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Double Eagle M14 SOCOM Airsoft Spring Powered Rifle

53 Customer Reviews

by jennifer h. on 03/13/2010
Very High Fps
Part metal and part High impact ABS plastic
Cheap and reliable ...

The stock is sorta weak but still good!
Mags made outta cheap plastic but i guess thats fine... (RECOMMEND BUYIN NEW)
DO NOT BUY THE ONE WITH THE SCOPE!!!! Comes with crappy cheap plasic scope worth a penny...
by Chad T. on 09/20/2009
"this is a pretty good gun. my younger cuzzin bought this gun and i didnt relle see any problems. its extremely heavy, and not the best gun to carry around if you mind havin a heavy gun. shoots around 300 fps with .2g bbs, and about 370 fps with .06g, but the bbs curve off relle easy. overall, if your a starter that wants to spend 30 bux on a gun, this one will proly get you more kills than an electric gun with 200 fps. lol so its a good buy. and u can tell ur other starter frends u can be the sniper, cuz u really can with this gun.
by Snip3r 4. on 01/24/2009
"id recommened this gun to first timers and vets becuase ur never to good or to sucky to use this classic weapon... i love this gun the range is good for indoor and outdoor (just make sure u have a speed loader)... fun for indoor games sucks as "zombies" and "tag"... and outdoor games like "revoltion war" (1 bullet) or "tag"

hard hitter
classic design
damn just look at it y woodnt u want it

what cons?
by tammy b. on 12/28/2008
"This is a really good spring rifel. There is a couple of metal parts.
It is acturate,and pretty good fps. I would recomend this gun.
by Myles W. on 06/26/2008
"When I was a beginner i got a ak47 and a g36c echo 1 there really good and i had not had any problem with them ever
by JAson H. on 01/02/2012
"This was my first sniper rifle I ever got, and I really don't like it.

Pros :

- Ok Weight for plastic
- Adjustable iron sight
- Comes with lots of accessories
- Shoots really far

Cons :
- Paint chips of EASILY on the top part of the gun ( Where the iron sights are) , and I mean it. I just rub it with my finger and black paint goes on my finger, exposing a bad metallic copper color.

- Magazine had problems feeding to the gun, to the point where I can only feed it by putting through the muzzle of the gun

- Of course the scope is not accurate

- Flashlight is good

- First couple of times cocking it is very hard
by Christine R. on 01/04/2010
"its good for a beginer i wouldnt recommend bringing it to any real airsoft places. it breaks easy and the mag is horrible. also by friend droped it when he was walking and it broke in half.

3 because hop up is good, but a little hard to cock
by Seth T. on 01/08/2015
"This was one of my first guns and IT IS TERRIBLE. I only had it no more than a month and the bolt just snapped it only shot straight with .23 if u can call that straight and its got a big piece of metal in the front that clanks while you run side note it's inside the gun and its to ad weight. Terrible gun. Just spend the extra 20$ and get a nbb gas pistol.

Pros not really anything for me

Cons everything