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CYMA CM028S AK47S Under-Folding Airsoft AK47 AEG Rifle - Simulated Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

29 Customer Reviews

by Nicholas L. on 01/25/2017
"This was my first airsoft gun and it has failed to break. I got this second hand from a friend who had had it for 3 years before I got it. I have owned it for 4 years since then. Not problem. The only issue you have to watch out for is the folding stock coming loose from constant use. Nearly lost the cap that tightens it. Gotta watch out for that.

Most mags that I have gotten have fed extremely well and I'm in the process of getting Midcaps for it.

This is a GREAT beginners gun.
by Squirrel M. on 11/06/2016
"I bought this gun a year back and it was my first real airsoft gun. When I bought it it was 87$ battery and charger included. Unfortunately the original battery start to break after a while. (Duct tape help) I bought a new battery and those things are not cheep. I'm done complaining on to the good stuff. It's widely accurate for so cheep and has such a high rof for so cheep, and the hop up unit is amazing if you set it to max hop you can get 250-300ft of range. But at my local field (apaccalypse paintball) it does not matter. Just a fun little thing.

Fun to shoot
Full metal
Great beginners gun

Putting the battery in can be tough it takes a lot of patience and practice
by Daniel M. on 11/05/2016
"Honestly a very good gun for the price. Cannot complain shoots well and with a few cheap upgrades can be an excellent low cost gun.
by Angel D. on 01/14/2016
"Bought this gun about 2-3 years ago, and it's still kicking! It'll get wear and tear on outside (which shows age :) ) insides are alright. Foldable stock helps with mobility and ease to sling. I like mine to look resistance-y, electrical and duck tape do the trick. I have dropped it a couple times and it still works.

Light-medium weight
Moderate fps
Midcap mags galore!

Narrow battery compartment for Lipo batteries
Stock is a little loose (just tighten screws )
by Sean M. on 03/16/2014
"Yet another spectacular gun manufactured by CYMA.

On the outside it may appear cheap. The fake wood and pot metal aren't too flattering when it comes to feeling, but that isn't too much of what matters. This gun still manages to turn heads to this day.

It is manufactured cheap and sold for cheap but it works like it's top-of-the-line. A few years ago a friend gave it to me and said if I could repair it I could keep it. After about 5 minutes with a pair of pliers to bend the selector switch (which aside from wobbling that can be fixed by tightening screws is the only problem this gun has ever had) I had another working gun.

While my friends and I jokingly refer to the gun as cheap looking it is anything but on the inside. Two years strong and not a single catastrophic failure that has resulted in my having to replace anything. My only problem is the small battery storage. Usually the top spine of the gun wields lots of storage space but unfortunately it's rather narrow.

If you're a new airsofter who needs a good starter gun, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
by Chris B. on 07/11/2012
"My dad got me this as my first Airsoft gun. It has lasted about 7 years now. Longer than any of my other AEG's i've bought over the years. Only until now has it needed a new gearbox.

- Not that strong
- Rate of fire could be better
- Not many stick battery options available
- Very picky with the type of magazine manufacture you use (Feeding problems)

- VERY durable. It's lasted 7 years and has been dropped, scraped, dragged, and doust in dirt.
- Great for mobile airsofters
- Very little maintenance required
- Plentiful of upgrades available
by Sean H. on 02/10/2012
"An awesome gun that can hold its own against the $300-$400 guns. My only (minor) complaint would be that the stock is a little stiff to use out of the box, meaning that the end of the stock can get stuck, but all that you have to do is unscrew and rescrew it. Overall, awesome buy!
by Kevin G. on 12/30/2011
"Very good gun!

1. Accurate
2. Full metal and wood
3. Hi-cap mag
4. Looks very realistic
5. Weight is realistic (14 pounds)
6. Shoots fast
7. Adjustable hop-up

1. Not a lot of space for the battery
2. Probably couldn't fit a burst avocado or bigger battery
3. Stock is wobbly

overall this gun is very nice and i would recommend it to anybody
by Dallas L. on 10/30/2011
"If you look at the picture of the gun then look at the gun its self u will notice the gun its self has darker wood but the gun is still very good and so is
by Dallas L. on 10/27/2011
"i got this gun a couple days ago and i am very happy i bought this gun. i love it so much, it is all metal except for the fore grip and the pistol grip. it does swith from semi auto to full auto it has very good weight. it does look very realistic, it comes with battery, charger, bbs[do not use the bbs it comes with they mess it up], the gun, hi cap magazine, and the manual. thebox it comes in isnt real special so it is nothing to worry about. i can almost promise you this wont come broken it the box when you get it. also this makes the gun better because it is from Evike and evike is the best place to buy airsoft guns and equipment
by Paul M. on 05/02/2011
"Very good gun. The selector came lose once but i tightened the screw and fixed the problem (there is a cover on the screw but you just need to take it off).

-good range
-good rate of fire
-looks awsome
-everything is metal
-good weight
-easy to adjustb the sights (front and back)

-you need to be carefull with the folding stock
-the selector switch came loose once
by Kaden H. on 05/01/2011
"Great gun. Used it against people who use to beat me. never got hit and won everytime i played.
Great for the price
Excellent accuracy.
Better with a 9.6V 1600 mAh battery (shoots wicked fast)
I love it.
by Jeremy F. on 03/30/2011
"Very nicely done, 5/5 for the price, nice & heavy, good looking & accurate. The one issue i have is the evike website doesnt say it needs a stick battery so i got screwed on that part. It DOES NEED A STICK battery! It barley fits the 8.4 i have no idea how anyone could get a 9.6 in there but great gun otherwise.
by lisa h. on 03/12/2011
"The greatest AEG i have ever held. it has a very respectable rate of fire and FPS, it surpasses my friends 200$ M4 and does leave a permanent scar at absolute point blank range. That having been said almost all of the outer shell is plastic exept for the battery cover/upper reciever, but they sell the metal replacements on this website if you really want them
by Noah J. on 02/23/2011
"First thing is first, i did not buy this gun off of but off of and let me tell you the service was terible. So you are much better buying it off

The pros for this gun:
1. All metal, (except the front plastic hand grip and the pistol grip)
2. Very Good Fps
3. Cheap!
4. Stock
5. Easy to handle

1. Weight, (The weight adds more realistic but can get kinda tiering carrying around)

This is a nice gun for QCB the stock allows you to be able to handle the gun nicely. It is also nice for playing it the woods or in a field type land scape. The gun is built very nice for the price you pay, the metal is nice and has a good look to it. The plastic for the two grips is not cheap at all it is really nice for it being plastic.

I have played airsoft for years and i would recomend this gun to anyone who is just starting up or has played for a while.