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CYMA Latest Edition CM028 Airsoft AK47 AEG Rifle - Simulated Wood Furniture (Package: Gun Only)

96 Customer Reviews

by Thomas B. on 10/01/2017
"I enjoy this gun very much. Seeing as it is my first airsoft gun, I cannot really fully compare it to other guns, but take my word for it, you will not regret buying this. It is good for the price you are paying, and is most definitely a good gun for beginners.
by Jack C. on 07/03/2017
"I was in a match with it not upgraded at all and out ranged and out shot my sniper buddy next to me. I got about 30 kills in just one match and it is good for all skill levels.
by Michal F. on 05/20/2017
"I have used this gun for about 20,000 rounds on an 11.1v lipo. I replaced the barrel and installed a flat hop and it out ranges most guns on my field for about $100. It's simply the best gun you can get for the money. It's like the Miata of airsoft guns.
by Ian F. on 03/19/2017
"My first airsoft gun, and it is very good. Nothing on mine was loose, battery cover on the back of the stock is solid and stays on remarkably well. While it may not be full metal, it might as well be. The only slight problem i could find is that the charging handle that hides the hopup is squeaky, but that should be a very easy fix. If you are new to airsoft, this is probably the best gun you can get, as it is very high quality in terms of the price.
by Caleb H. on 03/01/2017
"Got it when it was on sale.

-Decent rate of fire. 700-800 RPM with a 7.2/8.4v, and 900-100 with the 9.6v.
-Feels solid and robust.
-Light. That's a con for me since I like that feel of a hefty 9 pound Kalashnikov but there are many players who prefer a 6.5 pound featherweight.

-Light for an AK47, so it feels unrealistic.
-Fake wood feels and looks fake.
-My hi-cap broke quickly after using it. At least they're cheap.
-Fairly inaccurate. It comes with a 6.05, don't hesitate to put a tighter barrel inside.

Verdict: Fantastic CQB weapon for the price.
by Clare W. on 02/26/2017
"The gun looks really nice. Full metal, Simulation wood looks much like real wood.
It has a pretty high FPS. I shot a friend with it, and he got a little welt, but not too bad though. I did a few experiments with it and it takes about 30 rounds in the same spot to rip through a can. and about 10 to get through cardboard.

But Here are the pros and cons

- Looks Nice
-High FPS
- Pretty accurate
- High ROF
-High mag capacity
-Full metal
-Very Heavy, But comes with a sling to remedy that
- Maybe a little too high FPS
- Eats battery
by cristian j. on 07/28/2016
"I received this gun from a boneyard mystery box and it was missing the upper receiver and some screws that held the handguards and barrel to the gun as well as the stock. Also as the screw, washer, and cap for the selector switch. However with some know how and a immense about of screws, washers, and bolts in my garage, i was able to fix all of those.

Now on to the actual gun!
Now without the upper receiver, the gun works perfectly fine because it doesnt really do anything except from keeping dirt out and hiding the hop up.
i proceeded to shoot the Ak with a 9.6 1600NiMH battery and this gun sounds amazing. the motor has a really nice sound and it is very responsive. the rate of fire is pretty good as well, around 12rps which is pretty standard for aegs. the fps is around 380-390 and the range is very surprising, shooting to about 150 feet which is really nice to have that longer inner barrel at 455mm when im used to my m4 with only a 363mm.
Now comparing it to my only other aeg (a 6 yr old king arms m4 that has an upgraded bucking, hop up, 6.03 barrel, and the same stock motor) this guns shoots much farther, more accurate (with .23s) and it has a better trigger response. again this could just be due to the fact this this AK is fairly new and it hasnt gone through the wear and tear of 6 years of abuse, but still its a nice surprise.

I bought a MAtrix 170rd midcap after receiving this and it feels amazingly well. THEE best feeding experience i have ever had with an aeg.

Along with the performance, the hop up got me a little confused since im used to using a m4 style hop up. now the AK style hop up or the slide style, is really simple- you just slide the hop up back and forth to adjust. sliding it towards the barrel of the gun means lower hop, and towards the stock of the gun is more hop. out of the box the gun was max hop and one bb would go far and the next would drop to the floor in front of me. adjusting it to half hop it really shined with .23s. super accurate and really straight.

Overall this gun is very much worth the money (although i only paid $50) but i would definitely pay the full price for it.
keeping in mind this is the polymer version so almost all of the externals of this gun r polymer and mine i can bend the front assembly a little but that might be from a screw missing due to it being a boneyard gun. now it still has really great weight to it at around 5.6lbs. a little lighter than my m4 which is 6.5 so its a nice lighter weight AEG to run.

Im definitely going to invest in this gun in the future and if you're thinking about getting this gun, don't think anymore and buy it!!
by Daniel P. on 06/28/2016
"I have had this gun for 3 years and it's not let me down yet!
by Adam B. on 04/24/2016
"I waited until after I fielded this at least once so I could give a 100% honest review. This is my 5th year playing airsoft, I'd always used my buddies guns but I decided to finally get myself into the sport more. This is my first gun I purchased myself, so I did a lot of research before buying this.

This gun is one of THE BEST guns I have ever used. It hits hard even at amazing distance. This gun performs better than High-End AEG's. Part of the enemy team was a 13 man squad who go to milsim events monthly, they run completely upgraded p*'s and I was out-ranging them. This gun should NOT be $100 as I had an amazing experience with it. I ended the day with 30+ kills. It Chrono'd at about 420fps with .2g BB's. I play on an 8 acre field and it was even to strong to run full-auto, I had to run semi all day.
I was hitting targets accurately at 150+ ft and fairly accurately at 200+ ft. I even took out a couple snipers. Ive put 3k rds thru it now.

Amazing range (Accurate at well over 150ft)
Spacious battery compartment/easy to get to battery. (Butt plate has fake screws, just slide off)
Hits hard (420fps with .2g)
Out-ranges high end AEG's
Looks like a real AK
Sturdy build (dust cover slightly wobbly, but WONT fall off on its own)
Decent ROF (around 12 with a 8.4v)

Other than the slight wobble of the dust cover I have no cons

Honestly buy this gun right now. Whether you are brand new to airsoft or an old vet. This gun shoots far, hits hard, and it's only 100 bucks. If anything use it for a backup.

I had a lot of doubts as well buying a gun that is so cheap. But you will NOT regret this purchase!
by David L. on 04/02/2016
"First of all, I think this gun is a 9/10.

This gun was my first airsoft gun. I looked up videos on it and was amazed by the fire rate and accuracy. I bought it, along with a 9.6v Tenergy battery & smart charger, (Both of which I recommend for this gun.) and loved this gun. The 8.6v that comes with it is pretty good, but a 9.6 makes it fire noticeably faster and the trigger response is snappier. I never used the sling I got with it, though. When I got the box, it had UKArms on the front of the box, which I thought was strange. I didn't care that much, as I was already blowing through .20g bullets with it. The Hop-Up is easy to use, just slide open the charging handle and adjust the dial. (Towards you is hop, towards the barrel is normal.) It shot awesome, it looked killer, and I would play with it pretty much every day for 3 weeks, about 10 mins at a time. Now, for the cons.

About a week ago, I realized how something with a metal body and metal receiver could go for $100-110. That was not the parts, but who put them together. This gun was MADE by JG. They're generally known for making crappy airsoft guns, as they're an airsoft replica manufacturer in China or something. (I have no clue, just that they're in Aisa.) This gun puts them in a much better light, though it has some problems. The triangle sight became a bit wobbly after a month and a half (Not a huge wobble, but noticeable and annoying to some.) The mag well is also a bit wobbly, and you can't grab the gun by the magazine (You shouldn't for any gun but this one especially.) or else the magazine MAY fall out and spray BBs everywhere. Those were the only flaws I've noticed so far, but I'm sure some will emerge later. I expect this gun to last a year to a 2 years. (I could be completely wrong, but it should last at LEAST a year.)

I reccomend this gun to anybody looking to get into airsoft who has a small budget ($100-$150) and wants to get the most bang for their buck. If you have a larger budget, ($150+) I suggest looking for other guns, as you could get better guns made by brands like Valken. Otherwise, get this gun. It is a must-buy for someone who is OK with a decent fire rate, and just wants a gun that will shoot accurately. This gun will satisfy the needs of most beginners and may even over-preform to people who've had bad experiences with sporting goods store's "airsoft guns" (AKA overpriced cheap plastic crap that shoots 200 fps and shoots about 2 bbs/sec and CLAIMS to be good). If this is you, BUY THIS GUN!

. Accurate (Can hit a soda can from about 50-60 ft away with good aim)
. Powerful (380-400 FPS with .20g BBs)
(I recommend Valken BBs, DON'T BUY ANY CROSMAN BBS OR GUNS (Game Face is Crosman) OR ANY DEPT. STORE BBS.)
. Fire Rate is Decent (11-14 RPS)
. Full Metal Internals, Receiver, and Outer Barrel
. Fun to use
. Cheaper than most guns of the same quality (It's a steal, take it!)
. Realistic Weight (6-7 lbs)
. Looks Real & Deadly (You look & feel like a Bad*** when holding and shooting it.)
. Mag is a high cap, holding 600 rounds (Could be a con for some because of the winding, but it holds a ton of ammo.

. Made by JG (The horror!)
. Mag well/front sight is wobbly
. You don't have one yet (I can sense it, you will buy one soon... hopefully...)
. Doesn't have any rail space (Not a huge issue, it's a beginner gun, it doesn't really NEED any add-ons)
. Sights aren't adjustable left or right (Or so I've discovered, it could be there)

This gun is good for beginners, with a good rps and great accuracy, but thing may get wobbly in the future. Overall, buy this gun of your budget is low, and are just getting into airsoft to see what it's all about. If you are a beginner, GET THIS GUN.
by Jerry P. on 03/18/2016
"An amazing rifle that competes with high-end aegs. While the battery, inner barrel, and sling that come with it are sub-par, the durability, part compatibility, and faux wood finish, coupled with a stunning performance make this rifle the absolute best airsoft gun for the price.
by Jake R. on 09/17/2015
"This was my very first AEG. I got it back in January of 2011 and it is still kicking, hard. With 10,000+ rounds through it I haven't had it jam once. This is an amazing rifle for the price and is by far my favorite I have. Shoots well over 200 feet and hit a man sized target consistently with .20s. Last time I had it chronod around a year ago it was still shooting around 365-370 fps. The ROF isn't the greatest but that's probably because I've been running 7.2s in it.

All in all this is a great beginner gun and I would highly recommend it to anyone. 10/10
by Peter T. on 07/20/2015
"This is one of the best guns I have ever used. Although it is made of plastic, the plastic is high quality and the gearbox is made completely of metal. The gun is very sturdy and heavy compared to AK47s made by other. manufacturers. There are no rails or threading for scilencers on this gun. Real wood replacements for the handguard, stock, and grip are available. The butt plate likes to fall off but can be fixed with a little duct tape. The fire selector gets loose (after about 2 years of use) but is easy to fix. The battery that comes with the gun has a charge which lasts for about an hour (4 hour charging time). The rear leaf sight fell off when hit on a tree. DO NOT USE ANY WALMART/BLACK OPS BBS, THEY TEAR UP AND JAM YOUR GUN. There are 3 different types of mags for this gun; mid-cap (150-200rds), hi-cap (300rds), and hi-cap (600rds). The best type are the 300 round magazines because they have a large feed and never ever jam/break. I'm the type of person who likes to pin people down with fire until they are hit or realize they arent going to escape unscathed and surrender/run for it and I use two 300 rd mags when playing and that is plenty of ammo for a 15-30 minute match. This gun can shoot up to 300 feet and is accurate to about 150 feet with .20g bbs. It has better range than nearly all spring snipers which gives you a huge advantage in longer ranged combat. In CQC, the stock gets in the way and when on your sling it gets banged around alot so I would reccomend getting the CYMA CM028S if you play CQC often. The FPS is around 360-370 and it dosent hurt much when you get hit which is good because people won't get mad when you shoot them 20 times in the chest. When shooting on semi-auto, the gun doesn't work as well because the trigger must be pulled all the way back in order to fire, so you can't shoot fast. I would reccomend shooting semi-auto on full-auto setting.

-Heavy/feels real
-Lots of range
-High quality polymer
-Mostly metal exterior/Metal gearbox/ Sights made of metal (you see plastic ones break off quite often)
-Rarely jams
-High rate of fire
-Adjustable hop up
-Only $100

-Bad battery life
-Bad for CQC
-Paint on metal can get scratched off rather easily (makes it look rugged)
-Butt plate falls off easily/fire selector can get loose over time

Overall I give this gun a 5 star rating because of its preformance and few fixable flaws. This gun is perfect for new players who want to have an inexpensive gun which will last them a long time and is upgradable for when they get more into airsoft.
by Jonathan C. on 02/26/2015
"I would definitely recommend this as a first gun for anyone. Make sure you get a 9.6V and a smart charger though. Might want to make it 2 9.6's. You can never tell if they are going to include the battery and wall charger or not...
by Elijah B. on 02/21/2015
"Well, I bought this back in August. Right out of the box this thing was a beast. I use .25's with it and from about 30', after sighting it in, it is still dead on unless you are in the middle of a hurricane. If I were you: buy it, upgrade internals, get a 9.6v battery, also .25 bb's or higher.