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KJW Full Metal M9 Government Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol

10 Customer Reviews

by Ian M. on 09/26/2016
"This Beretta is my second favorite GBB pistol that I own. right out of the box I loved it. It looks, feels and firers great! The gun is well worth the money. It is easy as easy to take a part and the hammer mechanism is as smooth as silk and fits the hand perfectly! No cons on this pistol yet! That's all that I have to say about this gun so hurry up and buy one!
by Logan L. on 12/23/2014
"This was the first airsoft gun that actually worked well for me, after a few months of cheap spring guns and a junky $30 AEG. The KJW M9 is probably still my all-time favorite gun.

I've used this same M9 since March 2011. I've only had to replace the hammer spring, the trigger spring, and the frame's main chassis because of stupid mistakes on my part. It has outlasted four magazines (three gas, one CO2), has a well-worn finish, and I've probably fired OVER 9,000 rounds through it (no exaggeration), all with consistent good results. It has been dropped at least ten times and bounced into a muddy ravine once, but nothing was damaged; there are no dents, no cracks, just scratches on the finish. Let that serve as a testament to this gun's shocking durability.

As far as performance goes, the gun shoots at about 300-330fps, and it is extremely accurate (can easily hit a man in the head at 50 feet). The recoil is forgiving, allowing one to rapid-fire the pistol, if need be.

Overall, you can use this gun for just about anything except sniping, for obvious reasons. I recommend it as a sidearm for ANY loadout, and it is an amazing CQB weapon.

Just be careful if you take off the right grip panel, as the hammer spring may launch into the air and "disappear".

- DURABLE! (Full metal)
- Accurate
- Sleek Beretta replica
- Upgraded internals, CO2-ready.
- Affordable magazines
- Compatible with most WE and Marui parts.
- Extended magazines are available on

- The barrel is not threaded, but the gun is perfect as is.
by shad w. on 09/01/2011
"after doing some research and a little shopping around, I decided to pull the trigger on this KJW full metal M9. it arrived today and I wasted no time in loading it up and putting it to the test. I fired about 100 rounds through it with ZERO misfires or skips.... flawless operation! at least so far.. I was very impressed by the overall look and feel of this pistol. VERY accurate replica of a real M9. solid, full metal body and accurate weight. the only weight difference between this and a real M9 would be the additional weight added from real ammo. if not for the orange barrel tip, you'd never be able to pick this out as a replica in someone's hand. slide operates smoothly, realistic blowback and VERY accurate! overall, a very well made, high quality pistol... for under $100!!! I couldn't be more satisfied, and I highly recommend this pistol!
by John W. on 11/16/2008
"Yes, get this barrel:

And you can screw any 14mm+ / clockwise mock silencer on it.
by hendrix K. on 07/14/2008
"Love this pistol! Very solid performance. Had it for 3 years now and still working like new. Because I use the propane adapter now so I have to lubricate it every few weeks, but its handling the propane very nicely. The blowback is hard and the gun is very accurate and powerful.
by Michael M. on 05/04/2016
"This is a nice pistol overall but i do recommend some cosmetic and internal changes. First off, if you want, you should purchase a new metal barrel if you don't prefer orange tips cause this ones painted of and looks horrible if you take the paint off. Second, I'd recommend you buy guarder's 150% upgrade spring cause it makes the action on this pistol to die for!!! Lastly, I use green gas but this gun is not gas efficient whatsoever so i highly recommend you use co2 in it since it is compatible as long as you have the right mags

Looks good once you wear in that thick black KJW paint
Runs on all sorts of gasses

Not green gas efficient
Safety is finicky
by Gino M. on 11/18/2013
"Out of the box, this thing seemed pretty nice. It had a good weight to it, and it was fairly accurate. It comes with instructions on how to adjust the trajectory of the bb as well as a little tool you can use for that. Keep that tool because the other hexagon wrenches that I had that were supposed to be 1.5mm would not fit.

The issue that I had was that it had a jamming problem. The blue nozzle would get jammed after each shot or a few shots. This is a major problem for me because it's not good when my gun is jammed, but also the slide will not close, thus allowing all this dirt and stuff to get in there. I think the reason for this is because of the nozzle being a little too tight for the piston cap. I assume this minimizes lost of gas power and increasing FPS and range, but all of the FPS will be useless to me if the gun jams like that a lot. I'd like to point out that this mainly, if not only, happened with the non-WE magazines. The standard and hi-cap WE magazines I have never had a jamming problem that I could recall. However, the mag that came with the gun, a mag of the same brand, and a CO2 mag caused this jamming. I assume that these magazines feed a higher power of gas, thus causing the nozzle to push forward more and have a higher chance of getting jammed.

Note: I did not try adding lubricant, and this jamming only happens when you are firing bbs. I tried testing the jamming issue with empty mags and they would not jam.

Nice look.
Nice feel.
Accurate. (I was on par with a sniper or a DMR using .25s from 100+ ft. on a windy day)
High power.

Jamming issue that I've stated above.
by alfred b. on 11/15/2008
"can u install a silencer respond asap i want to get this gun if u can install
by Alex V. on 07/21/2014
In terms of cost, it's not half bad.
The gun feels and looks great.
That's about as far as the Pro's go.

Mag falls out after each shot is taken. Having to hold it in gets old and tiring after a while. Almost defeats the purpose. I'm not the only one experiencing this issue (judging by other reviews below, and Google).

Trigger feels a tad wobbly, but is responsive.

Orange tip was definitely tough as hell to remove, but well worth the effort.
by Alex V. on 09/20/2013
"The gun arrived faulty out of the box. Seems KJW related. The magazine will fall right out after every single shot fired (with green gas & c02). The mag is fine however, because I have tried it with 3 different mags (both c02 based and green gas).

It's most likely a worn mag release latch, although I'm not sure how that even happened, because the gun is brand spanking new.


Weighs a good bit, adds to the realism factor.
FPS is solid @ around 365 ish. Hurts a tad bit.
Paint is solid, and has yet to chip.
Sturdy, don't be afraid to drop it.
Looks very realistic as an m9 replica.

Mag falls out per shot (Apparently I'm not the only one with the issue, check Google)
The orange tip is a pain the ass to remove, (if possible) - so I painted over it.
Trigger feels a tad wobbly.

That's about it folks. I'd go with a different M9 manufacturer, to keep yours from being fauly like mine. It's no fun to shoot if you have to hold the mag in yourself after every shot.