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HFC M9 Elite Special Force Airsoft Gas Blowback

4 Customer Reviews

by bryan r. on 01/11/2009
"i got this baby and let me learn you something, it shoots 300 out of the box and about 50 to 55 yards down range. if i were you looking in to getting a reliable side arm go for this. and because its plastic you wont use any where as much gas as if you were to have a metal one. you can fill up with gas and load up with bb"s, unload then load back up and 3rd to the last bb you will play out of gas. let me learn you about propane, to save everybody money just buy propane and a propane adapter. put a little puddel of sillicone oil on the nosle of the propane tank then screw in the adapter. smells like crap but you wont bust your bank in the long run
by Ali A. on 06/16/2008
"my friend got this for me on my birthday. let me just say this. this gun beats his KWA glock 17 by a mile. we got our pistols around the same time and this lasted way longer. i got this 10 months ago and it still fires like new. best part is.... it hurts!!!!! great for cqb or backyard battles. this gun is fast and accurate!
by Brendan M. on 06/05/2008
"This gun is my favorite sidearm and i love using it. The gun not only sounds like it hurts but it does, i have left many a welt in a foe from various distances and they all have a love/hate relationship with it, they love how it looks, sounds, and performs, but hate to be on the recieving end of it. The only problem i have had with this gun is that the trigger spring broke after about 3 weeks of use but can be fixed easily. The gun will fire as fast as you can pull the trigger and once you get a holster for it with either an AEG or another gas gun (i will soon be getting the KWA M11A1 for CQB) you will be a force to be reckoned with and feared by your opponents
by Andy P. on 05/11/2008
"I have found that I really like this gun. The pistol is a good weight and has many metal parts. It seals well and fires very accurately. The only problems I have had with it are the magazine drops out fairly easily and the grips are fairly cheap. There doesn't seem to be much to do about the grips, mine are currently glued on which hasn't caused any problems and works very well. It's just a simple fact that the screws for the grips are kind of crappy. The magazine feeds well and holds gas very well, despite my having dropped it a few times. It has a tendency to fall out as I mentioned before, but this problem can be fixed with some electrical tape. All in all, this is an excellent gun for the money. I would recommend using green gas or propane in it though. HFC134 is often too weak to fully blow back the slide to load another round. Using Green gas and propane in it also doesn't seem to have had any negative side effects.