Reviews: SanSei Type Tactical Low Profile Airsoft Mesh Mask - OD Green

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Model: Mask-Sansei-OD
Location: V8-020 U6-M13 V3-M8

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by Ryker C. on 2010-06-03 17:23:23
"i used this mask when i couldn't were normal goggles and i played for two days with it and i could aim down sights, and breath easily very nice mask
by Connor E. on 2010-03-15 12:43:05
"This mask is awesome, i had one a few years ago when I was first playing airsoft, the best feature in my opinion is how its so close to your face-- lets you look down sights easier..
by Rob D. on 2010-03-01 11:32:23
"This is a wonderful mask. The mask part is made of a rubbery material that can be formed to fit your face perfectly. It will retain it's shape once you form it and can formed back to any shape by firmly bending it. The rubber material is pretty comfortable against your face. The goggle portion of the mask is made very well. The mesh is very sturdy and can take hits from guns shooting around 350fps with ease. Increasing the fps and closing the distance will give the wire mesh dents, but I have not had this type of mask every break. While the goggles are thick enough to provide good protection, they also provide excellent visibility. Some wire mesh goggles are too thick and darken your vision making it difficult to see. With these goggles, this is not the case. And of course, when compared to paintball type goggles, this has no fogging. =) The goggles themselves can be slightly uncomfortable if they end up resting on the brim of your nose. This can be fixed by the free padding comes with the mask. The padding has a sticky side and can be placed anywhere you want. This mask also looks very cool when compared to other masks out there. Absolute best Airsoft mask out there for the money. I recommend this mask over any other one that costs $30 and under. Five out of five stars
by anthony a. on 2009-03-27 16:37:14
"great mask!fits me just perfect and its very close to ur face so it wont interfear with you aiming through the gun.i think its a very good mask for 15 bucks.i usually wear goggles but i got shot twice in the lip so i dont want that to happen agin so i bought this mask

overall its a great mask 5/5

Displaying 13 to 16 (of 16 reviews)

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