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by JJ J. on 2010-11-13 22:49:40
"I have had this gun for about 2 years now and I am surprised.
The gun still works fine and it is very fun for backyard skirmishes and cqb battles.
Here is my opinion of the gun:


It's full metal
320-370 fps with .20s
AWESOME for cqb battles
cool to show off to your friends
railed frame


HUGE gas hog
my magazine came with a bad gas valve so sometimes it leaks
When thee magazine leaks it gets cold
really tiny magazine on full auto
magazines cost 25 dollars although you can get extended ones :)
no threaded barrel

Overall, i give it a 3.8 due to the durability of the metal (i dropped it a bunch of times :) but the gas hog part brings it down alot because you can never find gas anywhere :(

I would still buy from here though.

I love you Evike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by michael m. on 2010-10-10 02:01:04
"This was an awesome buy. The feel to it is very real. Easy to strip down, all the good stuff. Everyone said it all already, this is a really good gun for the price you pay. Very satisfied with this gun. The only problem is the magazine is too small for the full auto feature. It literally takes about five seconds to empty it out on full auto. Not really an issue. Either than that, very good gun.

-excellent blow back, feels great
-looks good
-feels great and handles very well

-there is no hop up but with the accuracy on this gun, there really is no need since it has good accuracy for a sidearm.
by Dustin O. on 2010-05-02 13:44:36
"I bought this gun offline and it came in a regular box with a zip tie which who cares when the gun is completely made of metal. i love this pistol allot although i wish the orange tip could be taken off & have a Mock silencer attached. but i would recommended this to everyone with the money
by Ernel G. on 2010-05-02 07:51:04
"This is my first GBB airsoft pistol, actually, my first airsoft pistol period. I bought it because of the full auto capabilities and it is also full metal. It came with a plastic case, metal magazine, and some BB's. The first thing I did when I got it was test the sliding action and cycling rate. It was clunky at first, and sometimes the slide would not go all the way back to resting position. Full auto was nice, not as fast as an aeg, but still pretty cool. Selection switch was a little hard to get into safety.

Finish - The external finish on the gun was nice, a kind of textured dark grey almost black metal finish. The barrel had a blaze orange tip painted on it, and the barrel and spring guide were also matched to the color of the slide and frame. It has some trades on it, but they were nothing to write home about, I kind of wish they would have left the trades off. Grips are plastic, not rubber, but they look like they could be changed easily with other grips.

Function - As I stated before, the slide was less than smooth, and sometimes would not cycle all the way back to it's resting position. However, for a $85 GBB gun with full auto, I am not complaining. I got about 2 magazines from 1 fill of gas, that's about 50 bb's on semi auto.

My mods (I only recommend doing this if you are experienced in this type of work and know the internals of a gbb pistol):

-Polished slide on the inside, including rails
-Polished receiver guides
-Polished the spring guide
-Polished the inside of the inner barrel
-Polished the outside of the outer barrel (little bling action)

After polishing, and lubing the internals with Tri-flow on the metal parts and Dupont silicon on the rubber and plastic, performance was as follows tested with Chrony chronograph:

-306 fps consistent with 5 shots full gas, 5 second spacing between shots using KSC perfect .20g high polished bb's.
-Slide is now silky smooth, feels like a WA pistol
-Slide now goes back to full rest position, no matter where it is released from on the frame, every time
-Excellent cycling in semi and full auto
-Accuracy has increased


I basically turned a cheap gbb with novel full auto capabilities that actually turned some heads at the field. After about 25 magazines through it, no problems, and it is actually feeling even faster now. I did, however, order a part 30 and extra trigger spring, just in case. With a little elbow grease, and time, you can turn it into a really nice gun without having to buy anything extra. I am very happy with this pistol and think it is probably the best bang for the buck in airsoft gbb guns.
by Cameron B. on 2010-04-06 18:25:21

I have had this gun for about a year now, no problems except the has to be lubed often or it jams A LOT.

-looks and feels GREAT
-has great fps (clocked 300fps on mine)
-Gas consumption on Semi-Auto is great
-You can actually feel when you get hit :)

-You lose mags when the gun is holstered....a lot(I've lost 5 and at 30$ each its a lot)
-bbs tend to fly up after about 50-75 feet
-full auto burns gas like a hummer burns gas
-mags tend to scratch and chip on the paint...(no biggie)

Overall this is a AMAAAZING buy for only 85$
by Cameron B. on 2010-03-16 16:21:11
"This gun is amaaaazing.


-Good range
-Full metal
-Realistic weight and kick
-Takes green gas and propane
-looks sexy :P

-Magazine paint scrapes biggie
-orange tip is kinda ugly....and chips too
by Adam L. on 2010-01-31 16:52:50
"You get what you pay for. Order date 9/29/2009, this and two magazines, and a propane adapter were purchased. (Comes with a case) Upon receiving it on the 3rd of October, I field stripped it to lubricate it before use. Further inspection of the parts revealed a piece of tape around the top of the hop up unit for the inner barrel, and a little wear on the slide rail. I didn't want to assume that Evike just sent me a lemon or a used one, so I just continued lubing the parts. After lubing all the parts, I proceeded to firing, nice recoil, the slide and slide lock works, and also the full auto works. The safety switch however was very stiff to move down, and the only way I could get it to full auto, was to first put it on safe, and push it up to full. Meh not too much of a problem. A month and a half later, I found out the trigger spring broke, so I bought the King Arms "reinforced" spring set. Here I was thinking, "man I think Evike DID send me a lemon/used gun (Reasons: 1 because of the tape, 2 metal wear, and 3 because the trigger spring broke after less than 700 cycles[measured by amount of times filling the 100 round speed loaders]) but it's too late to send it back".

Replaced the spring, and put all the parts back together from exactly how I saw them when disassembling it. Researched some forums to confirm that I assembled it correctly, and did a test fire, the trigger spring did its job, but there seemed to be another issue. When firing, I could only get about 6-10 shots off of it before it cycled correctly(I.E. would blow back only partially) and after those shots the slide lock wasn't of use because the slide didn't go back far enough. So I did some research and its apparently a pressure issue. Bought the gas chamber assembly and am now waiting for a back-order(due to the holiday shopping chaos Evike had to face). Problem after problem... I'm not even sure if that part will fix it.

Conclusion: It's a fine weapon, when it's actually functioning. It plays it's role perfectly as a secondary as it saved my in-game life a few times when I had a jam on my m16 and needed to transition. Just like any clone, it might be prone to a defect because there's not much quality control on their part. Or I could have been just unlucky with my m16 (a JG, but no longer one[now custom built]), and with this HFC. Just remember, you're always gambling but only going to gamble with the quality. I hope I wrote a review "In depth" enough.

On a side note: *This is not directed towards anyone in particular but I've seen too many of these and I'm tired of it* People this is a review section, don't ask questions, don't review it until you've tried all it's functions, and realize that there's more than three options of "stars" to rate an item(I.E 1,3,5 try using 1,2,3,4, and 5). If you have to ask an admin or experienced person a question, call Evike up, go on a forum, email, or heck there's a freaking "Contact Us" When you answer or ask a question you're just messing up the product's deserved rating. There's a "Review Guidelines" given above before you type your review, I'm sure Evike put it there for a reason.
by luca h. on 2010-01-27 12:18:19
"this is a fantastic gun! i got mine today and i am amazed how exactly like the real thing it is! the weight, the detail, the all metal gun! this is possibly the best sidearm i have ever bought, if you havent bought this gun yet, buy it now!!!!!! you will not be disapointed!
by mark g. on 2010-01-21 18:06:57
"this gun is ok... I did not buy mine here, I bought it at a bone-yard sale because the magazines were scratched (no biggie) and for $30 not a bad deal! I also bought an aftermarket kit for adding an adjustable hop-up which is really nice when 'keying in' for .25g rounds

nice weight (full metal version)
mags don't leak like some gbb guns I've had
nice accuracy (especially with the adjustable hop-up upgrade)
cheap compared to most gbb pistols

not co2 ready (i blew out my chamber with a co2 mag i got, and had to buy a new one)also, if you do upgrade for co2, you will have to buy new grips because the grips that come with this gun prevent you from fully inserting the co2 magazine

I did say good accuracy up in pros, but it isn't the best without upgrades (with upgrades, i can make good shots 150' or more if i'm lucky)

paint job sucks!!!! they didn't use any primer

trigger spring goes out quickly for some people (but not if you get a 'real steal' trigger spring)

eats up ammo fast on full auto (not really a con?)

over all, buy 2 of these, and put one on each leg in a drop leg holster... it is great!
also for more info on the adjustable hop-up upgrade... u might want to ask me... there i only one place i know that has it (or u can buy them on ebay from me in the next month or so with instructions how to install it)
by Ben D. on 2010-01-06 18:21:21
"I love this gun. It took awhile to get here though. It was on back order for an extra week, not bad though and customer support was very helpful. The gun is very heavy and has a great feel to it. Very simple to completely disassemble and put back together. And I am not experienced at all. This is only my second real airsoft gun and the first one was a special ops l96 so this gun will make a good side arm. The only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is because the slide lock doesn't work correctly. The gun just keeps shooting until it's out of gas or until i realize it. This is not so bad in semi auto because it is kinda obvious when the clip is empty. But in full auto it really wastes gas. And i've taken it apart and fixed it many times and it works for maybe 3 clips then goes back to not working. Other than that great gun. And awesome customer service from
by Barry N. on 2010-01-06 14:07:18
"really good gun my new side arm for sure if i were you I W O U L D buy this gun
by Christopher S. on 2009-12-11 00:42:24
"this is an amazing side arm for the price. Works with many of the M93R extended mags out there and is obscene in cqb. I use this as a back up when I snipe and it works better then my 1911, and is more comfortable in the hand than my glock.

good fps for a pistol
great feel in the hand, best "feeling" gun i have
rail for light
mags hold enough gas to fire 40+ rounds so it works fine in winter games!
Best pistol I ever purchased for under $100

no adjustable hop up. It's not as accurate as my Glock19 which has an adjustable hop, but close!

out of the box it kind of hooks up but after a few hundred rounds the hop breaks in and it levels off and is awesome! There are better pistols out there but none near this price!

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