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by dwight W. on 2012-08-03 17:49:04
"Awesome gun just shoots to the side a little. if you open it up you can take out the wights they are inside the side hand grips. i would recommend .20 gram bbs they are a thousand times better then the .12 grams.
has been dropped a lot because of my bad holster...and the clip comes out of the gun if it is in the holster ans you lie down on it.
by Ellen B. on 2012-02-11 20:19:28
"This is an excelent airsoft pistol. I got it about 6 months ago and i absolutly love it. When i first got it i thought it was going to be made out of a cheap material, but its not its a very sturdy plastic, and most of the insides a metal. It is very durable, and powerful for a spring pistol, it is about 2.5 pounds, and for being plastic it still looks somewhat real. I found one problem with mine and that is that the magazine wobbles a little, and the spring inside of it doesnt have alot of pressure so the bbs fall out sometimes.

looks great

magazine wobbles a little

Over all this is an excelent side arm, and i would recomend anybody to buy this. it is a steal for only $18.
by Lynn H. on 2011-12-01 10:37:44
"This is simply one of the best spring pistols that
money can buy! It has a good fps, an extremely large
mag capacity for a springer, and a metal inner barrel. The
only thing i can say is don't drop it! the plastic outer barrel
can easily break off, although this really doesn't affect operation
it removes the orange tip, and jamming is more of a possibility..
but this is just one con, for around 20$ i've seen much worse in similar spring pistols...
by Charles L. on 2011-08-16 06:18:51
"This was my first airsoft gun a long time ago. It is a great pistol and is perfect for someone to start playing airsoft with or just to shoot cans with. I remember being able to shoot quarters at forty feet repeatedly and always winning in pistol duels with friends. Its accuracy at CQB distance out preform some of my current GBBs (Gas Blow Back). It will last a life time on you because it has strong internals for a spring gun. there actually are metal components in the trigger mechanism and every thing else on the gun is a very strong plastic. If you are going to buy a spring gun, buy a UHC (Unicorn Hobby Corp).
by andy m. on 2011-05-04 18:48:43
"this is the most amazing spring pistol i have ever seen great wieght and if you remove the orange tip it has fake rifiling to make it look more realistic it is an awsome acurate and it compares really well to my real 1911 defintley recomend to anyone looking for a nice gun
by Hayden P. on 2011-03-20 21:43:37
"I would say that this is the best spring pistol ever made!!! This is one of the most accurate pistols i have ever shot. This gun was my sidearm for 8 years of intense fighting and never had a single problem. I have the clear version but it has been painted black and got a big crack along the upper reciever. Its being held together with some super glue and duct tape but still shoots just as great!!
by trey m. on 2011-01-26 23:32:38
"Had one for a long time, and then it was stolen from my apartment. I won two battle against a gas blow back

Great pistol, lasted a long time never had a problem with it I suggest it for anyone!
by Nico P. on 2010-03-24 13:38:41
"this is an amazing little gun it definitley packs a punch and hurts i like it as main pistol and it also is a good backup.

hits hard
travels far
full metal
doesn't rattle

by Michelle M. on 2010-01-20 19:32:37
"ok so i just bought this with my electric JG Mp5 A-4/5 and i used my FiDragon Chronograph to test the pistol... turns out the FPS is only around 180 with out lube but i sprayed the barrel with some force silicone and it upped by about twenty. all around the gun is actually pretty good. the accuracy is excellent if you are using .2 bb's because unlike .12 they do not curve and have more dictance, force, and accuracy. the wieght of the gun is pretty realistic and is extremely simliar to the real deal Colt .45
by Michele F. on 2010-01-14 23:36:15
"I got this 1911 today and i was very impressed of the way the gun looked. the gun itself is pretty heavy its not bad but it gives it a realistic heft. even with .2s it shoots up a little so you have to compensate for that, the trigger pull is very smooth and the grip safety is a nice feature it is a little awkwars because ive never had anything like that but i will get used to it. it also has an open ejection port which is great for clearing jams (i havent had any yet) im looking forward to using this in a skirmish
by Wesley B. on 2009-03-03 14:41:48
"This is a great little airsoft sidearm, no worrying about batteries or gas! it hits hard and is accurate to a good 50 feet.

If you are a WW2 reenactor airsoft player this is probably one of the best 1911 spring pistols out there.

-Good quality and finish ABS plastic, while less quality than HFC.
-Good FPS, I put a bigger spring in mine though, I upped my FPS 10~20.
-Excellent magazine, while the external finish of it is basic, it is heavy and holds 26 rounds, I personally would load less to preserve the spring, if you expect to rely on a sidearm in a game, i'd suggest a few more magazines but for a backup sidearm I wouldn't worry about it since 26 rounds is excellent, it's almost 4 magazines worth compared to the real steel!
-Excellent weight, while made out of ABS, this is about as heavy as an ABS pistol will be.
-Easy takedown and easy to get to the internals. note: upon inspection of the internals I discovered a brass barrel and a good hop-up system, it had lead inserts in the grip and the internals are of high quality.
-working realistic safeties, grip safety and a manual safety.
-The hop-up might be set up a little too high, you will need to aim low to hit the centre mass, unfortunatly this cannot be adjusted, use kentucky windage.
-Slide moves a bit too easilly initially, this is part of the design though.
-No working slide lock, it can be modified to have this function.
-Little metal externals, the trigger and front slide assembly are metal.

All in all good pistol, while the cosmetics could've been better, the internals are impressive, this is worth the money.
by Wesley B. on 2009-01-28 20:20:05
"the UHC 1911 is a great pistol, it has decent range, decent FPS (can be upgraded with a stronger spring, but not too heavy a spring.

-Heavy-weight, while not quite as heavy as the real steel, it is pretty close.
-Construction, the ABS plastic body is very sturdy and will take a beating.
-FPS, my guesstimate is about 250-270FPS initially, upgraded my spring suprisingly with a cheap chinese springer's spring, they are good for something.
-realistic, hammer works, safety works, disassembles semi-realisticly.
-Hop-up is a bit over pronounced so kentucky windage is needed for shorter ranges (aim your sights UNDER your target)
-curves to the right a bit, so aim under and to the left.

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