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SanSei Type Tactical Low Profile Airsoft Mesh Mask (Color: Black)

26 Customer Reviews

by matt s. on 11/23/2008
"seriously people, the bbs breaking on the mesh and going through is unlikely, the mesh is tightly made with very small holes, i fired 5 rounds at it from point blank (230 fps with .20 matrix brand high grade) none of them broke, ive been hit in the eye piece several times before in battles and no shrapnel came through.but if your still skeptical, wear goggles under it. its comfortable , but can leave marks on your face if its too tight.the mesh can pop out sometimes but it pops rite back in. i don't recommend removing the bottom face plate because its hard to get back on. i give it 5/5 looks good, strong, protects your face/eyes.
by Jeff M. on 10/16/2008
"my friend has this mask its awsome. and yes it is easier to look down the sights.
by connor e. on 10/03/2008
"This mask is awesome, i had one a few years ago when I was first playing airsoft, the best feature in my opinion is how its so close to your face-- lets you look down sights easier..
by angel p. on 09/22/2008
"i just got it 2day n its awesome it grips 2 my face perfectly
by william s. on 08/27/2008
"honestly this mask is great. i do believe that shards can make it through but i still dont wear anything under it. ive been shot in the face with this thing plenty of times and i can still see clearly. only problem is it covers from about ur hairline to the bottom of ur chin and almost covers ur ears. i guess i have a big head or something but its a great mask anyway. id recomend it.
by John H. on 02/22/2012
"Good mask. its comfortable and absolutely dose not fog up. its cheap but still protects your face. it dose rib up against your face for picky people but still for 14$ it great.

-dose not fog up
-protects face

-dose not cover the back of your head
-makes you look like an alien
by Hayden R. on 03/11/2011
"Hey I was very VERY satisfied when i got this.I tested this thing by lighting it up from 3 feet away with a BE Type 89 on a 9.6v battery barely a scratch!just some paint fell off.after taking beating after beating the goggles have sepparated a lil from the rubber part.thats why im getting some shooting glasses!
by Jack T. on 05/29/2010

1. This mask is great, definite mst buy and great value fo money.
2. The metal mesh is well made and WILL withstand BB's quite easily. I shot it point-blank on the mesh with a 400FPS sniper rifle - no penetration ocured.


1. Leaves the top of your head and back of head exposed.
2. Plastic will break if repeatedly hit with BB's at hig FPS.

Conclusion: A good mask, but not for real skirmishes.
by Joseph B. on 03/26/2010
"This is a great mask because of it's low Profile and improved protection. The perforated metal sheet, however, is a trade-off from woven wire mesh. The sheet on this mask definitely provides better protection especially against biodegradable BBs which tend to shatter on impact. The trade-off is visibility, you will not be able to see as well through this mask compared to a wire mesh mask. This becomes glaringly obvious when playing in forested areas or as the light begins to fade. All in all, this is a fine mask for most conditions and it's affordable even to a beginning airsofter.
by Joshua M. on 07/10/2008
"The only problem with this is the strap connectors They don't look very durable especially when I compare it to the Edge wire mesh mask. I can't wear goggles without them fogging in minutes. I'm the type of guy that wears shorts and sandals all winter.

Doesn't fog up. Something could shatter if it hit it at close range but don't play with assholes. I mean play airsoft.
Much more comfortable than the $25 Edge mask - soft rubber
the mesh is a flat piece of steel with holes - crossed wires reflect light as they are round
Large range of vision

Small strap and connectors
Not a lot holding the rubber frame to the mesh but I doesn't look like it will be a problem
by adam s. on 10/12/2008
"bought a mask looking nearly identical ( there were more of those circlular plast tabs holding the mesh to the rubber outside)
used it in my first match today, I was exceptionaly happy, that is until i was sprayed in the face.

the mask protected well didnt hurt at all. Just when i got off the field i noticed that half of the tabs holding the mesh inplace had shattered to pieces from being shot. I don't know, maybe i got a lemon or something but if it were not for that this mask would be a 5 star.