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Desert Eagle Licensed Magnum 44 Airsoft Pistol (Color: Silver)

17 Customer Reviews

by Adam G. on 04/18/2018
"Get this one if you want a cheap but high quality gun. Great accuracy and durability.
by Paolo L. on 08/16/2017
"This gun is great for a springer. It is easy to cock, accurate, relatively powerful, and high capacity. The sights line up well. When you pull the trigger when not cocked, the hammer moves and makes a cool sound. The only cons are cheap plastic and the extra $7 mags are hard to get out of the gun. I do think the mags are worth it if you have fingernails because you can easily pull the mag out using them. Overall I would totally recommend this gun and 1 or two extra mags if you have fingernails.
by Lucas Z. on 01/03/2017
"This is awesome !! Very realistic and similar to the original.
by Luke S. on 10/02/2011
"First of all, you just plain look AMAZING holding this gun, and it works incredible! This spacific gun is accurate with .25 g. BBs and packs a punch that can't be matched. Thank you Evike for the great gun and the GREAT price!
by Lisa W. on 12/25/2010
"This is by far the best spring gun i've ever used, and one of the best airsoft guns overall!
It has a very long range
VERY VERY Acurate, even at long ranges
shoots hard,
and look real (good for movies)
Plus the slides very easy to pull back.
But the the only problem i've had, is with the clip. It fits snug in the grip, so it can be a little challenging to get it out some times.
Works best for me with .25 gram bb's!
by Ari B. on 09/19/2010
"Im trying to get BB guns into australia, but i dont want to spend like 100 bucks and not get it.
i was woundering if i can get theese into aus?
by Gabe B. on 04/06/2010
"Review Date: April 6, 2010 9:23a.m.
I just got this amazing pistol yesterday. It feels and looks awesome. I heard the fps is low, but I got shot with it about 11 ft. away with a Matrix .25g BB and it stung enough for me to rub my back for a few seconds. The range and accuracy are really good with .25g BBs. Although it cannot pierce a can, you will know when you are hit. You can easily hit a man-sized target at 50 ft or about 15m. It is better than my other spring pistols (Sig Sauer SP2022, Crosman Stinger P30 (M9 look-a-like), UTG Mk. 23, UKarms full metal 1911 and USP, and Tanfaglio Witness 1911). I'm completely satisfied with the sights. The hammer moves like the real Desert Eagle, so you can practice propper trigger control (which isn't hard). It's a Desert Eagle, which makes it amazing-looking and intimating.
- .44 Desert Eagle look
- high mag cap (at least 25)
- easy to cock
- hammer moves
-nice sights
- you know when you're hit by it
- fixed hop up (I find hop up annoying and pointless)
- BAXS system (which seems to be good)
- great accuracy for a spring pistol (almost garanteed hit on human-sized target at 50ft. (with any compensating))

- feels flimsy (as long as it's not i don't care)
- low fps (but you'll know if you're hit)
- magazine proly weighs more than gun (which can be a pro i guess)

So far, I would recommend this pistol.
by julian K. on 01/07/2010
"i recently ordered this gun more as a reminder of back in call of duty 4 when it was known as a hand cannon in modern warfare 2 its s*** :(
by anthony f. on 03/02/2009
"i owned this gun a about 4 years ago. it fired hard and never let me down. its a great buy for people new to the game, or experienced players.
by Joe M. on 02/04/2009
"this gun is amazing the mag is high cap and its 1:1 scale model. the grip feels a little big plasticy but it gets more and more comftorable as you use it. the coolest thing about this gun is that if you dont cock it and just pull the trigger, the hammer moves and comes back like a real gun. this gun is actually a lot bigger then it looks in reviews and on websites. 5 *'s
by Kris O. on 11/10/2008
"This is a spring gun. Not a gas gun. You cock it once to fire each shot.
by Greg M. on 10/28/2008
"yes it will take those bbs do you have anymore questions
by Rey D. on 10/25/2008
"what kind of bbs does this use?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????-
by Eric R. on 09/21/2010
"i still own one and i use it as my second backup pistol never let me down.
by Brenda P. on 02/12/2009
"Yeah, it's pretty good. I got this today. The only problem is that it doesn't hurt much. Make sure that you use a .20 BB. .12 BB's make it really inaccurate.