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HFC 6" Bull Barrel Savage Bull Full Size Arisoft Gas Revolver (Color: Black)

12 Customer Reviews

by Kelly H. on 10/20/2011
"This is a great gun for $40 dollars! I use .2g BB's and this thing curves a lot!
Great looks
Awesome functionality
Metal shells
Nice textured grips

Gas hog
Bullets curve a LOT
Cylinder kind of weird to get in at first

OVERALL: This is a very good gun if you have it for the purpose that I have it (Costume Prop).
by Jana M. on 03/13/2011
"This gun is metal, cool, amazing, and fun to play with. I had one emphasis on the word HAD. I went to some woods left the gun on a chair and POOF gone...




by chris f. on 10/20/2010
"This is a great piece to add to your air soft arsenal! Close quarters it's extremely accurate with the right bb's. (I use .2g-.25g) Now, it's not really something meant for combat, more for looks and intimidation. You only get the realistic 6 shots but I'm pretty sure you can find a special cylinder thing that holds like 24 shots. Either way for $40 it's a great deal and a real fun gun to play around with or used as a movie prop etc. (I went air softing with my buddies in our nearby forest for a quick 2v2 match and I went rambo with only this revolver and nothing else, meanwhile my teammate has a special ops bolt action sniper and an AKS-74U. We were facing a G36C and a KWA M4. Yea me and my buddy won with me awesome rambo stealth haha)
by Ryan B. on 03/05/2010
"I bought this gun off a different site, same gun though. Gun is mostly plastic (very strong plastic though) with a few metal parts. Suprisingly heavy. The metal shells are really cool and easy to load, making the gun really realistic. It has suprisingly decent power too. However, 6 shots goes off really quickly so this probably wouldnt be best in a battle, unless it was a last resort or you could reload new shells really quickly! Very satisfied, my first gas pistol.
by Michael M. on 04/26/2009
"This is a very nice gun and for only $59.99 this makes the gun even better!

Metal shells
good strudy plastic
good fps for gas pistol
good on gas

not metal
curves a lot
orange tip will slowly fall of after shooting(can easily be fixed by pushing it or glue back on).
grip comes off(can be fixed by tiny phillips screwdriver).
by Michael W. on 04/04/2009
"WOW! That basically summarizes this gun. In a good way. Actually, in a GREAT way. I picked up this gun at the Evike Super Store, and wow this gun amazes me. I bought two other guns from evike, and by far this is the gun that most amazes me. It isn't as powerful and all as my WE 1911 and KWA Glock 18c, but the style of the gun, the feel of it, the shells, everything compensates for its power. Only two drawbacks: you can slam the cylinder back into the place like a real revolver, and you can only shoot six bullets. But round capacity is realism, so that's ok. It's all personal preference. I love this gun, and it is TRULY a collector's item. High quality ABS plastic, doesn't seem like it can break easily, and oh yes, the shells are metal, so you would like that. Holds a ton of gas practically, and is powerful for a revolver. BUY IT!
by Louis G. on 07/31/2012
"Nice revolver.
This revolver was an interesting addition to my arsenal. It looks amazing and shoots ok. The only bad thing is that the shots curve. Very nice looking and shooting. For $40, GET IT!
by nate c. on 09/21/2010
"just wondering. is this gun metal or plastic? there is hardly any light reflection so i cant tell from the picture
by Austin L. on 07/18/2013
"This is a very cool revolver. It feels nice in the hands and has a nice weight to it.

Can get about 30-40 shots on one fill
Brass shells and inner barrels
The hammer doesn't have to be brought back for every shot.
High FPS; probably a lot higher than posted. I shot 4 of my friends and myself with it and it left some nasty welts.
Looks like it's all metal, and looks very, very cool.

Bad accuracy and range, but it's only $40. It's max range is about 50 feet, and it's not accurate at all at that range.
After one day of use, it's starting to act up. Half of the time, when I pull the trigger or pull back the hammer, the cylinder doesn't revolve like it's supposed to.
by Justin C. on 10/10/2015
"I bought this one few days ago. It,s plastic and It looks awesome but it came with some issues.
-First, the trigger, after pulling the trigger a few times it's getting the same trouble as upgraded sniper triggers, it doesnt load the next bb. The trigger get wasted so quick and it doesnt work properly.
-Second, it comes with a paper with it's FPS written and it sais it has around 300 fps with 0,20 bbs, but it doesnt look like having 200 fps. The gun comes with 0.12 bbs, so maybe the chrono tests were done with 0.12 bbs
-Third, hop-up it comes with just make the bbs turn hard to the left. I dont know if i could fix it trying to turn the barrel or something.

A little bit disappointed with this gun.
by evan s. on 01/09/2010
"although it looks nice i got mine and the frame was cracked and it cronoed at 120 fps . the range was less than 15 feet if you are looking to get a gun that is just for show i would get this
by Lucas H. on 12/09/2014
"Gun broke after the second shot I took Its a solid gun looks great feels great it just dosent work the interchangeable piston system has a plastic piece that makes contact with the gears and like isaid above I fired it twice and the piece broke making it usless