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UHC M9 Style Ultra Heavy Weight Airsoft Pistol - Silver

7 Customer Reviews

by St P. on 12/21/2015
"I just recieved it today, and I'm very pleased. Looks good, shows when it's cocked with a metal bar that'll stick out, and has a very nice weight and feel.

*Feels nice in the hand
*Shoots well, faster than expected
*Mine came with a plastic muzzle insert and some paper targets, along with the promised goods. I assume the package is all the same.

Cons: (Considering the price, no complaints. However, disregarding value:)
*The safety and slide lock (and possibly the hammer) should be better, but again for the price I'm perfectly content.
*The safety isn't super intuitive to use, and I suggest reading the manual just in case

In summary, I'm very pleased with this.
by Frits S. on 02/10/2012
"This gun is really good got it today it's in the beginning a little hard to cock but it's a really good gun really recommended for beginners.
My words: GET IT!
by Todd B. on 10/13/2010
"I bought this gun about a year ago and i have to say its one of the best springers for the money. if you take care of it; it will last you a lifetime. unlike mine it has seen plenty of abuse. mine was dropped off of a garage roof. dropped in a bucket of gasoline a bucket of oil and dropped on concrete. im very impressed because it still works. it also takes down like the real thing. when i dropped it on concrete the frame broke in half but all i did was super glue it and it has held just fine and still works like new. it wont disappoint. and dont even get me started on the accuracy because i t is outta this world. it will shoot a good 50 or 60 feet at around 280-290 fps. overall the best gun ive ever owned by far cuz of the reliability,price,durability,fps(for a pistol) the weight and feel and last but not least the finish and cocking lever. get it now.10 outta 5 stars.
by tom g. on 09/23/2009
"this gun is great. it shots perfectly with .20 grams. only thing is the slide is a little stiff at first.
highly advise you to buy this gun
by erik h. on 04/24/2009
"This gun, (and the black and dualtone) shoots very well. Cant beat it for 15 bucks. Has great range for a pistol, and great accuracy. Hits pretty hard too. DONT take it apart, my friend and I did that and it broke, I just ordered and received another its so good!
by ??ystein E. on 07/14/2008
"This Airsoft gun is AWESOME! iv had it --_4 YEARS_-- and it still works fine! my friend even think iv upgraded it! but i havent! and its bether FPS than its writen there! its around 330! :O I highly Recomand this gun!
by christian m. on 10/18/2010
"This gun is great for being a spring pistol. The FPS will turn my tree into swiss cheese, I can hit a 0.5" wide target from 25', and it just feels almost like the real steal M9 (other than the fact that it's plastic). The mag release is not ambidextrous, the seam lines are very visible, there is no slide lock (they made that into the safety) but it's probably one of the most well replicated pistols by UHC or any other spring action pistol manufacturer for that matter. It is kinda hard to cock right out of the box, and it doesn't have a railed frame (one downside the accurate replication, Thanks UHC), but it won't disappoint you. Buy some .20 gram bb's for the best accuracy.