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UHC Heavy Weight 1911 Full Size Airsoft Pistol - Silver

7 Customer Reviews

by Jake L. on 01/30/2015
"First off, I'd like to say I have a youtube video of this gun.

Anyway, I got this as a splurge a while ago. I thought it'd last me a couple skirmishes, and break. It hasn't failed me once. My orange tip fell off though. The BB's it comes with are from Taiwan, and are consequently pretty high quality. As far as I can tell, there are no seams, burrs, and they are not oblong.

Good weight
Good FPS
Pretty durable (I dropped it at least twenty times and it keeps working)
Comes with good BB's
My orange tip fell off during a skirmish

being neglected because you're not buying it yet!

Overall, this is one of the best spring guns I have ever owned.
by Travis S. on 11/12/2010
"Ive had this pistol for a decent amount of time.

I dropped it once and the top slide fell off, along with all the insides; the plastic part that the orange tip is attached to wouldent fit back in its original place because a chunk got chipped off so i had to resurect it without the orange tip. This deppressed me deeply because now i can only use it in backyard games.

That was three years ago and it still works perfectly!
I just need to order a new mag for it, witch ive put off for a year, besides that, this is one of my favorite guns.
by sam b. on 07/08/2008
"it actually holds 22 but i recommend using 20 because after tht its just too hard to put them in. anyway, 20 is amazing for a pistol. the weight is perfect, the feel is great and the balance is perfect. it shoots far but i recomend using .20's the twelves curve off and is too innacurate. the twentys r predictable and easier to shoot
i gave my first one too my friend after the outer barrel started falling out ( which turns out too be a common problem after about 6 months.) it happened to my brother as well but can be fixed by pulling it out as far as possible then cutting it with a saw. anyway tht hardly interferes with anything so its not a problem at all. all in all, i give it a 10 out of 5. great springer very reliable very realistic (for having no metal) and is very durable
by Nicholas M. on 05/05/2008
"This is a great spring pistol. I would say the best for the money. Its very goodd hopup and rangewise. This is my friend's Gun so I dont Know the exact ammo cap, but I think its 40 or something. Great gun and can be used as an AEG sidearm.
by Tristan G. on 12/10/2010
"This is a great gun for beginners or people who don't want to spend a lot of money on gas guns. It feels great, is easy to cock and looks cool. I compared it to my grandfather's REAL 1911, and there was only a few small differences. But the paint scratches off easily, and the slide breaks and comes out, but you can still shoot it. My brother has broken 2 of his (one time it was his friend who broke it) and mine broke not too long ago, thanks to my brother. It is pretty accurate and fps is good, especially for a springer. For the price, it's definitely worth it.

Looks: 10/10
Durability: 7/10 (Don't dry fire or cock it back more than once)
Accuracy: 8/10
FPS: 9/10

Overall: 34/40

A great gun for only $20
by Tristan G. on 10/29/2010
"For a $20 spring gun, it's pretty good. I compared it to my grandfather's REAL 1911, and there were only a few small differences. 1. Orange tip, (Duh) 2. His was made of real metal (also obvious) 3. A very small difference with the sight, and 4. His was black. It's accuracy is Ok, and FPS is what you'd expect from a spring gun. It feels and looks great, besides the few minor differences. One thing I noticed was the paint scratches off pretty easily, it could be bad if you like you gun in great condition, or good if you like it to look realistic, like it was really used.

Accuracy: 7/10
Durability: 7/10
Value for price: 10/10
Accuracy: 6/10
FPS: 8/10

Overall: 32/40

You get what you paid for. It's a great starter gun, but for expierenced players, definitely get a gas gun.
by 4 on 06/15/2008
"This is a great starter pistol. It was my first pistol. It thought it was great. It has great power and accuracy. Bot it broke in about 9 months.