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Model: SR-MP001B

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by Philip E. on 2016-03-02 14:01:27
"This gun is solid and shoots hard. Bullet can go through tin can.the scope is heavy, quality and worth it. The bipod is very wobbly and heavy not great but needed badly.

hard shooting
Very accurate with scope
good weight
smooth easy cock

Cons: the mag is absolutely horrible by extra
by Joshua H. on 2015-05-08 00:30:14
"Good Gun. With A Little Work... GREAT GUN.

This is a Chinese clone sniper rifle for $70... You can't expect a perfect gun going in... Because it isn't. What it is.. Is an excellent performer for it's price. With great accuracy and consistency not typically found in guns of this price point. But being such a cheap gun. The external quality left a bit to be desired. Components such as the stock have small seams and imperfections. But the gun is built in a very solid manor and I can tell it will last under heavy use as long as you don't do stupid stuff with it.

The Good- EXCELLENT ACCURACY AND CONSISTENCY. Solid overall build. External Hopup adjustment. Rail for mounting optics. Easy and smooth bolt throw. Decent power. (Around 400-420fps with .20g)

The Bad- Magazines are cheap and flimsy. Be careful with them. And the hex screw on the rear of the bolt likes to back itself out. Easy fix with loctite.
by Scott A. on 2015-04-18 05:46:52
"This is a very good gun overall. I love how lightweight it is compared to most sniper rifles. The buttpad is designed to come off, but I do not recommend putting a pistol or sidearm in it. By the time you get it out, you will be dead. Used this at Ballahack Airsoft and it performed pretty well

Good range
Pretty high FPS
All metal internals

Magazine is very cheap
Bolt is a little hard to pull back
No ironsights
by Brennan A. on 2015-02-16 17:24:02
"I love this gun. I got this gun, and when it came in I was very satisfied. This is the best buy I have made so far. I love how easy it is to disassemble the gun. All you have to do is remove the two screws with the Allen rench provided and then pull it apart. The only part of this gun that isn't metal is the stock, but it is very high quality. The only flaw is that the bolt is a little bit hard to pull back. I have only had this gun for about a week.
by Nate F. on 2014-08-16 13:19:04
"All I have to say is WOW! This gun has a nice polymer build, it's reasonably light, the bolt feels crisp and heavy when you pull it back, the metal internals makes a high velocity rifle and it feels snug in your hands. Only problem is that the magazine is extremely cheap and should be made with more quality. Shame on you AGM, the magazine is the only thing that makes this gun not 100% perfect. Buy a magazine from Snow Wolf or other retailers because this mag won't last for long. Buy an AIMSPORTS scope they fit this rifle nice and have decent range. This gun is near perfect :( _

If you're starting sniping or just want some target practice this is a definitive buy.
by Scott J. on 2013-05-31 10:36:08
"I highly recommend this gun to beginners and professionals. It is very well built and the most reliable gun that i have and anyone that i have seen. It is light, very durable and very accurate. Although, you do need to get a scope. It is also very easy to manage. I have had the gun for about 2 years now, it never fails on me. STRONGLY RECOMMEND!
by Davis L. on 2012-06-22 14:00:07
"this gun is amazing, and this is coming from a guy who plays airsoft very often with people who have VERY nice guns. i bought this gun thinking it would just be fun to use every once and a while, but now i use it more than my CA m15A4 cqb. i loaded this thing up with .28g bb's and it crono'ed in at 393fps. shoots fast, hard, and accurate.

Pros: very cheap gun($$ wise), shoots far, and accurate. i haven't touched my hop-up with .28s and it shoots farther than most CA and KJW electric guns i've seen.

Cons: once the bolt is pulled, there is very little way to check if it is loaded or not, the spring that keeps the bb's in the mag is put in a weird way causing the mag to break apart over time, mine has not yet but i can tell it soon will.

out of a 10 rating i would put it at a 9, due to the fact that its mostly plastic and it doesnt come with a rail underneith the barrel for a bipod or monopod
by alex t. on 2012-06-05 14:46:44
"not a bad gun. nice, lightweight, and esy to use. only con is the bolt will occasionally jam( it'll snap back, almost crushed my hand) alan wrench ishard to keep up with, and lmost impossible to use the mag it comes with. + no sights, musy buy a scope.
by Diane P. on 2012-04-02 17:21:37
"Love this gun. There is no rattling when shook, but a screw did need to be adjusted on the bolt, because the end cap was threatening to fall off, but that is not serious enough to worry about. At approximately 50-100 feet, it can punch a hole in a milk jug with .25 g BBs.

High power
Easy to pull back the bolt (easier than a Nerf gun I have)

Mag seems like its fighting against the speed-loader (the BBs get stuck when they are being put out)
by Lucas M. on 2012-03-16 15:41:38
"This gun is not bad. It is strong, cheap, and light-weight. There are only 2 things that are wrong with this gun, except they are a BIG deal! I have only taken this out twice and both times the magazine miss fed and send too many bb's into the chamber. This jammed up the entire gun and I had to take it all apart just to remove a BB stuck behind the bolt. I then had to take out a pistol and attempt to get a few people out.

Light (About 6-7 pounds)
Looks awesome!

Magazine misfeeds
Only accurate at about 100 feet.
by Drew C. on 2012-02-15 12:27:32
"This is a very good support sniper. If you're a camper and like something that can really hit hard from a long ways off, go somewhere else. But If you like to move and shoot, the short barrel and light weight make this a good gun. It says it's range is only like 50-100ft but I use TSD .28g bbs and a Diamond Tactical 2x red dot scope and I can hit man size targets at about 220ft and cans at about 170ft so don't think this is just a little dinker. Look into spare mags though because the stock mag splits sometimes and you have to use a bit of tape to fix it, but after that it works just fine. I've been useing it for a while and it's still holding up great, so as long as you treat it with the care any gun deserves it should last you quite a while.
by Garon M. on 2012-01-28 14:01:55
"I would like to start off by saying that I have had this gun for nearly a year and its held up great so far. Now for pros and cons.

Accurate up to about 150-175 feet max.
Shoots pretty hard.
Lightweight, 6-7 pounds or less.
Reliable, still shooting strong after a year(bone stock).
Sturdy, no rattling at all.
Good quality plastic stock and OK metal barrel assembly.

Not really any except the mags are faulty sometimes and they shoot all the bb's into the chamber.

Overall, great gun. Especially for only 70$! If i were you I would grab one the second they get back in stock.

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