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Tokyo Marui AUG Civillian Model Airsoft AEG

6 Customer Reviews

by lance f. on 04/02/2012
"i have had this gun for not to long i got used. it shoots amazing has a 350 fps spring and it shoots perfect.

looks great
metal upper reciever
mags are pretty cheap
built in grip
super comfortable

the top rail SUCKS i cant fit any flip up sights on it. plus putting a scope you need to adjust it to fit
battery space is pretty lame. i got a custom aug battery so thats a plus

thats pretty much it for the cons i love this gun its amazing and really fun to use
by john g. on 07/16/2011
"I bought this gun used yesterday and it is very nice. I'll make this short and sweet.

Pros: Only Super-Durable Plastic parts are the built in grip, body, and mag. Everything else is completely metal.

Easy to dissasemble, with the flick of a switch and the push of another you got your airsoft rifle in 3 pieces.

Nice feel to it, you can just change the position of the grip if you don't need it.

Great gun.

The gun doesn't feel fragile at all, feels like i could drop this from 4 feet and stay fine.

Easily upgradeable.

Cons: Fps, needs upgrade.

Battery space, i noticed the place where to put it is very small, I have an attack pack so it fits very good, 9.6 volts 1800 mAh.
by tyler w. on 03/01/2010
"this gun is amazing. besides the look i couldnt have gotten a better gun.

Pros: long accurate barrel
easy to take apart
a tough gun
and the aug mags are awesome u all ways can tell when u r about to run out of ammo
freakin sweet hopup adjustment placement (pull back the cocking lever)
the weight of the gun is in the back not the front(easier to hold and makes it easier to snipe)
there is no fire select switch (half trigger pull semi, full trigger pull automatic and just hold it down.)

Cons: the look is not that great.
only one rail.(you can buy a upgrade that gives you more rails but it is $140)
get a small ni-mh battery the battery compartment is small.
Low fps cause of TM get it upgraded.

the out weigh the small cons by a TON. get this gun if you dont already have it get it!
by Dan S. on 10/03/2009
"I have had no problems with my Aug. Stock marui aug gets good range(200ft max) any farther you wont hit your target. I have no problem with the button you push to take down the weapon at all it sits in there good, but if you do have a problem just use some tape no biggie. The rate of fire is not the greatest. This weapon doesnt shoot 280-300 (unless its only mine) I chrono mine at 265 using .20's. It will hert someone a little bit just depends where you shoot them at. One other downfall is no room in the battery compartment, you can barely fit a 9.6 nunchuck battery but somtimes you might not have it in all the way and your butt pad will fall off, one easy fix is to tape it. But other wise this is a great weapon and I recomend someone to buy this if its what your looking for.
by Joshua H. on 07/18/2008
"Ok so i love how this gun's body is desinged, the way you take it apart, the way the fire selecter works, and the way the forgrip works, also the way that you can mount anything on the barrel that sticks out so far in front... I really love it, on occasion the bb's skip when using a high cap, I don't know why the high cap can't keep up as well... the high caps wind about 20 rounds at a time and then you have to rewind. I wish they made a drum or box for it, or midcaps...
by stephen b. on 08/06/2008
"I bought a aug and it was fine, after a year i upgraded it with a sp 130 spring, it is the best gun by far i have ever shot, perfect for a aeg and sniper in one. my friends dread being sniped by me. perfect for a beginner sniper.