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Matrix AGM MP008 M14 Full Size Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle w/ Scope Mount - Imitation Wood (Package: Rifle)

20 Customer Reviews

by mary b. on 09/26/2009
"I have this gun and I used it today at an SCA event and i love it. Great range,accurate. I actually got the OD one. I only have one question, what kind of tight bore barrel should I get because if its this accurate and has this range now i should get a tight bore because it would be crazy. The only reason I give it a 4 is because the top part in front of the bolt it extremely cheap but the rest is ABS and metal
by cody m. on 02/11/2009
"this is a good , well built rifle for the most part . Good accuracy , range , and rate of fire . The only problems I have was when racking the bolt , the bolt catch under it broke off , and the barrel guide at the near front was loose , but besides those problems , it's a good rifle . I've shot the real thing , and weight wise its pretty good. Overall its all good .
by chris b. on 10/03/2009
"so i purchased this gun a few months ago, i am overally pleased, a lot of metal parts, extremely accurate,just as strait shooting on full auto as it is on semi.
the mags are ok, ive had no misfires, and it comes with the holy cow special so your getting quite the deal on this gun, i do have one question is what length is the barrel so i can order a tight bore.
by Yanni R. on 06/01/2008
"Alright, There are a few things you will want to know before you purches this gun. For the good, this gun shoots perfectly straight. I can put this gun into auto and still be able to have a perfectly straight shot. Anoher good is that its very durable. The materials are very strong and for the most part the gun is constructed by metal. Now for the bad. This gun is extremely long. If you are shorter then 5'9 then you will find this gun very awkward to hold. The length of this gun does not really allow you to have to have the freedom to move up the field. Also this gun has a very high rate of fire. Now you may think this is good thing, but when shooting in auto the gun miss feeds A LOT. (miss feeding is when the clip fails to load the pellet into the gun). I would have to say my overall statement is that its a very good gun for the person who likes to snipe but also be able to move up and support your team mates.
by Matthew P. on 03/07/2015
"I purchased this gun on impulse, due to its low price. I wish in retrospect that I'd held off and gone with a more high-end model. Performance out of the box was very disappointing, with .20 bbs dropping like a rock at less than 100 ft, even at full popup. A new spring has helped considerably, shooting 380 fps with .23s.

Cosmetically, the gun is very handsome, but has a light and flimsy construction. Lots of rattle bits, and the "gas tube" assembly at the front tends to come loose and slide down the barrel. Had to add black tape. The rear sight has windage and elevation adjustment, but one of the knobs snapped loose. Gluing it in place prevents windage adjustment now. And when I bumped it over onto its side on a carpet floor, the charging handle snapped off. It's only connected by a 1/8" by 1/8" nub of pot metal. None of this keeps the gun from firing, but you likely are looking at full-length,faux-wood-stock m14s because you like the appearance.

So in short I'd say it's a poor choice for a low-end field AEG, and a bad choice for a basic sniping/DMR. Since you'll need upgrades to get acceptable long-range performance, better to get a higher quality gun to put your upgrades into.