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Model: AR-M305F

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by matt M. on 2010-05-13 22:31:49
"Fantastic Springer.

-Adjustable hop up

-good FPS

-Solid construction

-Heavy(compared to other plastic Springers)

- Metal parts Incorperated

-Adjustable windage and elavation

-Extreme precision at close ranges, shoot cans off heads at 30 ft and cigs out of mouths at 20 ft, without fail.( only Gun i can pull it off with.)

-external unimportant parts suck, my rear sling clip, and mag release button broke early on, but you can live without since the mag fits and stays snug throughout use.

- don't buy the more expensive version that comes with free crap, or you'll regret it. the red dot on those doesn't aim anywhere near straight. and flashlight.....well i havn't played at night with it yet. however the flashlight did aid me in finding my car keys when i dropped them outside one night.
by Alex M. on 2010-05-12 17:05:48
"This gun is absolutely amazing!
I just got it today, and the windage is screwed up, but other than that, it's a great gun. I realized I could even fit my UTG shotgun mag in the mag well.. Haha. It has a HUGE mag.
1. Metal cocking handle
2. Amazing sights
3. It's heavy as CRAP.
1. Hard to cock (Shoots frikkin hard)
2. Messed up windage adjustment
3. Came with a bent flash hider
4. Makes people bleed. (might be a half pro half con.)
by Neil S. on 2010-04-02 12:10:19
"I've had this gun for almost 2 years. It is extremely accurate right out of the box, using only the iron sights. It is very durable, and heavy. The rear sight is adjustable, but there really is no need to make any adjustments. The cocking is a bit difficult the first few uses, but after some practice it becomes pretty easy. The adjustable hop up works really well. If you turn the hopup all the way to the max, and turn the gun sideways, you can shoot around corners from a distance. After about 2 years of use, it is starting to misfeed/jam more frequently. Overall this gun is fantastic for a beginner. It was my first gun, and I am glad that I bought it.
by jennifer h. on 2010-03-13 20:54:25
Very High Fps
Part metal and part High impact ABS plastic
Cheap and reliable ...

The stock is sorta weak but still good!
Mags made outta cheap plastic but i guess thats fine... (RECOMMEND BUYIN NEW)
DO NOT BUY THE ONE WITH THE SCOPE!!!! Comes with crappy cheap plasic scope worth a penny...
by Michael P. on 2010-03-02 08:27:47
"First of all let me say that the finish on the gun is very good. For $35 you wont find anything that looks or feels better. The only complaints I have about the finish are that it is fairly shiny, the sling mounts arn't usable, and that the flash-hider and front site are made from fairly cheap plastic. I ended up painting mine, and it came out wonderful.

Performance wise it makes for an excellent bargain. fps is more than enough for backyard skirmishes, and could get you by for a day against some aeg's. The accuracy and hop up are top notch! You can make this gun shoot much farther than 300 fps suggests, and its dead accurate. I always used the iron sites, and always hit what I shot at. This amazing rifle is an easy way to become a marksman if your getting into airsoft. I bought this gun a few years ago when they first came out and spent about $40. I used it frequently (about every week) for a year. I never had any reliability issues!

Unfortunately I sold it at garage sail for $50. (I made money after over a year of skirmishes) I use fully upgraded aegs now, and I stilll find myself wanting one of these again.
by Sammy R. on 2010-01-30 17:19:37
"When I first un-boxed, I was amazed at the weight and quality. Sure the body is made of plastic, but it's good quality plastic (compared to other "cheap" spring guns). I can tell from feeling it. And it's pretty heavy for a cheap spring gun (by heavy i mean compared to other spring guns).

It's not really that strong. I test fire it with a .20 inside my house and shot a small box about 60~70ft and it wouldn't go through the box.

I also purchased a NC Star 4x scope (didn't need a huge magnification), high profile scope rings, and a spare mag with it. Let me say that the scope rail is a bit too forward. I tried to mount my scope as far back as possible and I still have to "lean" my head inwards so I can see the crosshairs. And yes, I've tried messing with the scope so I can see the crosshairs from "normal" head position and there was no luck.

The charging handle is a little hard to cock back and when you shoot it, it does make a noticable sound (but not very loud). And the gun has some recoil when you shoot it.

It does come with a rail adapter that you can put on the gun, but it's only held by 1 screw on the side on the gun, makin the othe side kinda wobbly. An easy fix is it to glue the other side on the body (if you plan on keeping the rails on there).

Overall, I was kinda impressed about the quality. I expected an academy-style gun where it light weigh and cheap material. Although it's not very strong, it's still a great gun. And I really like the look of the gun. This is a great beginners gun, but not really good for seasoned players. And I haven't tested out the range on the gun, but I'm sure it would be less that other snipers out there.

I give this a 5 star because im reviewing it as a beginners sniper, and not just any sniper. Hope this review helps.
by josh h. on 2010-01-21 07:58:30
"i got this gun 2 summers ago and i have to say this gun is beast.
it comes with a scope and rails but i just use the scope on my m4 cause the scop sucks on the m14

great fps,
heavy realistic feal.
easy to paint
and easy to mount a real scope on.

the sling breaks easy.
The scope isnt the best on the gun.
over all this gun is great
by Christine R. on 2010-01-04 09:06:04
"its good for a beginer i wouldnt recommend bringing it to any real airsoft places. it breaks easy and the mag is horrible. also by friend droped it when he was walking and it broke in half.

3 because hop up is good, but a little hard to cock
by ADAM H. on 2009-11-23 12:59:02
"I recommend this gun to any one young or old, new to the game or experienced this is just an awesome gun

Rating: 9/10

Great range
Great FPS
Nice look
Good weight
good size

Rear sing mount is plastic looks like it will break
butt plate and flash hider don't come off
by Patrick s. on 2009-09-29 12:29:56
"this gun is beast and it is the shiz my friend broke the tip tho the first day.
the fps is amazing
hop up
great mag
ajustable sight
rail system included
its a little hard to cock

yeah thats it
by Chad T. on 2009-09-20 08:41:45
"this is a pretty good gun. my younger cuzzin bought this gun and i didnt relle see any problems. its extremely heavy, and not the best gun to carry around if you mind havin a heavy gun. shoots around 300 fps with .2g bbs, and about 370 fps with .06g, but the bbs curve off relle easy. overall, if your a starter that wants to spend 30 bux on a gun, this one will proly get you more kills than an electric gun with 200 fps. lol so its a good buy. and u can tell ur other starter frends u can be the sniper, cuz u really can with this gun.
by nick s. on 2009-09-19 12:43:40
"the sling mounts on this gun are not metal thier some form of crappy plastic mine both broke the first week i got the gun but over all its a decent gun ive had this for about a year now and i havent had to fix it yet

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