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HFC 6mm Airsoft Paintball BBs - 200 Rounds - (Package: Two Bottles)

8 Customer Reviews

by Alex F. on 03/01/2012
"These are the best around i use them to mess up my white shirts... with a little springer pistol.
But one thing they hurt! alot i was shot out of a WELL D94 and i started bleeding on my leg...
best to use these target shooting or to just plain shot stuff...
by Tyler G. on 06/13/2010
"These things are freaking sweet!!! IThey shouldnt be used in AEgs but I couldnt wait for some green gas so I popped one in my M4 and turned it upside down and shot it at my closet door. The results where epic!!! A splat diameter of probably 4 to 5 inches and a dent in the door!
DO NOT USE IN A GAME!!! They will hurt really bad and they will not burst on soft stuff like skin or BDU/vests but I bet they would be fun for some target practice or some kill house style training!!!

Definetly getting alot more of these and a good spring rifle!!!
by Ryan Y. on 09/30/2008
"Paintballs are only for gas blowback airsoft pistols. (Where you can take it apart in seconds and clean it). Don't use them on AEG or snipers.
These are special purpose rounds, for regular gaming, use matrix bbs.
by Ed T. on 06/19/2014
"I've ordered these a couple of times, once they only sent me a single bottle, but having put around 1400 of these rounds through a few plastic springers I got from walmart, an Co2 GBB UZI, a Co2 VSR-10, a paintball pistol, and a Co2 M84 I would not suggest using these in any gun with a tighter barrel than a 6.06mm barrel or so, as the seams on these bbs are rather large and can stick and rupture in either the loading mechanism, the hop-up, or the barrel.
I haven't had many problems with magazines jamming with them aside from a double to single stack mag with a tight output, and in the cheap pistols the quality is so low the seams don't matter.
That said, even the low power (~350FPS) walmart pistols ruptured the paintballs on contact with a hard surface.
Similarly, the VSR-10 had no jamming issues, although a couple broke when it shot and splattered paint out the barrel. The bbs that did survive were traveling at around ~600FPS when they impacted, and obviously splattered.
The UZI managed to fire a full mag, but like the sniper rifle it was splattering paint out the chamber and the barrel. All of the bbs splattered without issue.
The 17.65mm paintball pistol (with wadding placed behind and in front of about 20 6mm paintballs) broke every paintball with a grouping of around four feet at around twenty, so it's clear that the bbs don't need to be moving that fast to rupture.
In general, I noticed the groupings to be rather poor (around a sq foot at twenty), and the bbs are somewhat light, so they're easily affected by wind.
Regardless, they're incredibly fun to shoot, break with good consistency, and hurt in a gnarly fashion, considering the shell on the bb shatters. I would highly suggest purchasing them regardless of their poor manufacturing quality simply because they're a highly entertaining novelty item and would work great for CQB with cheap guns.
by Henry G. on 12/15/2013
"These DO NOT WORK in a revolver, and 1 out of 10 was too big and jammed my sniper magazine. However, even though it says not recommended for AEG, out of 300 rds, 0 BROKE! These are a good product if you have the right gun.
by Tammie R. on 01/31/2010
"dont buy airsoft paintballs
go buy coated bbs
coated bbs dont bust and wont ruin your mag or gearbox and are actually nothing but high grade .2 grams with a thin water soluable coating that comes off when it hits its target
by Tom W. on 09/24/2008
"6mm paintballs arent very accurate, and almost always screw up either your mag or your gearbox
by Thomas B. on 09/24/2008
"i would not trust these in my gun they might shatter and gum up your mech box so its not worth it i think