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Matrix 0.20g Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BB - White (QTY: 4 Bags / 20,000 Rounds)

119 Customer Reviews

by james k. on 11/18/2012
"These BB's are very good quality. Its good with my sniper....480 fps (it works just fine no curve or anything)....(probably 530fps with .2's). i only trust this brand although i dont rlly review BB's that much. If you are looking for ammo do get these. They are the best brand for me! :D
by Eric C. on 11/04/2012
"Two words: Best bbs

Credential: I have fired almost a quarter million rounds of these thru my tight bore barrels.
by Tim D. on 07/31/2012
"I have used these bbs faithfully for over 6 years now and they have never failed me. Highly recommended. Works in everything and works like a charm.
by Brian K. on 05/14/2012
"they are great just used them over the week end in my AEG that i bought with it. it pops them like candy i used 2 bags so i will most likely get more.
by Susan B. on 05/02/2012
"I bought these 6 months ago and must I say, THEY ARE THE HIGHEST QUALITY .20G BBS ON THE AIRSOFT MARKET! They worked great for my Dboys SCAR-L / MK16. I've recently switched to evike / matrix .23 bbs.
Recomend you buy these... RIGHT NOW!
by Tony Z. on 04/15/2012
"This is deffinaty worth the 20 dollars because Im sick and tired of using .12g bebes that jam my gun, the .20g don't jam your gun At all
by Gabriel C. on 04/13/2012
"Ha ha ha just got these today and I got to say these are better then every bb ive ever used.

Every thing

by David C. on 02/21/2012
"Great feeding BB's, they are easy to see, and the packaging is easy to reseal, making them ideal, especially at such a great price.
by Michael H. on 01/04/2012
"Very good BB's for 0.20g used in a kwa sr10 and was on par with G&G, Madbull, KA, KSC and TSD there seemed to be no difference in performance using a stock set-up. No jams and no imperfections found in none of these brands just a slight difference is color white/offwhite in all the brands
by Susan B. on 12/29/2011
"AMAZING high quality rounds. i have a DBOYS SCAR-L fully upgraded and my fps with crosman was 425 (BTW Crosman are GARBAGE) and with matrix i was shooting fully auto at 450FPS! amazing bbs great quality. reccomend them for eveyone. now i wnna try tsd, goldenball, and ksc bbs next. tyvm evike.

by Cong W. on 12/20/2011
"I just received these BBs today, they made my shipping package a lot heavier LOL. They seem to be very high quality, but I didnt't have chance to shooting them yet. They are all identical, 6mm, will be no problem shooting out ur barrel and hitting your target.
FW (final words) If you want better accuracy, use heavier BBs
by Christian N. on 10/02/2011
"Great best quality bbs i use it with my AGM m16 there accurate they are run smooth dont jam and there just so great i recommended it for anyone that uses professional airsoft.
by John H. on 09/28/2011
"I love these bbs! They are amazing. With my luck, right when I just received a 20,000 round bucket, my local field started making us use their bbs (which everyone on the field complained how they jammed their mags). Oh well. I just hide them in the car, so they staff can't steal them. Yeah they think they can do that. ANYWAY. Amazing bbs. 5 stars.
by Ron C. on 08/04/2011
"Probably the best deal on quality BB's anywhere(only problem they ship all the way from Cali and i live in New Jersey) THANKS EVIKE!
by christopher b. on 07/03/2011
"These BBS are awesome. Never had a single misfire and they are so well polished.