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New Version HFC Full Metal Airsoft M9 Special Force Gas Blowback

15 Customer Reviews

by William P. on 06/25/2012
"I had this gun for a year or so and ive only had 2 problems with it-- mags leak a bit and the one trigger spring broke on me
simple basic takedown
Works well with many upgrades
Great for starters

when you take apart barrel assembly a little flappy plastic piece has a tiny tiny spring that u will lose easy
Mags leak over time
not full auto....

So overral good starter will last you a long time i reccomend it for begginers to intermidiates but you should buy full auto just for the heck of it...
by Guadalupe T. on 04/08/2010
"i just bought this gun, and im in love with it!!performs very nice, definitely a reliable sidearm for snipers and well just about everyone

pros:very loud(can be a con)
has a very powerful kick
shoots about 110 feet with .25s before the bbs drop
can put holes in cans
very nice weight to it
cons:very loud
uses quite a bit of gas
might be heavy for some people, but not me
when i first got it sometimes it didnt lock back when its empty. not a big problem now thogh
why are you reading this, stop reading and buy this gun!!!
by Kriss P. on 03/05/2010
"I have one of these i must say it is a fantastic side arm but the only thing is that when I first got it a put the gas in wrong and froze the o ring on the clip so i had to buy a new clip but the gun is awesome
by marcelino h. on 03/01/2009
"Well, I just order this gun today. I hope it is good. Does anyone know if this airsoft come with a hard case or just the box? Thanks-

PS: my english is not best
by Orion W. on 01/20/2009
"when you want a side arm, the only logical choice in airsoft is green gas. And while your at it, find something that is all metal construction. OOOO and get a blow back. And just i case, be sure it has a under barrel rail. Any of this look familiar? If ya read the pistol description, it should. This Pistol nearly FULL METAL, the only non-metal parts are the hand grips, the hop up system, gas diverting mechanism and a little piece of the barrel assembly. This gun is so much fun to shoot, and it is semi auto, i don't have a quick trigger finger, and it could keep up without jamming (clip empty in about oh 10 seconds).
Blowback is a very nice touch, realism is always welcomed. Did i mention that its full metal and tough as a tank? My one problem is the mag. release button. The spring is pretty weak so mags often fall out. Aside from that, its the perfect side arm. If you want a pistol, go with this, unless you loose a mag., you wont regret it.
by chris h. on 11/12/2008
"BesTT DeALL You can get just take care of it! Remember to lube your guns!
by Kris H. on 10/26/2008
"For the price, awesome beginner/intermediate sidearm. Full metal gives it an awesome look with real heavy kick and great accuracy.

- Full metal
- Cheap
- Nice feel
- Accurate
- Good fps (most of the time)

- Gas hog. Like bad
- Slide sometimes doesnt lock if gas is a tad too cold or there isnt enough
- Smells wierd
- Sometimes gas consumption drags down fps

So for the cons, it takes alot of gas, as would be expected from a full metal. Being extremely heavy for a GBB, the slide only locks a little bit of the time. To fix this, just be liberal with your gas. Dont be afraid to fill it up, its a big mag. And yeah, it does smell wierd. Awkward metallic smell. But if I ran out of cons and had to put that, I'll definately say youre getting your moneys worth.
by Trevor M. on 08/09/2008
"this is an amazing sidearm. It works accurately close up and far away. I can hit a body size target with ease at 80 feet. If you are looking for the one of the cheapest quality GBB guns out there than get this baby. Some people say that HFC is not a good brand but if you know how to take care of your guns than it is a great brand. Just keep everything lubed up and working in tip top form. The only thing that tends to break would be the trigger spring, but do not run away just long as you do not pull the trigger alot when not firing than it will last much much longer. Just do not mess around with it. Overall this is a great buy. I highly reccomend it to anybody, beginner to the airsoft intellectual.
by Scott W. on 08/05/2008
"This gun is great!! It shoots flawlessly and has a great weight and feel. I really can't say that there are any cons about this gun other than one of the selector switches is a little loose (but that can be fixed with an alen wrench.
by WILL K. on 07/18/2008
"A good gun whose greatest flaw lies in its design. The M9 and other Berreta airsoft handguns suffer from being over-comlicated: the cut away slide can get BBs jammed between it and the top of the barrel, and the safety on the one I had fell off on the left side. Besides these few problems (the first solved by recocking the gun and the second not enough to stop the funtionability of the weapon, but both still annoying), this is a great gun; I've never had a majoer problem with it during a game that caused me to stop usung it, it shoots hard, is accurate at the distances one needs a pistol, and stripping & cleaning the weapon can be done with extreme ease.
by Daniel H. on 05/03/2008
"A lot of people have made some pretty wild claims about the construction and quality of HFC guns. I'd like to put that to rest. I've owned three of the FMV semi only versions and one of the semi only ABS versions, and all of them are great. They ARE marui compatible. Easy to work on, and hard shooting, I've never really had a problem with them. One of the only issues I have with the pistol though is that the sights are molded onto the slide. Other than that, it's a great pistol for entry-level players or experienced players looking for something just to mess around with.
by Jonathan L. on 02/23/2012
"I bought this gun about, a few months ago. It was good for the price, but it tends to have many problems. Great gun for practice.
by nick c. on 09/07/2010
"i love the gun but i have to give it 4stars because it looks more gray when it should be black
by Joshua B. on 08/04/2008
"I have used this pistol as my backup since I first started playing 3 years ago. The build quality is excellent. The full metal design is great. It has a nice kick to it and can put some rounds down range rather quickly. The range is average for a pistol, depending on the weight of BB you use. Accuracy is decent, but could be better
by John D. on 05/02/2008
"I've had three of these guns and i love them. HFC makes good quality affordable guns! All but one of my guns is stock. The upgraded one has a threaded barrel and silencer. Now for the pros and cons.

Heavy weight, feels just like the real thing
Very accurate
Awesome blowback effect
Runs fine on propane
Good mag capacity
Tac rail to mount laser or light

Trigger spring. The trigger spring on 2 of the 3 guns i have had have broken. Now, this may have been due to stupid friends pulling the trigger constantly when they weren't shooting, but i don't know. My advice is if you buy this gun, only pull the trigger when you're actaully shooting, not just to click it.

I give it a 4/5. Only a 4 just because of the trigger spring.