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Matrix AGM MP008 M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle w/ Scope Mount - Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)

20 Customer Reviews

by Samuel H. on 06/07/2015
"This gun is flat-out AMAZING! I personally love M14's and this met all of my expectations for a cool-looking gun. The polymer fake wood is almost mistakable for real wood (All of my friends that held this gun questioned whether or not the grip was wood). The metal magazine that came with this gun looks a little long while in the gun, but that's only my opinion. I should comment, though, about the weight. This gun is HEAVY for what it is, and it is quite long compared to other airsoft guns. I only had one problem, the hop-up bucking tore (or at least that's what I think happened). Be careful putting the bi-pod that comes as an upgrade package on the gun. There is a little pin in the housing and it can be lost easily (trust me I know...) Over all, the best gun I've owned!!
by Matthew P. on 05/26/2013
"I just bought this rifle.this rifle is amazing. Super accurate do to the 500mm barrel. Get a new batter only comes with a 8.4v 1100mah test battery. I would get a 9.6v 2200mahor better. Upgrade barrel to a tight bore and you got a nice sniper rifle that you will never get bored playing.
by Robert B. on 01/28/2011
"Just got this gun today and am very pleased with it. Comes with two metal high cap mags which is awsome. With a 9.6v battery the ROF on this gun is actually really good and it is incredibly accurate. I definitly recomend this gun, it is a great purchase
by Matt P. on 12/31/2010
"This is a beast of a gun. If your thinking about getting it do it!! Took it out during a game today and it far exceeded my expectations! It messed up my friends finger (cracked hsi finger nail) and messed up my friends leg (through really thick pants.) I reccomend not putting on a scope and just use the iron sights. It's dead accurate, great clip size, and insane power to it. Buy this gun!!
by Clay O. on 09/23/2010
"My friend has one of these, but his is black. I want one, but i wanna know if this is the real wood or imitation. This thing shoots great. never failed me in our last war. Dead on accurate, even with full auto on. It gets pretty heavy after a few hours. After 9 hours of using this thing on the field i couldnt find ANYTHING wrong with it. The iron sights are fun to use but id recommend getting a scope if youre going to snipe. if not, then the iron sights are just fine
by Julian R. on 06/02/2010
"I owned this gun for 3 years and it was awesome. I say was because it just stopped working very recently because when things get old they break. SO in its prime it was a good gun. The plastic body held up fine as well as all the other metal parts (except for the slide which broke off the second year after I slid it WAY too often that day) and the only part that was loose was the magazine (Just a tad). The gun shot 320 on average at first and after a few months it went down to around 310 after a year 300 and kind stayed around there. The battery lasted the whole time and the charger was fine for a year. the only bad part was the magazine which misfeeds if you are obsessive compulsive and wind it kind of a lot like me. The magazine also occasionally jams which is solved by hitting it lightly against something. Overall for what you pay this gun is amazing. No scope is really necessary unless you get upgrades which brings up the problem my gun in particular had which was that the rail points slightly to the right making scopes useless (which was fine because I dont use scopes) So yeah. This gun is well worth the money
by Tony L. on 03/25/2009
"i bought one of these about 2 years ago it has a plastic body and nothing has tore up on it except for the battery and the stock magazine
by Mark S. on 03/20/2009
"For those considering purchasing this gun I would strongly recommend it. This M14 offers great value vs. performance. The gun fires at an impressive rate and at a impressive force. Overall this is a great buy and I would recommend it to anyone. Pros. are is realism it has 1 to 1 specs and feels great. Shoots straigt for a good distance due to the length of the barrel and ammo used. Note .20g Matrix bb's are some of the best available for a great price. Cons. not suited for urban combat this rifle is very long they have a cqb version available for urban enviorments. Also if you don't want to lug around a heavy gun purchase a MP5. Overall this gun is great for scenerio games that are ranged and require some accuracy.
by Craig B. on 01/31/2009
"I got this gun form another website and it is great. it has the bolt that can be pulled back and other various actions. The agm harris bipod works on this gun but you have to remove the lower weaver rail on the handgrip. It is too easy to do that though. The only plastic parts are the stock pieces and the black part of the handgrip. There is also a fake plastic screw is the stock near the trigger on the side. The scope base allows you to use the normal iron sights as well. the magazine might not fit the first couple of tries, but it is sturdy when it's in. Since this gun is like the m1 garand in some ways, i bought it. I recommend this gun to anyone.
by Brandon M. on 11/23/2008
"Great rifle, I wouldn't run around with anything else... especially now that I have it shooting 410 FPS (M130 spring .20g bb's). This rifle is just awesome, great value, and pretty solid internals. The gearbox is a little tough to get to because all of the gear that is wrapped around the gearbox, but if you pay attention most people should be able to understand it. Be unique, get an M14.

Just don't get on here and start whining because you are too small to handle a man's weapon and don't know how to wind up a magazine (or mod a TM magazine). I very, very, very rarely misfeed with this.
by stephen d. on 06/30/2008
"This is one of the best guns i have ever hade and still using. I bought one of these somewhere else but it was a year or two ago. It shoots straight but has a 330 fps but HAS SOME OF THE LONGSET RANGE I HAVE FIRED FROM A 130$ GUN. It lowered to 315 310 fps over the months but still works which i use for sniping at long ranges. But the only thing that needs to be looked at IS THE SELECTER SWITCH because over time after heavy use it doesnt fir semi anymore but can be replaced . But recently i have upgraded the spring to shoot 350 fps and it shure packs a punch wich i am still using today as a sniper. After 2 years of use.
by Shannon w. on 04/24/2016
"This is a great long range DMR. the power over range is great and it has a decent fire rate.
However it is poorly constructed and the magizines it comes with don't feed well.
Long range and power
Fire rate
Cool sound
Magizines don't feed well
Poor construction
(Most notably the select fire switch is loose and the receiver isn't flush with the stock at all)
A good gun for the price, I wish it was made better
by Sonia C. on 09/25/2013
"Great AEG so far! However nothing holds the lower barrel assembly to the gun, though an easy fix.

-Awesome if you are an M-14 fan and need a cheaper price! It also comes with 2 magazines and a winding key.

-The build could be a bit sturdier though. (It may be just fine but it sounds/looks a little weak at a couple points

*Don't get this for CQB, otherwise a great buy for a collector/ field air-softer. In open terrain, this will serve very well.
by Brett J. on 12/25/2012
"I got this about two weeks ago and i have to say that i am very pleased with this gun.

comes with two hi cap magazines
full metal internals

the abs plastic parts feel flimsy
the screw holding the front assembly together was missing when i got mine
fire selector switch doesn't seem very sturdy

I give this gun a 4/5 because of a few minor flaws but overall it is a definite buy for only $140.
by Austin T. on 09/24/2010
"what kind of railing system does this have,
7 cant i do it with this gun too?