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HFC Full Metal WWII Mauser M712 Airsoft Gas Pistol

9 Customer Reviews

by James K. on 01/12/2015
"Love it, Its everything I hoped for, Heavy, powerfull, and pretty good looking if I say can say so myself. With all the m1911 M9, and various other pistols that all look the same this is a breath of fresh air. I even bought wooden grips and a holster for it. The sight doesn't work all too well but if you are trying to hit someone long distance with this thing anyways get real and use a rifle. For what it is a vintage german pistol that is both functional and sturdy, I couldn't of asked for more.
by Christian G. on 08/12/2014
full metal
Unique look
Gas efficient
Adjustable rear sight
Easy to access safety
Large magazine capacity
Easy to adjust hop up

$30 magazines
Pretty small sights

Overall-definitely worth the buy!
by Nick P. on 01/03/2014
"First of all, I wouldn't even say this gun is a pistol. With its spot on accuracy and high FPS I would classify this baby a sniper! The imitation wood feels so real you cant even tell that it isn't real wood. For only $94.95 this thing is a steal!

Great sturdy feel

Awesome accuracy

Great FPS (I only tested .20 BBs though)

Amazing wood feel on the pistol grip

You need a special holster that can run you around $40

That's about the only cons with this gun.

I give this gun an easy 5/5! Great gun, if you don't have it, GET IT!
by Spencer O. on 04/11/2012
"I got my broomhandle today and I am very pleased. I got it because I wanted something unique and I am also in the works of a WWI Imperial German loadout. I did a chrono and test fire and I am very happy. I currently have it on my molle rig. If you are a fan of oddball guns or just want a nice WWI/WWII handgun to stand out in a world of M1911's and M9's I would suggest getting this gun.

-Good range (For a pistol.)
-Good accuracy (For a pistol.)
-95% metal
-Good grips
-Sturdy construction (After several reviews I have never heard of a broken one.)
-Cost effective
-Very simple operation
-It's a broomhandle :)

-The inner housing is plastic (Seems sturdy but i am keeping an eye on it.)
-No trademarks
-You need to order a proper holster made specialy for the broomhandle
-HFC makes only two accessories, a wooden stock/holster and short mag. I really want the accessories, but Evike doesn't have them.
-I cease to find spare parts, but again I haven't heard of a broken one. Spare parts wouldn't hurt though.

Overall I would highly reccamend it. The pros greatly outweigh the cons. Even if the holster, stock, and short mags are rare the gun is still awesome. 5 stars!
by Kevin B. on 10/07/2010
"When I first got this gun I was disappointed. Since the gun shoots at 400 fps, I figured using .25 bbs would be logical. It turns out that the hop-up system for this gun works best with .20 bbs. After making the switch, the gun shot very accurately with a range of 80 feet.

After the bb goes about 70-90 feet, the bb drops down very harshly for some reason. Anything within that range you'll be able to hit once you've adjusted the hop-up. The gun itself is fairly heavy and the only holster that fits it is a Mac11 styled holster Evike sells. The gas mag does seem to leak, so you should tighten the invalve (mine was a bit loose) a little bit and spray some silicone oil inside the mag. Once you do that, the mag works fine.

Overall, I'm really pleased with the gun. After making a few adjustments and changing bbs, the gun is very solid and with no blowback, it's pretty quiet. For $95 it's a great gas gun that's very gas efficient.
by Roman F. on 01/09/2010
"This gun kicks ass! Its seriously one of the best pistols that i have ever shot. It came with real wood grips too haha. Its a great intimidator too. You dont want to get caught on the wrong side of this gun.
by Freeman M. on 12/16/2008
"u need to pay extra for all upgrades unless it preupgraded aka Evike Custom guns

Webmaster: For holsters go to the holster category. For laser go to laser category...ect.
by Robert M. on 12/03/2008
"it says there's an upgradability. now do we to choose the upgrade, or does it just come with the gun?
by Thomas S. on 08/30/2015
"Great gun and its extremely fun to mess around with

shoots hard and fast
full metal

leaky mags
$30 mags
$40 holster