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UHC Cobra Spring Revolver (Length: 8" / Black with Black Grips)

66 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan N. on 02/02/2009
"this gun is awesome its accurate and fast its also hevy weight
when i got it it was bigger and higher quality than i expected i use it as a secondary to my utg shotgun
by ryan d. on 10/13/2008
"so um not to be a noob but how DO you cock it?other than that looks tottaly BA!!!!!!!
by Isaac W. on 09/20/2008
"It is good as everyone says.
Press the bb into the shell with a tabletop to insure that it is properly located for power. and the rear sight is adjustable.
by David C. on 09/14/2008
"Very Very fun to play with...shoulda bought more shells for backyard skirmishes...IT IS NOT DOUBLE ACTION at least mine wasn't and there weren't any loose parts insided. The plastic feels like a cross between abs and pvc...can't quite tell, but it doesn't matter, because Mr. Miura used to be Androxx's math teacher.
by Joe C. on 08/13/2008
"This would be a great weapon for a game that me and my friends play. In the game we we shoot if we see the enemy and they see us(like regular elimunation) but if they don't see us we capture them and take their guns for the game and keep guard of them. If I got captured, I would pull this bad boy out out and win the game.
by Jeff C. on 07/07/2008
"Very fun to play with. The wheels spins out just like the real thing. If you want a replica revolver just to have or to play russian roulet with friends, this is a must have!
by Walter W. on 06/14/2008
"Most spring powered revolvers are pretty low fps. However, that makes it perfect for the Russian roulet game! The wheel spins and holds one bb in each realistic looking shell. Very cool!
by JULIA t. on 05/06/2017
"bigger than i expected but all out its a decent buy if u want a good backup gun you are better off getting the 4 inch but its still a good buy
by Israel V. on 05/13/2016
"This my first revolver and if you don't want to deal with green gas, etc.
Just get a spring for a secondary.
by Phillip S. on 01/15/2015
"When I first picked this gun up out of the box, I was surprised at how nice and weighty it felt. Honestly, the shells are the cheapest feeling part of the gun. Even though not really necessary, it's nice to see it has a functioning safety. Adjustable rear sight is a nice touch as well. Partial metal inner barrel and the shell ejector pole is metal as well. The matte black finish of this one holds up better to light scratches than regular shiny plastic. My only worry is how long the plastic hammer will hold up to repeated use but so far no issues.

This gun has no place in a real airsoft battle but if you want a revolver just to play around with, I'd say pick one up. I could see a few of these being fun in a wild west style game. And with the low power, it could be easier to convince non-airsoft players to join in if they're being shot at by one of these instead of an AEG or gas powered gun.
by Chilton E. on 09/14/2013
"This gun, is, AMAZING. I ordered two of them for my CQB loadout and they preformed well. They do occasionally jam, but the de-cocking system works when that happens so you'll be able to work on whatever jammed it.
Low cost
Good weight
Looks cool on the field
Easy to operate
Good CQB starter side arm

Mostly plastic
Accuracy lacks
No speed loaders for it
Shells are plastic and can wobble in the cylinder
Your'e getting what you're paying for

Over all, I'd give this gun a 4.5/5 . If you're just starting to get into airsoft in a CQB environment, be sure to pick one up. You can't afford not to!
by Sam H. on 08/03/2013
"Alright I wanna start this review with, HOLY POO! What a gun! You lood and feel like a total bad booty! I mean sure it's not too powerful and the accuracy isn't that amazing, but ya know it's only $25! So now to the pros and cons.

Feels amazing in your hand
Has a good weight to it
Very realistic
Good Price
Lots of badbootyness!
Cocking hammer has a great resistance but not too much

FPS is only about 260 w/0.12 240 w/ 0.20
Accuracy is a little shabby
Wish the shells were metal

Well over a great buy for me personally! O and probably a good idea to get extra shells but your call!
by Ben B. on 06/04/2013
"Got this yesterday. Have a few gripes, but it's OK overall.


Insanely fun to hold
Fun to shoot (When it can shoot)
The weight is just right
Bigger than you expect
Realistic reloading


The shells barely hold the ammo, so you have to hold it upright all the time.
Hard to reload, despite it's realism
The sound of the polymer rubbing against itself while shooting is annoying.

It's a challenge, but if you can get through the flaws, it's a pretty good pistol.
by Caleb S. on 04/02/2013
"This is honestly a great gun. Of course its not a high power semi auto gas pistol and it isn't very practical but its the must fun air soft gun ive ever used. It also looks fantastic. Im just waiting untill more come into stock so i can buy another!

Decently powerful
looks amazing
good plastic

not very accurate
not very practical

Get more already evike!
by Stephen J. on 07/14/2012
"I've had this gun for a few weeks now and I love it! It's definately not for intense airsoft maches, but it's a fun backyard plinker.
somewhat durable
full plastic
feels flimsy
light (for some this might be a pro, but not for me)
doesn't shoot all that hard

Also it's very important not to lose shells (as there not cheap, 11 USD for a few spares spares)
Overall i give 4/5 stars. Not bad for a 25 dollar gun.