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New Version ICS Full Metal M4A1 Carbine Airsoft AEG Rifle

14 Customer Reviews

by Daniela P. on 01/25/2018
"Great product, perfect shippment from evike, feels great, great weight overall looks are great for the price.

Only thing to note is, DO NOT BUY THE RECOMMENDED BATTERIES, they will not fit. Try buying a Matrix 3 cell Lipo (11.1 V, 1300 or 1000 mA preferably), or simmilar, the battery cells ahould not exceed about 8mm thick each. If you are playing a long hour scenario, buy 2. Iím waiting for the batteries to arrive so I can shoot it and see how it performs.
by George M. on 02/04/2016
"This is an awesome airsoft gun for the price. I would not recommend anything else for the mere fact that I can do anything on the upper gearbox myself. I did not know how to work on airsoft guns and I am not a tech. I just watched a couple tutorials. I added a couple of upgrades and I was at the chrono shooting 420fps consistently and my gun was ridiculously accurate with the stock barrel.

My mods for 420fps on this gun.

-CNC Matrix Aluminum Cylinder head
-Matrix M110 spring

That's it! I used an Xcortech chrono.

Full metal everything except foregrip, grip, and peq box!
Absolutely amazing in stock form. I wouldn't even upgrade except for a barrel.
RAS is sturdy
Good accuracy and rof
Easy to take apart and repair and upgrade

Some externals are proprietary - (I prefer ICS quality)
A couple of internals are proprietary - (I prefer ICS quality)
Plastic cheap orange flash hider. Broke mine very easily.
by felix b. on 11/09/2014
"Ics is one of the best guns I have ever owned. I have had mine sense 2004 and is still running strong to this day. Just all pros about the ics and no cons. Have had other brands that just don't stand up to time like my bby that has had out lasted it. Best rifle ever. Felix Sr from redding California
by Scott R. on 03/27/2012
"Right out of the box I have to say it was the best M4 I had ever held, and I have owned several other brands (JG, SRC, AIM TOP).

After shooting several thousand rounds through it I can confirm...Best M4, or airsoft gun I've ever used, period.

So easy to work on and upgrade you'll wonder why all gearboxes aren't like the ICS's split design. Feel sorry for my friends watching them tear an entire gun apart just to change a spring, I can change mine in minutes, get a spare upper (like I did) and its literally done in seconds.

Don't hesitate if your considering getting one, can't recommend it enough.
by Richard S. on 01/08/2012
"The field I play at does not care what spring you use in your AEG. They just put a range limit on your gun if it cronos to high. Treating it like a DMR or sniper.
by David Z. on 04/10/2009
"I have had this gun over a year, and put many rounds through her. I love it, the split gearbox makes takedown and switching springs easy. It is also closer to a real m4/16 as in all you have to do is pull the rear pin and split the upper and lower halfs of the rifle. and pull out the upper gearbox, or the bolt and carry handle on a the real rifle. It responds well to modifications, except for the handle. none that have a beaver tail fit this rifle for some reason. Other then that I have no complaints at all.
by Dillon S. on 02/10/2009
"ICS M4 series AEG are great. They might need a little reinforcement after a few years, but with the two piece gearbox it's pretty easy. However, if you have never taken apart an AEG before i would recomend asking someone who has sucessfully to do it, or ask Evike if their tech can do it for you, but that might cost some money. Anyways, I bought the older version six or seven years ago, and it still works today except for a small feeding problem that just happened recently, but that was because my brother over winded the mag. Overall it's a great gun, and if the hop up is set up properly its pretty accurate.
by Nicholas V. on 10/07/2008
"I got my ICS M4 today and i must say I am very impressed with what I saw in the package. When I picked it up, I couldn't believe how sturdy it felt. My friend Allen has the real steel (a Bushmaster M4 carbine) and it weighs almost exactly the same!! As far as performance goes, I can hit my targets 50 feet away with a 2 inch group. Pretty good considering this is a stock rifle with no internal upgrades. The trigger pull is nice and fluid; it is not choppy like some other AEG's. The take down of this rifle is as real as gets; I have taken apart my friend's M4 and this rifle mimics it in every way. Very user friendly for those wishing to upgrade the internals and I might in the future. Another cool thing is the forward assist actually servers a prupose; it helps release the spring tension in the upper gearbox which is ideal for long-term storage. The only thing that I have bad (not really a HUGE issue) to say about it is that at least with mine, the selector switch was a little loose; nothing that a good socketwrench style screwdriver cannot fix!! Keep in mind that stuff can go wrong with this rifle and with real firearms as well. Be absolutely certain of the specifications of the replacement parts that you need or there will be a disaster waiting to happen!! All in all a great rifle for a great price! A lot of other sites that offer this rifle are either at least $50 more and/or they do not include a battery, charger, or bb's. Not to mention that some also don't give free shipping for orders over $100!! Kudos to the folks at
by Paul H. on 09/26/2008
"This thing is amazing. It feels very good in your hands and is very sturdy during the skirmishes I've used it in. I don't know what these other people have done to screw theirs up, but it's a great piece to buy if you want an all metal M4.
by Jared P. on 07/20/2008
"I recently got this gun and i must say its a good gun, very sturdy. the barrel wobbled a little bit but all you had to do was tighten the screws that hold it together. shoots fast and hard and is easy to maintain. the only thing that worries me a little bit is the rear pin of the receiver is not in the tightest i would like it to be. i can push it out all the way with my finger and some how it fell out. any ideas on what to do about that??? but all in all its an awesome gun. best purchase ive made.
by Sean S. on 07/18/2008
"john rieber, your a noob! I bet you took it out of the box and dry fired the hell out of it. All stock pistons will break, theyre made of plastic, and then I willing to bet you got an aluminum piston which will crack youre gear box because of the force it exerts on the cylinder.
I love my ICS M4, its the king of airsoft M4s. I take great solace in the fact that I can just press in my forward assist and release the spring tention and reset the gears- and the ICS M4 is the only airsoft gun in the industry that will do that. I also enjoy being able to pop out a pin, pull up on the upper reciever, pull out the upper gearbox and barrel, and put in a tightbore and reenforced upper that shoots harder, then just as easily change back- also exclusive to the ICS M4. Its very accurate compared to many AEG's Ive seen, and my friend Joe has one, and we both pwn ass against all our other friends who have decent guns. I highly recomend this gun- I got it after 2 fricken years of research with this gun coming out on top every time for M4s. Its great for beginers due to its ease of modification (always research of ask the advice of more experienced players if you have ANY doubt about compadability *cough john rieber*). Experienced players will enjoy this gun too, due to the features it boasts (horray for not ruining springs!) Get it, you wont regret unless you dont know how to treat your guns (which will ruin any gun anyway)
by D. M. on 05/15/2008
"The "New Version" of the ICS M4 is very reliable. Got mine last year and it works like a charm. I have a upper gearbox for indoor games with M100 and a field gearbox with M130 spring. Very easy to swap the gearbox in and out just like the systema PTW. According to ICS and Evike ICS had a major update in 2007 with all new reinforced internal parts. If your motor is turbo 3000 you have the new version, buy it from a big retailer if you are looking for an ICS AEG to make sure its the new version.
by thomas b. on 09/29/2010
"im sorry but the kid below me says hes getting 1100rpm with a m150 spring. you cant even do that with a lipo. sorry to wreck your dreams and what field lets u use a m150 spring. none that i know of

over all this gun is good. yes it needs upgrades but no in the lower receiver.
by Patrick S. on 08/05/2008
"This gun is nice. I got to replace my SCAR (Don't get me started) because my cash was limeted. But this thing shoots well, ok rate of fire. I love the feal of the rounded handguard (perfered the VN one but m16 was too long for what i was looking for) sites well with the standerd site or the low profile i took off my SCAR. shoots 3-6in high at 50ft, 0-3in low at 100. My only complaint is the wobble, any idea how i could help that without brakeing the bank?