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New Version HFC Full Metal / Fully Automatic Select Fire Airsoft M9 Special Force Gas Blowback

54 Customer Reviews

by austin p. on 12/27/2013
"I got this gun last year and it broke in a week.

This gun is capable of going full auto but if you use it on full auto it WILL break your nozzle so if you want to use full auto buy a better nozzle

Here are my Pros and Cons:

Heavy (cons for some)
Pretty accurate
Full auto
it gets a solid 2 mags (about 60 rounds)

Broke in a week because i used full auto
not very good in cold weather
cant use full auto
slide doesn't always lock back on last shot
Mags are expensive

the good side to it breaking is that if you paint it it makes a pretty sweet prop. This gun might be nice if you used only semi and got a better nozzle and a second mag but by the time you get all those things the price comes to around $170.00 and this gun us definitely not worth $170.00 or even $135.00
by collin s. on 04/24/2009
"I got this gun a month ago and bought an extra clip. Its very good, it made a beer bottle blow up in one shot! It has a hard kick and holds many rounds. Its a very hefty, chunky, accurate gun. I like it a lot! HOWEVER just today the second clip started leaking. This gun is horrible with gas. you cant even go through a whole clip, because it uses too much gas. I wish the gun was more efficient. Its too much to handle. i would give it 3.5 stars.
by Chris L. on 03/19/2009
"Purpose wise this gun is amazing but its design does have flaws. on the first day i received this gun the pins in the safety switch came out just as the guy that already wrote a review did. also there was some issue with my part 30 which is what functions the fire selection, therefore my gun only worked on semi auto a couple days later that piece broke completely. last issue i had with it that same day was the spring that moves the slide is a bit weak and wouldn't always push the slide all the way closed. So for the money this gun does the trick and scince it is almost $30 dollars cheaper here than most air soft stores, i would recommend you use those 30 bucks to buy yourself an extra part 30 in case yours breaks which in due time i almost guarantee it will, along with the Guarder Enhanced Recoil / Hammer Spring (150%) for Marui & Compatible M9 series Gas Blowback. this should fix that slide issue and give you a nice extra kickback. In the end i would like to say buy this gun, just be aware and ready to get your hands dirty when this baby needs repairs or alterations.
by Brian O. on 12/05/2008
"Well, I hate to say something that goes against a great review, however I have had issues with this gun now. During routine tinkering, the saftey machanism fell out. Not the little selector, but the actual pins and springs that control the rate of fire and saftey. Now I'm no watchmaker, but I can still fix all my weapons. This is really a pain in the ass and has more moving parts that the real baretta to fix. Great handgun in combat, yeah the paint has chipped and worn alittle, but still something id depend on. Just gotta get that saftey fixed. If you aren't that skilled with weapons repair and repairing watchsize parts, dont get this gun.
by Nick K. on 12/01/2008
"Akiva, its called
thats the place to ask questions, not gun reviews on a retail website.
by John H. on 09/15/2008
"I truly do love this gun but what the others have been saying is exactly correct. Out of the box I lubed the gun up and it still broke on the first day I had it; just target shooting/testing. This was obviously a disappointment as I did not abuse the gun at all. The semi still works and well it is pretty good; hop up is a little weak so the balls drop off a little too soon but that can be adjusted. the look of the gun is amazing, very different and nice looking finish. If you are buying this gun strictly for the full auto go get a g18c or an AEP this is not the gun for you, if you want a sweet m9 then this is definitely it!
by Adam L. on 01/31/2010
"You get what you pay for. Order date 9/29/2009, this and two magazines, and a propane adapter were purchased. (Comes with a case) Upon receiving it on the 3rd of October, I field stripped it to lubricate it before use. Further inspection of the parts revealed a piece of tape around the top of the hop up unit for the inner barrel, and a little wear on the slide rail. I didn't want to assume that Evike just sent me a lemon or a used one, so I just continued lubing the parts. After lubing all the parts, I proceeded to firing, nice recoil, the slide and slide lock works, and also the full auto works. The safety switch however was very stiff to move down, and the only way I could get it to full auto, was to first put it on safe, and push it up to full. Meh not too much of a problem. A month and a half later, I found out the trigger spring broke, so I bought the King Arms "reinforced" spring set. Here I was thinking, "man I think Evike DID send me a lemon/used gun (Reasons: 1 because of the tape, 2 metal wear, and 3 because the trigger spring broke after less than 700 cycles[measured by amount of times filling the 100 round speed loaders]) but it's too late to send it back".

Replaced the spring, and put all the parts back together from exactly how I saw them when disassembling it. Researched some forums to confirm that I assembled it correctly, and did a test fire, the trigger spring did its job, but there seemed to be another issue. When firing, I could only get about 6-10 shots off of it before it cycled correctly(I.E. would blow back only partially) and after those shots the slide lock wasn't of use because the slide didn't go back far enough. So I did some research and its apparently a pressure issue. Bought the gas chamber assembly and am now waiting for a back-order(due to the holiday shopping chaos Evike had to face). Problem after problem... I'm not even sure if that part will fix it.

Conclusion: It's a fine weapon, when it's actually functioning. It plays it's role perfectly as a secondary as it saved my in-game life a few times when I had a jam on my m16 and needed to transition. Just like any clone, it might be prone to a defect because there's not much quality control on their part. Or I could have been just unlucky with my m16 (a JG, but no longer one[now custom built]), and with this HFC. Just remember, you're always gambling but only going to gamble with the quality. I hope I wrote a review "In depth" enough.

On a side note: *This is not directed towards anyone in particular but I've seen too many of these and I'm tired of it* People this is a review section, don't ask questions, don't review it until you've tried all it's functions, and realize that there's more than three options of "stars" to rate an item(I.E 1,3,5 try using 1,2,3,4, and 5). If you have to ask an admin or experienced person a question, call Evike up, go on a forum, email, or heck there's a freaking "Contact Us" When you answer or ask a question you're just messing up the product's deserved rating. There's a "Review Guidelines" given above before you type your review, I'm sure Evike put it there for a reason.
by Cameron P. on 10/15/2015
"Save your money and get a tm or something top of the lime, I had this for a week and my full auto didn't work, the mags are crap amd keep messing up, it misfires constantly and now I'm just ending up having to get a completely new gun, this thing is not worth the money
by Nick m. on 10/02/2015
"This is the absolute WORST pistol I have ever had in my time as an airsofter. Right out of the box there was no semi. Even on the semi setting it still went full auto. Then I used it in my teams weekend war and the first time I went full auto it had miss feed after miss feed. Then later that night, the action broke on it. I am very unhappy with this pistol and I discourage anybody from buying this.

If your wanting a good full auto pistol look at kwa. Pay a little extra and get the Atp.