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AGM M700 Airsoft Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with Scope Rail (Color: Black)

108 Customer Reviews

by gina m. on 09/20/2010
"ive had this for a week now and it is beast!!!! i highly recommend this gun for any air softer.

good feel
works in cold weather
dosent jam

scratches easily
when u first get it and you pull the bolt back it fells hard yu will get used to it
you need to tighten bolt alot

p.s. i shot a target frm abot 50 meters and knocked it down

p.s.s. you wont be sorry if u get it!!!
by Daniel S. on 05/16/2010
"I dont have this gun yet but i have used it when my friend went airsofting with me, I was so amazed by the accuracy with .25's and .26's. Not only that, the gun was shooting 450 FPS a month out of the box! it could shoot through leaves, small dirt piles and also a soda can at 200 feet! the only problem was about 2 weeks after he got it, the mag catch broke off, so now he has a rubber band over it and that solved the problem, it feeds fine now.

accurate with .25 and .26 bbs
light and mobile
Bipod and Scope are quality
short barrel and stock make it even more mobile!
easy to paint over for your many camo needs
silent to a great extent
bolt is nice and smooth!

Mag catcher breaks kinda easily
Missfeeds sometimes if your holding the rifle in a odd way
the clips are kinda easy to break if dropped
Has a kinda plasticy feel to it (easily changed with some electrical tape)

Well overall this gun has got to be one of the best rifles i have fired so far! Im getting one for this summer just so me and my friend can be a team of snipers hah! This gun is getting a 5/5 but i would give it like a 50/5 if i could, its close to being better than a lot of snipers on here!
by Tom D. on 03/21/2010
"This gun is amazing!!!..its extremly acurate with a 20g bb...i recomand u buy a couple extra magizines for this gun because it only come with 1..n my friend broke it so i orderd to more..if u order the extra magizines make sure its the right one because thier are a lot of other magizines similar but the size is different..This gun is amazing if u want a cheap sniper thats amazing get this its amazing!!!!!
by Mary C. on 03/10/2010
"This gun is a great sniper i highly recommend this sniper to anyone.I suggest .26 bb's.

-High FPS (390~410)
-Good accuracy
-Good mag size (around 30)
-Easy to cock
-Hop-up is great and easy to adjust
-Range is good (around 90~110ft)


-Magazine is annoying (if i don't hold it in while cocking the gun will misfire, might be just mine)
-Velocity started out good but went down significantly (still ok though a do tend to miss shots b/c the guy ducks down before the bb hits him)

Very good gun and it is a must buy.
by William M. on 03/05/2010
"This is an amazing gun that i highly recomend!!!!!!

Great FPS for such a cheap gun
hard hitter
easy to put together right out of the box
great range
metal barrel and rail
easly ajustable hop-up
good weight

miss feeds (not very often)
none other that i can think of yet!

this gun comes with 1 mag and fast feeder, slaing and also a coupel of 12g pollishe bb's.

this is a great budget siper and i think that it is better than some other guns that have a much higher price tag!

P.S sorry about some of the spelling i have some broken fingers :(
by Benjamin Jones R. on 02/11/2010
"This gun is amazing. When i got it i didn't put the barrel on right so the mag. was harder to take out. Good gun for the prize!!!!! i personally don't like cross hair scopes on it, my opinion, so I put a red dot sight on it and got kills up to 100 yards away!!! Hurts REALLY BAD when shot from a close distance.
Good range
Good accuracy
Good feel
Large amount of rounds in mag. from a sniper rifle
Large amount of FPS

Will break if not careful with it (should be careful with any gun)
by timothy a. on 02/02/2010
"This gun is SICK. right out of the box i am packng punches. I bought a scope and this gun puts the BB right where you want it. buy a scope it helps out alot. and get the 190 vsr sping up grade.

power (.23)
accuracy (.23)
weight ( not to heavy but comfortable)

clip size (buy at least one more clip. one shot from this gun and you dont want to stop shooting.)
by Dustin R. on 01/27/2010
"Ordered through Evike and got the gun a couple weeks later. Shipping wasn't super fast, but wasn't super slow either.

Anyways, the gun functions perfectly. Chrono'ed at 410fps (+/- 5) with ten shots of .2g ammo. I was also using hand selected rounds that were all 5.95mm (+/-0.01) as measured by my digital calipers...

Awesome buy for the price.
by Tyler K. on 11/28/2009
"This sniper rifle is very comfortable. I bought it for target practice to make myself accurate for hunting/at the range time. I got it in black and assembly and disassembly are very easy. disassembly is easier than assembly though, but the only reason is because that sivler thing on the barrel bakes you have to push to get it in the stock. There are two screws that require an Alan key (included on mine) size:4

accurate with .2's but probably a helluva lot more accurate with .28's or .30's
assembly is easy as 1...2....3!
smells like ham (may be a con)
had a huge problem with it not feeding unless you push the mag in. Fixed it today!! all you need to do is but some duct tape (I used gorilla tape) in the indent of the mag and above it IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAG CATCH! It was easy to take apart EXTREMELY hard to put back together (for me)
no R.I.S to mount bipod. you can get it I'm sure but dunno which bipod. idk which one is show in the picture
That's about it! Great rifle, but if it wont feed unless you push up on the mag, put som duct tape inside the indent in the mag AND above it.
***** despite the problem that took me about a year to fix.
by Frank W. on 10/03/2009
"this gun is good it is a hard hitter and very accurate overall i love
by Benjamin Jones R. on 09/20/2009
"This is an amazing gun! I put a red dot scope on it and worked better than a sniper scope because u have a bigger view. Anyway i sniped my friend from about a football field away! The FPS is around 400- 430. i would use .20 or .25 bbs with this gun.The hop-up is amazing. The gun is so powerful it gets stuck in the skin from point blank range. Great gun for the price! I would recommend a back up gun like an AK74 or a Matrix G5.
by Chad T. on 09/20/2009
"for the question down below, i dont think the barrel is able to have a silencer.
my cuzzin had this gun, and its very good. its very accurate, but also light! he was able to run around sniping pple, and hes only around 80 pounds. lol looking for a cheap sniper that works good? this is the choice for you. it exploded an unoppened coke can from 30 feet at least, and put holes in an opened one from at least 60. shoots around 420 fps, and very straight. my cuzzin was always on my team when he used this gun. great sniper weapon. got the money? get this gun.
by Mary C. on 09/14/2009
"Great sniper accurate up to 120 ft, starts at about 410 fps but drops down to 380-390. I personaly suggest using .26 bb's but I started with .20's and it worked good but accuracy was not as great so you should stick to the .26's.
by Chris S. on 09/03/2009
"I love this gun it looks very strange without a scope but when you put one on its awesome and intimidating i bought the upgrade spring clocked in at 594fps 5/5 BUY IT ps buy it black
by john w. on 03/24/2009
"This is a great gun I got a year ago. I'm a beast now and all or mostly all the guys i play with want me on their team!!!!!!!Its a really good price for it. I think that if u got this gun you will love it!!:)