic body (durable)
Full metal internals
good sights

Spring dies after a year
the accuracy will be destroyed if you mess with hop up