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JG AK Type DMR Airsoft AEG Rifle with Integrated Bipod / Metal Gearbox

33 Customer Reviews

by chris ?. on 06/28/2008
"this is a good buy. shoots great. great accuracy. but the fire rate is a lil slow. i compared it to my friends m4. the fire rate compared to tht of the m4 is like a slug racing a bike. the only good thing about the slower fire rate is tht u cn save a lil more bbs. so its somewat a good thing. also i cudnt find rails tht wud fit this damn gun. it pissed me off. i bought a scope for it nd i cnt evn gt the damn rails to fit on. but w.e the iron sights are mad accurate. i hit a bullseye about 60ft away with jst iron sights. but the gun is way to big for wer i play. so if u play in close quarters this is not the gun u wnt. but if u rely like the AK style jst buy an AK74 by CYMA. gr8 price nd accurate/ nd strong. but if u hv a more open area buy this gun b.c it has a pretty good range. the bipod on the gun is alrite. its sturdy but weighs alot. also if u close it wrong u will break it. thts wat happened to mine. the stock is nice. but wobbly. nd once u put it on dont take it off b.c u cn and will strip the wires in the grip. then u will hv to fix tht jst to make the gun fire. but the 2 stick batteries nd the 2 clips(250 nd 600) r a gr8 deal. so if ur looking for a good assualt/sniper nd hv a big are to play. this is a gud gun for tht. i jst dont rely like it b.c i play in close quarters.
by terry s. on 06/10/2008
"my problems for the gun is that its hard to find a rail mount that fits because i wanted to put a scope on and the stock breaks way to easy like omg thats gay easy overall 4/5 stars for the reasons great bipod
by Nick W. on 06/24/2008
"this gun worked good for me when i had it, the only problem i had was with the stock, when i would take it off, the wires would strip and then eventuraly the conector fell off. another problem i had was with the selector switch, it fell off after about a week. however before all the problems it was a good sniper/assualt gun.