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AIM All Purpose Silicone Lubricant Oil Spray for Airsoft / Firearm

43 Customer Reviews

by Tom M. on 06/08/2010
"Kind of small but it goes a long way. The straw makes it easy to spray it into small spaces.
by Adam W. on 05/31/2010
"Does what it supposed to do although the bottle is a little small. My straw didn't fit but I had another one that fit pretty good. Also something happened to the stem on mine and when I press too hard silicone oil shoots out everywhere. Other than that its pretty good oil.

Remember! NEVER use WD-40 or other silicone oil than may contain acetone which can eat rubber and plastic!
by Andrew V. on 04/12/2010
"Awesome price for this little thing. The bottle may be small, but its got plenty in there. My straw didnt fit at all though.
by grant O. on 03/18/2010
"this is good stuff :) and anyone that says "It doesn't come with much :-(" ...... well, it isn't supposed to come with much 'cause you aren't suppose to spray alot
by Daniel S. on 03/07/2010
"Very good product. It's about 4 inches tall, but its really good. BUY IT!!
by Daniel T. on 01/09/2010
"note to self, EXTREMELY flammable. Learned from experience, 5/5 though
by Patrick W. on 09/28/2009
"This is a very nice product for the price. There's not really much else that I can say about it, ha ha.


1. Lubricates very nicely
2. Very easy to use
3. Quality product, cheap price


1. Doesn't smell too pleasant, but it's not supposed to
2. The little stray is easily lost

Other than that, it does what it's supposed to. Spray it into your gun, magazines, etc, etc. A+
by Brendan V. on 03/05/2009
"Running your gun with out lubrication causes FRICTION which leads to HEAT and WEAR = Component Failure and a sad day at the field watching every one else have fun. Compared to ICS I prefere this P Force brand cause the Silicone does not dry to fast which means it gets to run through out your gun before settling in and turning into lube. They also come in small little 1 inch wide X 4 inch high bottle which stores easily in your bag with out taking up alot of room. Recommened Buy It, Shoot It, Love It!
by Carl M. on 02/02/2009
"Just to get things straight as it seems some newbs are reading this. WD-40, 3 in 1 oil, and most oils you use around the house are petroleum based. They have what in tech talk are called petroleum distillates. These will dissolve rubber, dry it, and break it down over time. This oil that is advertised here is silicon based and will not hurt any part of your gun. Also just for another note. If you buy silicone oil and it says do not ingest it or swallow it then it is not pure silicone oil. Pure silicone oil will not harm a person in any way either. Lets see you take a mouth full of WD-40 and see how you feel. (disclaimer) do not try ingesting WD-40. It was only meant as a graphic example.

So in short DO NOT USE any household lubricants of any kind on your gun unless they are pure silicone. Anything that has petroleum bases in it will damage your gun. this is also try of some greases. Make sure they are pure Teflon when using greases as well.
by Gregg W. on 01/21/2009
"Very good spray. Designed for airsoft. Comes in a very little bottle. It will probably last for a while considering your not really aspoued to spray for more than a second.
by daniel c. on 01/05/2009
"ok for all you poeple who are confused wd-40 is a chain lube-bustrust arosole this is a silicone based arisole. i got this product and it owns. it helps alot. buy it now!
by Kevin L. on 01/02/2009
"WD-40 does not have silicon lubricant in it, it is only a degreaser and it will eat the plastic over time. this stuff is meant for Airsoft Guns and you should lubricate it to increase accuracy and fps. FPS decreases after time like when your bike rusts, so apply lubricant to keep it running smoothly.
by Bob S. on 12/22/2008
"also, this is silicon because the other lubes will dissolve ur o-rings
by hunter L. on 10/22/2008
"yo never use wd40 it muffs up you guna acuracy and it goes out the window
by Alex L. on 10/04/2008
"This stuff is pretty cool. It extends the life of your AEG way longer than without oiling it up. Works wonders on barrels, I've had a couple incidents where a piece of crap gets lodged in the barrel and this stuff clean it out. Helps lube in and out your of your gun, or anywhere you need it. The only problem I had was sometimes the oil sometimes comes out through the bottom of the spray nozzle. But no biggy. Overall, get this with every order, it's a must for all airsoft users.