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by Cameron P. on 2015-10-15 10:29:40
"Save your money and get a tm or something top of the lime, I had this for a week and my full auto didn't work, the mags are crap amd keep messing up, it misfires constantly and now I'm just ending up having to get a completely new gun, this thing is not worth the money
by Nick m. on 2015-10-02 20:51:08
"This is the absolute WORST pistol I have ever had in my time as an airsofter. Right out of the box there was no semi. Even on the semi setting it still went full auto. Then I used it in my teams weekend war and the first time I went full auto it had miss feed after miss feed. Then later that night, the action broke on it. I am very unhappy with this pistol and I discourage anybody from buying this.

If your wanting a good full auto pistol look at kwa. Pay a little extra and get the Atp.
by sage m. on 2014-02-05 14:49:38
"good gun weight is good

best performance with in 80 feet and closer

mine broke after 3 months because i shot full auto to much keep[ on semi and go easy on the full auto full for longer life

the extended clip don't fit in u have to file down the sides just a heads up
(for this gun anyways)
by austin p. on 2013-12-27 12:02:19
"I got this gun last year and it broke in a week.

This gun is capable of going full auto but if you use it on full auto it WILL break your nozzle so if you want to use full auto buy a better nozzle

Here are my Pros and Cons:

Heavy (cons for some)
Pretty accurate
Full auto
it gets a solid 2 mags (about 60 rounds)

Broke in a week because i used full auto
not very good in cold weather
cant use full auto
slide doesn't always lock back on last shot
Mags are expensive

the good side to it breaking is that if you paint it it makes a pretty sweet prop. This gun might be nice if you used only semi and got a better nozzle and a second mag but by the time you get all those things the price comes to around $170.00 and this gun us definitely not worth $170.00 or even $135.00
by Jacob W. on 2013-04-15 16:05:41
"I used this pistol recently and i must say, wow! This pistol is extremely accurate up to at least 100ft, and its full metal structure makes it very durable. Like most of the other reviews say, this thing does use up a lot of gas. If you get the CO2 mags, this problem will be rectified. Overall, very nice and i would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a reliable sidearm.
by devlin m. on 2012-12-09 20:14:50
"I can't stress enough if u get this gun (which I highly recommend) u need to get a co2 mag for it this thing eats gas. what I do is I bring both mags out use my gas one first then switch to my co2 mag. and for people out there who thing co2 hurts gas guns or what ever I've gotten more people out with that pistol than any other and I have about 20 pistols
by Austin T. on 2012-12-08 10:12:25
"I had this gun for a while now.. It's nice, heavy, and gets the job done. I'm not much into airsoft now then I was when I purchased this pistol, but I loved it.

-Pretty accurate
-Low recoil
-Good sights
-easy to use
-Fully automatic is pretty sweet to have
-Fire selector at first is either hard to move or won't move at all (at least a quick fix)
-Trigger spring snapped on me for whatever reason, only 200 shots put in.
-Magazine lip will eventually break

For me, this gun is a 4/5 for the price. Yeah it has some cons to it, but most airsoft guns do. I would recommend it!
by Jacob K. on 2012-05-08 16:41:07
"Fantastic gun, mine came in all black, unlike the grey-ish color shown, and the magazine that comes with it came in the grey-ish color, so what is this I don't even, but that doesn't matter, it's an awesome gun.

Full metal
Nice weight
Comfortable feel
Full/Semi Auto
Pretty nice iron sights
Easily disassembled
Good FPS
Accuracy is pretty good (On full auto it's not 100% accurate, but BB's aren't flying everywhere either)
It can take C02 also I think... (You need different mags for this- sold somewhere on this website...)
Rail for under-barrel mounts

Pro's/Con's (Opinion things)
Orange tip painted on

Fire selector is a bit hard to move down- I'd imagine it'll loosen up as time goes on (I've had this gun for two days as of now).
by wayne r. on 2012-02-28 15:27:14
"great gun i use in the field when my lipo dies and it gets the job done biggest con is the mags suck me and 2 of my friends have this gun and all of our mags have had a bunch of different problems so a back up is a 100% must
by Willis L. on 2011-08-01 11:04:10
"Usage history= been airsofting on and of for about 4 years this gun has been my main pistol since i started.


cheap rapid fire
available hi-cap
good part support
good mod support


low accuracy
week trigger spring (broken about 3 time now)


over all i don't think this gun is bad for starts but i believe its a good starter or project gun for cqb or back up weapon would recommend ether the long barrel version or kit for this and a set of reinforced springs
by Donovan H. on 2011-01-23 15:21:58
"Wow! I have owned this gun for about a year now. I havent had any problem with the gun itself. But after the first 6-8 months the magazine leaks. Its the kind of leak that you lose all your air in anout 5 minutes, and that with out firing. I would recomend buying an extra magazine.

Great rate of fire
Amazing weight
Easy break down
Great accuracy

Bad magazine (get or be sure to have a back up)
Lose air on fully auto

Overall rating, a gun i would defineatly recomend this as a secondary, maybe even a primary if in a small area. I recomend it.
by Karin P. on 2010-12-08 14:25:18
"this is an amazing gun!!! i got and it was purley amazing. not the highest FPS but it still hurts like mother when u get shot, and it will destroy people on fully automatic. i highly recommend this gun!

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