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Model: AEG-UTG-AK47

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by alex c. on 2009-02-05 13:43:49
"Yes only two stars because this gun honestly sucked. My hop-up broke off after a month of a couple test shots and 1 skirmish as well as the charging bolt. Cheaply made and light weight; not what you would want. However it does look nice thus the two stars. Very little metal on this. Good maybe for careful beginners who want a cheap aeg, but other that that: its a risk buying.
by Patrick B. on 2008-10-04 08:53:04
"This is probably utgs most proud gun its very great for the price its velocity is great i test shooted it and from 200 feet away with 30 shots i hit the target 26 out of 30 pretty good only complaint is the battery only lasts 2 clips
by Trevor p. on 2008-05-23 18:21:12
"This gun is very sturdy, has a high ROF and a good FPS. It also has good range which makes it good for play in the woods. They are louder than the Echo 1 version. The reason I gave this gun 4 stars is because it is mostly built out of plastic.
by Thomas A. on 2008-05-13 21:25:55
"I got this gun as a gift that I didn't really want, but I was pleasently suprised with it.

The new version of this gun come with a 600rd magazine and better internals, but the older ones come with a 340rd magazine and mediocre internals. I have the new version.

Like I said before, I was pleasently suprised with this gun. The gun is primarily plastic, with a few metal parts. The wood grain on the plastic is very realistic and sturdy. The gun has no annoying creaks and is built like a tank, like the marui AK-47. This gun fires at 330fps (.2g) at 830rpm. The gun is very accurate, as it has an 18" barrel, although the barrel length for the real AK-47 is only 16". This is because the bb's feed two inches farther back than a bullet feeds on the real steel.
This gun can effectively reach out to 170ft, which is quite an accomplishment for a stock gun. The barrel itself has an unusually small bore for a stock gun, it measures at 6.05mm across, which is considered a tight-bore.

The internals of this gun are very good. The gears seem to be of a fairly high quality, as well as the piston, and should last a long time when using the gun in stock condition.

The only problems I have with this gun is the stock. The stock is not very well made and it seperates easily. I have to tape mine. Also the stock plate likes to fall out whenever you need it to stay in. A bit of tape should fix the problem

Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 reviews)