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AIM All Purpose Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray for Airsoft / Firearm

43 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas M. on 07/21/2008
"a must for all airsoft owners. it lubricates your guns and magazines to keep them running. do not use wd40 on guns! use only 100% silicone or silicon oil.
by Mike K. on 07/04/2008
"ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY FOR ALL AIRSOFT GUN OWNERS. at $5 a bottle, this is a pretty good deal, because all though the bottle is very small it lasts quite awhile. needed for lubrication on all airsoft guns, industrial lubes like WD-40 will wreck your gun, this silicon spray is the perfect thing to keep all of your guns running smooth.
by Javio P. on 05/19/2008
WD40 will mess up your airsoft equipment because it does not have silicone oil. Why not just buy this and save from damaging your precious guns?
by Vinson L. on 05/10/2008
"This is needed for airsoft

- Not too bad of a deal
- Spray can
- Lubricate magazines, barrels, hop-up, hop-up bucking, hop-up sleeve and others

- Picture seems big but the bottle is quite small but last you for awhile
by Nicholas M. on 05/07/2008
"BUY THIS! its great for everything. spray in: mags, barrels, hopup, gears, and everything! Get some with every order.
by Howard H. on 05/03/2008
"This stuff is great, it is great for cleaning you barrel and hop up, breaking in mags, and any other small lubrication jobs you may have.
It can fix problems like misfeeding, but it can also cause double feeding if you use too much. Great product if you dont have some get some.
by Carter E. on 08/20/2017
"Perfect for oiling your gun or filling lube holes for propane adapters. Only problem I have is that the straw doesn't fit the canister?
by Aren L. on 11/06/2011
"It's oil and does the job. Don't bother with the included needle applicator, which won't fit and could make you (like me) bend the upper portion and mess up the spray or seal. Just be gentle with it and you're fine. There appears to be enough in there to last multiple maintenance runs on your gear as long as you don't own an armory.
by Drake S. on 09/24/2009
"Very nice little bottle. The bottle is a LOT smaller than it looks in the picture, but it's more prtable that way. Great lube though, comes with a little straw to help spray it in hard-to-reach areas. It is a little expensive for the amount that you get though.
by Bryant R. on 07/25/2014
"High quality oil, however it appears that the piece at the top that you push down on to spray was loose on mine, so that when you sprayed, you had to be careful, otherwise oil would spray out of the bottom of it in a another direction. Sprayed myself in the eye. Needs better QC.
by Joey p. on 10/13/2008
"AH dont get wd-40 it breaks your gun.... this is a silicoln based product and is not the same so dont use wd-40 in your gun lol im serious
by Matt S. on 10/12/2008
"is this not WD-40? as in the WD-40 that I can get for the same price but like twice the size??
by Eric T. on 07/04/2015
"Awful product packaging ... The oil goes everywhere because it sprays out under the white nozzle piece. The oil itself is decent, I suppose. I've yet to buy another brand, so I really have no baseline. The oil does escape the gun slides quickly, but that is to be expected with a GBB and thin, lightweight oil.