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by calvin a. on 2009-10-05 13:56:58
"When I bought this gun in the store just looking at the gun impressed me. When i went home i fired it and loved every second of the clip. For 85 dollars this is the best deal i ever got!
by Joseph R. on 2009-09-24 19:53:47
"would you get this or the New Version KJW M9 Tactical PTP Airsoft Gas Blowback - Special Military Edition
by collin s. on 2009-04-24 13:37:34
"I got this gun a month ago and bought an extra clip. Its very good, it made a beer bottle blow up in one shot! It has a hard kick and holds many rounds. Its a very hefty, chunky, accurate gun. I like it a lot! HOWEVER just today the second clip started leaking. This gun is horrible with gas. you cant even go through a whole clip, because it uses too much gas. I wish the gun was more efficient. Its too much to handle. i would give it 3.5 stars.
by Chris L. on 2009-03-19 16:52:22
"Purpose wise this gun is amazing but its design does have flaws. on the first day i received this gun the pins in the safety switch came out just as the guy that already wrote a review did. also there was some issue with my part 30 which is what functions the fire selection, therefore my gun only worked on semi auto a couple days later that piece broke completely. last issue i had with it that same day was the spring that moves the slide is a bit weak and wouldn't always push the slide all the way closed. So for the money this gun does the trick and scince it is almost $30 dollars cheaper here than most air soft stores, i would recommend you use those 30 bucks to buy yourself an extra part 30 in case yours breaks which in due time i almost guarantee it will, along with the Guarder Enhanced Recoil / Hammer Spring (150%) for Marui & Compatible M9 series Gas Blowback. this should fix that slide issue and give you a nice extra kickback. In the end i would like to say buy this gun, just be aware and ready to get your hands dirty when this baby needs repairs or alterations.
by leslie A. on 2009-03-07 14:07:58
"Great GBB fps is about 285 on mine. holds about 27 rounds feels wonderful in you hands. Only main problem with this gun is that the bbs want to fly up after about 50feets (no biggy).
by Austin S. on 2009-02-11 19:48:07
"dude just get i mean really iv had this gun for 3 years now an i have never had to fix it it is soooooo good and if you put a supressor and laser on it, it will be the smexiest gun on the field . DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GETTING ANOTHER PISTOL AND BUY THIS ONE!!!!! over all 1,000 out of 5
by Alexander S. on 2008-12-08 14:29:08
"I got this gun back when it was only $85, almost 1 year ago. Has a few nics in the finish but that goes with use. Jams only happen in full auto, once every 250 shots it seems like. Put over 3000 round though mine and still kicking hard as ever. Mags cost the same as all other gas guns, about 30.
Never used red gas but I'm sure it will take it. This gun is the best out there if your looking for an m9!
by Brian O. on 2008-12-05 08:56:31
"Well, I hate to say something that goes against a great review, however I have had issues with this gun now. During routine tinkering, the saftey machanism fell out. Not the little selector, but the actual pins and springs that control the rate of fire and saftey. Now I'm no watchmaker, but I can still fix all my weapons. This is really a pain in the ass and has more moving parts that the real baretta to fix. Great handgun in combat, yeah the paint has chipped and worn alittle, but still something id depend on. Just gotta get that saftey fixed. If you aren't that skilled with weapons repair and repairing watchsize parts, dont get this gun.
by Nick K. on 2008-12-01 07:16:52
"Akiva, its called
thats the place to ask questions, not gun reviews on a retail website.
by Aaron M. on 2008-11-29 07:43:22
"Good cyclic rate of fire, fire select option is nice, weight is overkill, heavier than real M9. The slide thickness is kind of ridiculously thick. It field strips like the real thing, blow back is decent, however the slide catch is sometimes temperamental. I've had it for over a year.
I hit 1" targets at 13 feet on the move, one shot each (most of the time), and 4" posts at 50 feet.
Accuracy is pretty nice despite what others have said. However, compared to a WE-Tech P14,
the accuracy is lame. The P14 fires so straight and consistent you can engage opfor out to 100 feet at least.

-Good weight
-Nice cycle rate
-Looks magnificent
-Performs decent in all categories (Range, Accuracy, Power, Reliability, Gas consumption)

-Raised price since last year when I bought it
-Requires fairly regular lubing (I'd hardly call that a con; all gas pistols need extra lubing)
-Doesn't function correctly in cold weather for more than 2 full mags (most gas pistols don't either)

Overall, I'd recommend it. However, the next pistol I buy will be the WE-Tech M9, because
WE-Tech demonstrated some killer engineering with their P14.
by Akiva R. on 2008-11-24 19:33:29
"hey i just bought my first aeg and i cant play airsoft w/ my friends anymore cause nobody says its fair. anyone know were i can go to a airsoft place near LA. i tried hollywood paintball but it sucked.
by jon c. on 2008-11-19 18:02:45
"i got this gun 1.5 years ago broke after one because i used it to lend out to people. i only had a few problems well the mag release on the left made it realy easy to drop the mag i broke in one day(that was my fault though not the guns) i had the same problems as forrest after that the trigger broke and became a fort gun for if anyone charged so you could pick it up and click 1 time and kill. awesome gun in all. (espically with dual)

Displaying 25 to 36 (of 53 reviews)

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