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AIM All Purpose Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray for Airsoft / Firearm

38 Customer Reviews

by Joe R. on 06/10/2016
"This silicone spray from AIM is quite excellent. It lubed up my old AKS-74u like a champ. Not so sure it's great for cleaning inner barrels, however, but it still does the job.

Does the job

Bottle is very small
by Graham C. on 06/26/2015
"This is a great product. It's a little smaller than what the picture looks like. Other than that this is great for lubbing up guns, mags, and anything else. Overall I think that every airsofter should have this!
by shengfu w. on 05/03/2015
"this is great my speed loader was becoming hard to push so i took this bottle and sprayed inside (that's what she said and) now the speedloader feeds great if you are making your first purchase get this
by Christian B. on 07/26/2014
"Smaller than expected but that's the usual for this product. Great product though!
by Brett T. on 04/24/2014
"Cheap. Does it's primary purpose very well. Can't ask for much more.

Also, works very well for annoying squeaky objects - Like my computer chair :D
by Tim S. on 01/26/2013
Works great
Use it in a propane adapter or to lubricate
Comes with a cute little straw for adapters or precision

Bit smaller than expected
by Randi H. on 01/24/2013
"First, this was a WHOLE lot smaller than I thought it was going to be. (It's smaller than an ipod touch for reference.)-(Or maybe as big as a pistol grip-ish) But it certainly does it's job, so you can't complain, and for four bucks, you get some really good lubricant. I used it on my M9, M4 and MK16. They are now operating smoothly as they should.

Does the job well.
Comes with a straw thingy
It will easily fit in any pouches or something.
Very good price.

Small (But who really needs a massive can of it, anyway?)
by Jonathan M. on 02/17/2012
"This bottle not only is cheap, but it works! I know many people will argue that there isn't enough in the bottle, but you are supposed to use that much!
by Cameron Y. on 01/11/2012
"This silicone oil is very good. It does what it's made for. It slightly raised the accuracy of my sniper. Small sized cans but I like it. They're about 4.5 inches tall. So you can store them easily. For those that say the needle applicator doesn't fit, you are wrong. It actually does fit. To put it in without breaking it or accidentally spraying yourself, all you have to do is gently pull the spraying cap off and push the applicator where the oil sprays out. I have done it and it works.

Small (it might just be me who thinks this)
needle applicator DOES work
doesn't "spray out the whole can"
increases accuracy slightly
easy storage

small (I like it's size but that's just me)
nothing else really
by Matt S. on 01/11/2012
"Good lubricant. Buy some of this, spray some on a little tiny piece of rag (roughly 1 inch long by 1/3 wide), tuck it into an unjamming rod on the loop end, and swab your barrel. I did and some black residue came out (probably dirt) and my gun has been shooting better ever since. Very slippery stuff, and comes with a little straw to get in tight spaces. Overall, it is great lubricant.
by Jake K. on 01/14/2011
"this is a very nice product even for the amount your getting and the price your paying the only bad thing i found was like the guy below said it dosent smell to good but then u get used to it
by Tom M. on 06/08/2010
"Kind of small but it goes a long way. The straw makes it easy to spray it into small spaces.
by Adam W. on 05/31/2010
"Does what it supposed to do although the bottle is a little small. My straw didn't fit but I had another one that fit pretty good. Also something happened to the stem on mine and when I press too hard silicone oil shoots out everywhere. Other than that its pretty good oil.

Remember! NEVER use WD-40 or other silicone oil than may contain acetone which can eat rubber and plastic!
by Andrew V. on 04/12/2010
"Awesome price for this little thing. The bottle may be small, but its got plenty in there. My straw didnt fit at all though.
by grant O. on 03/18/2010
"this is good stuff :) and anyone that says "It doesn't come with much :-(" ...... well, it isn't supposed to come with much 'cause you aren't suppose to spray alot