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6 Customer Reviews

by nathan k. on 02/17/2009
"I got this gun a long time ago, but it is far from stock now. It looks like the CAR15s from Blackhawk Down and Blood Diamond. I have installed a hurricane m733 metal body, G&P XM177 flash hider, 8mm lipo ready gearbox, guarder rail, AimPoint COMP2 red dot, and im running it all with a firefox lipo battery. I also installed a Prometheus 6.03mm barrel but kept the TM hop up. it also has a m120 spring in it currently for a limited fps game on march 14th. It usually sports a systema m150(cranks out 585fps with .25g and 572 with .28g max range with .25g 200'+ max range with .28g IDK!). I still have all the TM parts i removed they are all in working condition.

TM makes a very good AEG still and you rarely have any problems with TMs out of the box. I know I haven't and I have had my fair share of them. Please don't give up on TM! They make a quality product that is reliable and easy to work on/upgrade see what I've done with mine!
by alan h. on 11/20/2008
"Well i would like to first say that you people should remember Tokyo Mauri was the company that originally designed the AEG. All the other AEG companies used TM's idea. Now lets get to the gun.

Great feel (for plastic)
Perfect size for CQB
Barrel DOES NOT wobble as some M4's do
Hop-up works like a dream
Sound nice
Good ROF

Mostly plastic (good plastic though)
The flap that covers the hopup adjuster keeps flipping down. My friend also had this problem
Low fps (as most TM's do around 285) {PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND UPGRADE THIS}
No rails.. not a big deal
Whenever you take out the mag, 2 BBs always falls out for some reason
Not great ammo capacity (68 rounds. but remember real guns only have about 30)

Great gun for indoor use GOOD BUY
by alan h. on 11/15/2008
"Well, as we all know, TM AEG's are usually lower power and overpriced. I made the mistake of buying this a couple years ago when I was unaware of the cheaper, faster, and full metal models. Since I'm stuck with it, I put a spring into it that makes it shoot about 345 fps. I haven't had any problems with it at all. Just wish I bought something else.
by Karl A. on 07/05/2008
"This gun is ok, its really for CQB and thats pretty much it. The fps sucks and range to. It comes with plastic bushings so u can't run a 9.6v battery in it. I customized mine with, metal bushings, systema shims, madbull m120 spring, guarder reinfoced pistol grip with heat sink, matrix magnum motor, and a new 9.6v 1500mah battery. Yea so its really nt for cqb anymore. the gun its self is ok but the price is outrageous just get a KWA M4A1 or the CQB version, you'll be alot more happy with that.
by Jacob e. on 10/21/2008
"Tokyo Marui guns are nice and all, but the only reason anyone should buy this gun would be for class. I couldn't find 1 thing better about this gun than my full metal G&G GR16 ($260). FPS is low, so range is low, lower than most CQB guns at my field.

And it has a plastic body, yes its a nice plastic body, but my G&G has a full metal Body with amazing realistic trades and the gun still cost less. Even the KWA CQB is much better than this in every way.

That's just my two-cents, Personally I would say buy the KWA CQB or G&G. Both are amazing and in my opinion, much better.
by Charlie C. on 11/30/2008
for the Tokyo Mauri lover, you have totally made this gun sound better than it actually is
first off with and fps that low, there is no possible way for it to be accurate and plastic does not last. I got a great 400 fps, full metal gun for much less and it has lasted for ever