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Model: GP-KJW-604

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by Torre B. on 2016-07-10 19:56:18
"After about a year purchasing this gun, it was pretty good on the other hand. It was durable, (I dropped it in sand and grass wetness and it still worked fine!) great addition to my load out, and it helped a lot. Over all it was a great performance.

Although, the trigger cord snapped or it was disconnected after about 1 year of purchasing this, I couldn't decide which it was of the cord of the trigger braking or not or it was disconnected. I don't know what happened with the gun itself when the process of it braking occurred.

BUT it still fires, you just have to move your thumb in the trigger up every time you shoot because it doesn't spring up automatically. But it was a easy fix of a replacement of disconnecting cord or braking it of 4 dollars or more. Or being fixed for a small pay.

I guess this was over all good at least.
by Mark F. on 2016-04-25 22:42:54
"This gun is simply fantastic! It's accurate, hard hitting, and load if you get Co2 mags for it. I got the drop on a guy who wasn't calling his hits with this from a close range, the sound (and punch) of this thing going off made him fall on his backside. He thought twice about not calling those hits. This is a must have for a side arm! I wouldn't dream of going to a match without it.
by Jonathan A. on 2016-04-11 15:49:45
"I buy this gun about a month ago and I have to say its not that good as you might think.

-The positive:
1.Realistic looking gun
2.pretty heavy(in a good way)
3.good Fps(I have reached a 366 FPS with a super green gas max performance)

and thats about it.

-The negative:
1.The Fps figure is not constant(the lowest is 258 Fps)
2.The BB slide of the barrel(when cocked and ready to fire) I dont know why that happens some people say the hop up needs to be adjusted but I tried it but it still looks the same to me doesnt do anything u might said.
3.The paint scratch of quickly
4.The hop up dont really works(please help me if u know how to adjust the hop up properly because I did it and it sort of doesnt change anything.Send me a video if u can to or to caronliner24 youtube.) shoot straight until 45-50 feet only and then the bb will drop(I dont know if thats bad or what since this is my first airsoft) wables.The mag is like to small and it causes the wable and also the barrel is quite smaller than the slide so yeah it wables and feels not that solid compared to the Kjw 1911 and others.
7.when I do a field strip sometimes the slide refuses to lock on the gun and I have to like do it many times until it locked back.
8.not really accurate.sometimes its just shoot up,or left/right direction.

and so far thats the negative of this gun.please help me about this gun and for the pro airsofter tell me the max range u could possibly get for this gun.Thank you.
by Darian Z. on 2016-04-11 15:47:28
"i bought this gun, got three kills with it, and loved it! it is one of the best pistols and if you are trying to compare this here is the closest,
Matrix / Snow Wolf Full Metal M9 PTP High Power Heavy Weight Airsoft Gas Blowback
the only con is that my orange tip chipped pretty easily, and the orange tip came with a bad paintjob
(on the inside) other than that it also doesn't come with a threaded barrel, so you can just find one if you want to put any 14 mm attachments
other than that it is one of the best pistols
p.s. it has an awesome paint finish
by Gordy K. on 2016-04-11 15:47:04
"This is the best pistol i have ever used i give it a 1000/1000 It's amazing!!! I have used it in a few battles and one of best (or worst depending on the person.) things is that it is loud and it scares most people. It is super accurate too.
by Rob B. on 2016-04-11 15:46:43
"I Personally own this and I highly reccomend it!
-Full metal
-Feels and looks exactly like the real steel
-Decent range
-Pretty accurate with .2's
-My favorite pistol(just MO not a pro haha)
-Field strips exactly like the real thing
-Comfy rubberized plastic grips(Feel just like rubber)
-Use a hi cap mag or have more mags on hand and possibly a stock and this would make a great CQC primary.
-Good weight to it. Realistic weight, but not so heavy it's going to bounce around in your holster or smack your leg in a holster whilst running.
-White dots on the sights make aiming down the sights and target aquistion fast.
-Not pro or con but the gas efficientcy is Average 1.5-2 mags full of bbs on 1 mag full of gas(depends on how rapid you shoot it and temperature outside)
-I haven't really found this out myself but I hear the mags are fragile and you should try not to drop them on pavement.
-Ugly orange tip. File the tip off as soon as you get it.
-Nothing else I can think of as of now.
I reccomend buying another magazine for this because you will want to use this so much haha. Also, I'd use .23's or.25's because you will have perfect accuracy.
by Kyle B. on 2016-04-11 15:46:23
by Daniel S. on 2016-04-11 15:46:01
"Not as good as i expected it to be. One fill of gas lasts 2 magazine. I tried shooting through a water bottle and it didnt go through. Its pretty accurate, i can easily shoot a target 50ft away. The plastic thing on top of the magazine broke a little after i used it once.
by Eric C. on 2016-04-11 15:45:42
"i got this gun and i tried with green gas and it does have a hard kick as it recoils,but i put in a co2 mag it recoils harder then green gas you really hold on tight when you use co2 with's a whole lot of fun to hold and shoot.In short its an awesome gun,if you want to have something a gun as close to the real thing this is it.get it you wont be disappointed.
by Weston S. on 2016-04-11 15:45:22
"A FANTASTIC GUN! if you are debating whether to get this or any other gun get this one! when i first took it out and felt the weight it felt like the real thing and looked exactly the same except for the KJ-grip panels which i switched out with side grip panels from another airsoft gun that had the real Beretta ones. good weight, good looks, great firing-ROF, FPS and shooting feeling. if yuo are deciding between this one and the one with the funky grip get this one! (personally i think this looks better)
realistic: weight, look, feel, and shooting w/out the recoil (because it is only shooting a .20g bb not a 9mm round).
good as a training pistol: same instrument layout as the real thing-safety, disassemble etc.
nice blowback action.
LOUD this is a pro/con
upgadability: in terms of pistols this is like the m16: incredibly versatile
ROF: cycling is quick!

when you try to get an extra BB in the gun by chambering a BB then reloading the mag it jams.
Evike sent me a Green gas can with a bent nozzle _=(

to the reviewer before me: get the gun before you write a review!
by Logan G. on 2016-04-11 15:45:03
"I love this gun i just bought it and i cant wait to get it
by Logan T. on 2016-04-11 15:44:45
"this is by far the best pistol i have ever gotten.Its full metal,about 300 fps,and it feels very realistic.It is a very good buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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