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Model: AEG-JG-0511MG

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by George W. on 2008-06-28 13:35:26
"To add to the review below, the rate of fire is slow because the gun come with a 8.4V free battery. Buy a 9.6V and you will see an immediate increase of rate of fire because the gun is packed with a pretty strong spring already installed. The gearbox is simply a Version 3 AK gearbox. This gun has a longer barrel so it has a full cylinder. But the low rate of fire is most likely from the free battery that is a low ampage 8.4V. Can't expect Matrix / JG to include a $30 battery with this gun since its only $99.95 right.
by chris ?. on 2008-06-28 09:37:10
"this is a good buy. shoots great. great accuracy. but the fire rate is a lil slow. i compared it to my friends m4. the fire rate compared to tht of the m4 is like a slug racing a bike. the only good thing about the slower fire rate is tht u cn save a lil more bbs. so its somewat a good thing. also i cudnt find rails tht wud fit this damn gun. it pissed me off. i bought a scope for it nd i cnt evn gt the damn rails to fit on. but w.e the iron sights are mad accurate. i hit a bullseye about 60ft away with jst iron sights. but the gun is way to big for wer i play. so if u play in close quarters this is not the gun u wnt. but if u rely like the AK style jst buy an AK74 by CYMA. gr8 price nd accurate/ nd strong. but if u hv a more open area buy this gun b.c it has a pretty good range. the bipod on the gun is alrite. its sturdy but weighs alot. also if u close it wrong u will break it. thts wat happened to mine. the stock is nice. but wobbly. nd once u put it on dont take it off b.c u cn and will strip the wires in the grip. then u will hv to fix tht jst to make the gun fire. but the 2 stick batteries nd the 2 clips(250 nd 600) r a gr8 deal. so if ur looking for a good assualt/sniper nd hv a big are to play. this is a gud gun for tht. i jst dont rely like it b.c i play in close quarters.
by jim d. on 2008-06-25 12:12:47
"this is probably the BEST ONE HUNDRED DOLLER DEAL ON HERE!!!! there are some guns made by king arms worth 400 dollers and you can get a ak for the machted perfomance and get 300 dollars off? i find that just amazing!!! there are a few scrachtes in the deal like the battery but that is the only problem.
by Cody B. on 2008-06-24 11:47:01
"lol i hate to rain on your guy's parade, but while there is a huge assed outer barrel, the inner barrel only goes about two thirds of the way through... so you have approximately 6 inches that aren't being used. but for me thats the only downer. the 250 rd. magazine that came with it feeds great but wobbles a lot and the 6oo rd. mag that came with it feeds the same and doesn't wobble at all. the orange tip is removeable and like stated previously, the bipod is sturdy to the extreme! i got 2 stick batteries thst came with the gun and they work just fine. so even if you don't want this gun in particular for whatever reason, it's a great buy for $100, 2 stick batteries 2 mags, plenty of salvageable parts for an ak and a good quality gearbox, definately a good buy.
by Nick W. on 2008-06-24 11:18:40
"this gun worked good for me when i had it, the only problem i had was with the stock, when i would take it off, the wires would strip and then eventuraly the conector fell off. another problem i had was with the selector switch, it fell off after about a week. however before all the problems it was a good sniper/assualt gun.
by John W. on 2008-06-14 15:26:18
"For a sniper this gun is great. Get a drum mag and it becomes a support weapon if you want to be a heavy gunner. The bipod is nice! (The Guarder one is $100!!). Very accurate due to the long barrel. Love the sick looking stock. Fits all AK magazine (600 round, 1000 round and 3000, 5000 round drum) so there is no ammo issue there.

The only thing you need to get is a better battery. The gun shoots 400 fps making the free 8.4v battery kinda weak for the gun. Get a 9.6V and this gun will be perfect!

Great price here at for under a $100. The gun is an AK internal so its very easy to work on. Marui system so parts are easy to obtain. have everything you ever need on this AEG.
by SANDRA M. on 2008-06-13 11:06:22
"This is the best gun I have ever used I have used many air soft guns before but none have been this accurate or powerful.
by terry s. on 2008-06-10 10:43:41
"my problems for the gun is that its hard to find a rail mount that fits because i wanted to put a scope on and the stock breaks way to easy like omg thats gay easy overall 4/5 stars for the reasons great bipod
by tina m. on 2008-06-06 22:33:29
"this is a grate gun i got mine and it distroyd a plastic basket i hade it is relly about 380 fps

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