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New Version HFC Full Metal / Fully Automatic Select Fire Airsoft M9 Special Force Gas Blowback

54 Customer Reviews

by Alexander S. on 12/08/2008
"I got this gun back when it was only $85, almost 1 year ago. Has a few nics in the finish but that goes with use. Jams only happen in full auto, once every 250 shots it seems like. Put over 3000 round though mine and still kicking hard as ever. Mags cost the same as all other gas guns, about 30.
Never used red gas but I'm sure it will take it. This gun is the best out there if your looking for an m9!
by Aaron M. on 11/29/2008
"Good cyclic rate of fire, fire select option is nice, weight is overkill, heavier than real M9. The slide thickness is kind of ridiculously thick. It field strips like the real thing, blow back is decent, however the slide catch is sometimes temperamental. I've had it for over a year.
I hit 1" targets at 13 feet on the move, one shot each (most of the time), and 4" posts at 50 feet.
Accuracy is pretty nice despite what others have said. However, compared to a WE-Tech P14,
the accuracy is lame. The P14 fires so straight and consistent you can engage opfor out to 100 feet at least.

-Good weight
-Nice cycle rate
-Looks magnificent
-Performs decent in all categories (Range, Accuracy, Power, Reliability, Gas consumption)

-Raised price since last year when I bought it
-Requires fairly regular lubing (I'd hardly call that a con; all gas pistols need extra lubing)
-Doesn't function correctly in cold weather for more than 2 full mags (most gas pistols don't either)

Overall, I'd recommend it. However, the next pistol I buy will be the WE-Tech M9, because
WE-Tech demonstrated some killer engineering with their P14.
by Akiva R. on 11/24/2008
"hey i just bought my first aeg and i cant play airsoft w/ my friends anymore cause nobody says its fair. anyone know were i can go to a airsoft place near LA. i tried hollywood paintball but it sucked.
by jon c. on 11/19/2008
"i got this gun 1.5 years ago broke after one because i used it to lend out to people. i only had a few problems well the mag release on the left made it realy easy to drop the mag i broke in one day(that was my fault though not the guns) i had the same problems as forrest after that the trigger broke and became a fort gun for if anyone charged so you could pick it up and click 1 time and kill. awesome gun in all. (espically with dual)
by Forrest M. on 11/17/2008
"I have one of these, and I am seriously contemplating getting another one. I have found no other gun for this price that gives you the realism that this gun gives. It looks, feels, and sounds like you're holding the real beretta.

As far as the performance goes, it could be a little more accurate, but the power isn't much less than any other green gas handgun out there.

I didn't get to use the fully automatic firing mode on this for very long, though, as the internal for the safety/mode-switch lever now the safety only works sometimes and when the full-auto mode is selected it only fires semi-auto. Also, just recently some spring broke or something and the trigger doesn't spring back into place after you fire it...but I have had the gun for about 2 years.

Realism (looks, sounds, feel)
Power (real close to 300 fps, if not 300 or more)
Weight (exactly 2.2 lbs on my scale)
FULL AUTO is friggin' sweet!
Orange tip was painted on mine when I got it, so it scrapes off easily (or with paint thinner).
Railed for laser sight or other accessories.
When slide is locked back, you can pull back on it slightly to release the lever, just like most real handguns.
Great price for initial quality and realism.

Accuracy not the best, but it's hard for me to call it a "con."
Only has one magazine release button (on left side of gun).
Two small internal parts broke on mine without putting much wear and tear on the gun.
Does not come with threaded barrel for silencer.

Hope this helps. I want another one so I can use the full-auto mode again!
by Jason Z. on 10/27/2008
"Yes you can use propane with this gun. However, you should understand that just because it could be done doesn't mean it should be done. When you put propane in any gas gun you're putting a lot more stress on the internals. Sometimes it lasts you a good while and sometimes a part blows. It's really hard to tell so it's like gambling your 100 bucks.
by Daniel D. on 10/24/2008
"Yes, you can power this gun and all the full metal gas blowback with propane adapters.
by taylor a. on 10/23/2008
"does this gun work with propane????????????????????????????????????????????????????
by Oscar L. on 09/27/2008
"ugh sorry about the messed up link... search up "super high speed fully automatic select fire m9 vertex style special force gas blowback"
by Oscar L. on 09/27/2008
"correction on my previous statement, this gun is full metal and the one on the link has an abs slide (plastic like?)
by Oscar L. on 09/27/2008
"theres almost the same thing here:
its $30 cheaper. dont know about the quality difference tho
by Brian O. on 08/18/2008
"This is all a guy would want in a sidearm for the price. My cop buddies could barely tell the different between this gun and the one on their hips. The blowback is realistic enough while keeping it fun. The full auto feature is an absolute Godsend if you don't hose it and use it for bursts. If you are a dedicated sniper and need a good sidearm, get this gun.
by Daniel C. on 07/02/2008
"The best pistol i have ever bought, ive shot 1500 rounds, 800 n full auto and the selector still works perfectly , just keep it lubed. Its full auto is very good and usefull in certain situations, moslty just impresing people with it, the full metal feel is very nice, and besides the airsoft brand name it looks, and feels very realistic, my one complaint is that it is very loud. besides that buy this gun
by john t. on 06/27/2008
"This gun is great i have had it for 4 weeks and been to numerous airsoft events. the select fire switch work great as long as you use it properly and oil it. very sturdy too. This would be a great buy if you can take care of it properly
by Alvin T. on 06/23/2008
"The firing switch wear off after a few hundred rounds. If you keep it on semi-auto it will be fine. Its an good extra feature to have with upkeep. Good thing sells the part fairly cheap.