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by Morten N. on 2014-11-22 18:25:40
"This KJW M9 was my first GBB pistol and overall I am extremely happy with it.

Sounds great, from when you insert the magazine, the cocking of it and the shooting, if you are into those guns that make a lot of sound for you to enjoy, then this is for you.
Sturdy build quality, full metal and a great weight to it.
Now I got a threaded barrel with this, so for backyard shooting a mock suppressor with foam inside helps reduce some of the sound from this gbb.
Magazine is quite good, holds almost 2 and 3/4 full mags, however the feeding lip is quite rubbish.
Easy to use and disassemble for maintenance.
Accuracy when the hopup works is quite good.
POWERFUL! Don't try and shoot lamps as my bb went through the lamp glass and the light bulb.

Bad hop up, quite inconsistent, you adjust it and test it then the BB flies straight, then suddenly after some shooting the BB will spin upwards.
The nozzle sticks sometimes on mine, might be a lemon, but the blue nozzle sticks to the slide and almost locks it up, however a quick fix is I just pull the nozzle a little forward and let the springs pull it back, it is quite annoying though.
by Hunter C. on 2014-07-12 06:38:50
"This gun is awesome! Honestly if your looking for a gbb pistol then this is the gun for you. It feels durable and very realistic, and this special military addition one makes it better looking and probably the closest thing you'll get to a real gun. [4.5/5.0]

-Full metal makes it very durable
-Feels very realistic(basically its a real gun!)
-Pretty good fps
-Accuracy isn't that bad for a gbb pistol
-The sounds the gun makes when you cock it is awesome(if you like that stuff)

-Hop is in a inconvenient location, those easy to acess, just not on the game feild
-Mags are expsensive(Though Expected with airsoft, but still sucks)
by charles r. on 2013-07-13 19:22:33
"I purchased this pistol for Training at my Unit... to let some of the folks there get a feel for an M9.

The hop up says non adjustable on the evike description. Good News, The Hop up IS adjustable, you just have to remove the slide, and use the supplied hex key to change it.

Unfortunately, the BB's in my gun curve horribly to the right, and no amount of hop up adjusting will fix it. I just got it, and have not taken it apart completely. So maybe I can fix it.

But it is $60 cheaper than the KWA M9 and the mags are $10 cheaper as well. All guns break eventually. And by the time either of these do, you probably will want another pistol anyways, so save some coin, and buy this gun.
by Kirk L. on 2012-05-20 20:51:43
"Pros: The gun looks, feels, breaks down, and shoots great. It's a little bad on accuracy but that's just part of using gbb's. The rail can make finding compatible holster a little tricky. I'm left handed, and found you can disassemble and switch the side for the mag release, bingo. The thing is loud and intimidating.

Cons: It shoots hot. Browse youtube or google and you'll find this is the case. Mine chrono's at 360 fps with 0.20g for the first few shots with green gas, and settles around 340 fps. This won't be CQB legal at most places. I'm am going to buy some HFC 134a gas (weaker than green gas), it sould drop the FPS significantly so I can actually use it.
by Jeremy D. on 2012-05-01 22:10:13
"I love this gun. I've had it for 6 months now and it still is going strong. This gun looks, feels, and functions like the real steel version. It also has the same dissasembly process. The only problem i have with this gun is that it took a little while to zero in the hop-up (becuase of its location in the slide). Although it is very easy to disassemble so this wasnt too bad. I also love the realistic feel of the gun, weighing the same as its real stel counterpart. The rubberized grips make the gun feel like it was made for your hands.

Full Metal Reinforced internals/externals
Heavy Weight
Ergonomic Grips
Heavy Kick
Accurate to 80-100 feet
Easily Upgraded

Honing In Hop-Up

Sick gun. Recommend for anyone on the hunt fo a GBB. Great accuracy ight out of the box. KJW does not dissapiont!!!
by saman g. on 2012-03-16 20:37:47
"this gun is amazing.


great accuracy
hits hard
nice feel
easy open
good fps

by Chad O. on 2012-03-13 00:15:07
"I love this pistol, its heavy, shoots fearly accurate and has great grips. The only thing i would change is the rail in front, Fitting it in my holster is a bit of a hasle because the military m9 doesnt have this, the thought never even crossed my mind when i bought it either.... This thing shoots hard and has great blowback. I would recommend this to any m9 fan.
by Hans J. on 2011-12-17 10:20:20
"I received this gun a couple of days ago and test fired and toyed around with it. So I can honestly say that this may be the best GBB M9 money can get you. The hop is easily adjustable and field stripping is a breeze. My shooting grouping was about the size of a 8"by 11" paper from 100 feet away! Evike shipped it fast and it was nicely lubricated already. Great grips, magazines and overall a must buy for any hardcore realistic fire arm seeker.
by chris h. on 2011-11-01 15:35:20
"this is a pretty good gun. It has a nice weight, not to heavy not to light and a nice sturdy construction. Great for beginners and even intermediate players. I had a problem with the spring that is used for the trigger but i bought a new spring set and its fine now. It has a pretty god range i can hit a human size target easy from 75ft. The hop up is a little tough to perfect but its great once you get it spot on. all and all a great gun for only $100 4.5/5
by Jacob T. on 2011-10-04 21:09:40
"I got this gun awhile back actually. Maybe in May, i do not know. Anyways, right out of the box. Beautiful feel, may have a little lubricant in it (for some i've heard a lot) but it dries up quickly. First impressions, it's a little heavy. Not too heavy, but a realistic feel. About 90% of it's full metal, except for a couple parts on the magazine and a couple other places. Slide release is really easy. It takes like two motions and the slide just comes right off.

-Full Metal
-Shoots around 350
-Grooved Grip
-Realistic Weight
-Accurate around 70 - 80 feet
-Sights are real nice, even at night. (work quite well at night actually)

-Magazine loading trouble (for some. maybe only me) with bb's pushing them in using the loader and gas. I can never seem to put the right amount of gas in.
-sometimes it's a bit difficult to get the slide back into place, but not a big deal.

Overall, an amazing gun. Durable, works beautifully, realistic. All in all a good deal for the money you pay. I highly suggest it if you're looking for a reliable, full metal, GBB pistol. KJW will always be my pistol provider.
by Nick S. on 2010-12-31 09:51:31
"I got this gun a couple days ago and I love it! Its not working at its best potential because of the cold weather, but I still already have gotten some nice kills with it. Its pretty loud, and has a nice kick.

Nice weight
Pretty accurate

havent seen it at its best yet
high maintenance
slide lock/release sometimes doesnt do its job.
by Chris Y. on 2010-05-05 15:25:48
"I've had my KJW pistol for several months now and I've gotten to know quite well. All of the major parts are reinforced and constructed of a quality metal (you won't find any cast iron here). This pistol is just great, it's handling and construction makes it feel like it was molded for your hand. It performs very well, I've used this pistol in 45-50 degree weather with light snow/rain and it keeps spitting out the BBs. My only gripes about it is that the paint looks chips away really easily, and the magazine spring is very very strong. So strong that if pulled down all the way and released it will damage the feeding lip to the point where you have to replace it.

- Very sturdy construction
- Great accuracy
- Decent kick
- Magazines don't leak
- Aluminum parts
- Feels like it was made for your hands
- Safety switch doesn't fall off like other GBBs
- Around 2 magazines with 1 fill of green gas
- 95% all metal (plastic parts are magazine release and gas nozzle)

- Paint is easily chipped off
- Ridiculously strong magazine spring

In my opinion this pistol deserves a 4.7 out of 5, the paint is easily chipped and the magazine does have a strong magazine spring but you can avoid doing all the above by being careful and taking care of your KJW pistol.

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