Reviews: Star M249 MKII PARA Style Full Size Airsoft AEG Squad Automatic Weapon


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by Ernest G. on 2009-09-04 07:33:03
"thing is, its not a carry handle, NOT a carry handle, so many people treat it as such and pay for it. its the handle for removing the front barrel assembly..
by vlad g. on 2008-12-01 18:39:51
"I bought this gun recently and thought wow this would be awesome i already have a scar with a grenade launcher but man this would be really cool. so I bought it.

wat a ( insert curse word) disappointment all most half the time the mag box jammed the carrying handle broke during the middl of a game and the majority of the gun is crappy metal

looks cool
sounds great

mag box james
carrying handle is crap
the gun is really heavy during long games
not verry sturdy
by Bill C. on 2008-11-21 17:59:32
"The A&K, or the Echo1 is the way to go, there ALL metal, accept for the pistol grip and foregrip of course. If your gonna carry a SAW, don't cry about the weight, put some meat on your bones and ruck up, it's a SAW. If you can't pack 15lbs of weaponry, get an M4. The A&K has the bonus hard carry case included as well, for only $350. I'll have mine on Wed=)
I haven't owned one of these, but it's all plastic, which we all know, at some point has a stress/breaking point. For that, I will give this a three. All metal is the way to go for any serious player. Want strength, power and a long living gun, go with the A&K, or the Echo1 model. In a game when your covering your team, quality and reliability should out weigh the any other factor, including the weapon weight. The way I see it, the heavier it is, the better made it is.
by Ryan Y. on 2008-10-14 19:31:48
"Great SAW! The weight is much more reasonable if you are not a super hard-core airsoft player. This is the only SAW under 10 lb!
by austin h. on 2008-06-12 16:53:30
"This gun doesn't just look intimidating it is ... the firing rate is awesome repair is very very easy it has incredible range and accuracy and it isnt heavy at all the only downside is the crappy gearbox it comes with its a see through plastic piece of crap and ive had to replace 3 within the first two months of having one so if you get one and change the gearbox it is incredible not only that just look at it

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)