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G&P M4 CQB-R Airsoft AEG Rifle (Package: Black / Gun Only)

26 Customer Reviews

by Dylan P. on 03/02/2017
"My only thing I have to say is.... buy. this. gun. This was my first rifle and I have had it for about 3 and a half years of rough gameplay it has performed well past my expectations. Just recently I put the Fighting Cat front end on it... and now it's a CQB BEAST. Plus this thing has a great ROF. It has great internals an a full metal receiver. Mine shoots 382 consistently.
Overall G&P has been so good I bought a second one that I'm gonna turn into a DMR. 10/10
by Josh D. on 03/19/2016
"This AEG shoots slightly over 400 out of the box. It has performed exceptionally during games and weathered a rain storm perfectly on its first day in the field. Absolutely no jamming or misfiring. The rate of fire was incredible. The shorter barrel makes it an easily maneuverable CQB weapon. I would recommend a Madbull/Gemtech mock suppressor for normal engagements. You can get that on Evike, too. It looks absolutely fantastic mounted on the rifle. Of all of the AEG's that I've used recently, this one is, by far, my favorite. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a solid, multi-use AEG. It's got plenty of range and packs a nice punch.
by Chris F. on 10/07/2015
"I have had this gun for a while now and let me say, this gun is awesome! It is built extremely well and feels very solid. I have put well over 5000 rounds in it and I have not had any issues so far. The one thing I would suggest doing is swapping out the motor. The G&P motor that is included is a power hog. It would drain a 1200mah lipo in less 10 mags or less. Overall the gun is built well and is my primary rifle. The rifle does shoot around 400-410 FPS out of the box and with this being a CQB gun is high. I did have to unload a mag before I even thought about chronoing at fields.

Full metal
Heavy (con for some)
ROF is very good.
Range is decent for CQB (most likely due to high FPS)

Hop up could be upgraded
CQB gun shooting 400+
There is no sling mount at buffer tube (only on crane stock)

Over all a 9/10
by Alexander S. on 08/02/2015
"I'm fairly new to Airsoft and don't have all the lingo down, but will do my best to provide a review. This is my first AEG purchase and do not regret at all. The materials of this gun feel sturdy and the color is pretty cool (OD green). The rail covers that came with mine are also OD green, so is the foregrip that is included, and the stock too which looks grayish in one of the pictures. Full auto feels pretty darn fast and it's been chrono'ed at ~378fps. I have had no issues firing from this gun, except for when the bb's jammed inside the magazine, besides that it feeds very well. I got 2x G&P Intellect High Output 9.6 V 2300mAh NiMh RC Crane Stock Battery w/ Dean Plug ( and have never had to switch in a day of airsoft, roughly ~5 hours of off & on skirmishes. Keep in mind that this is a CQB weapon and range is limited in bigger fields, but is excellent and accurate in small fields. Hop-up is adjustable but have been lazy about it so I just compensate by adjusting my aim.

- solid build: great looking externals too
- great internals, no issues when firing
- really accurate in CQB, lacks in bigger fields (yes, its a CQB gun)
- nice color
- foregrip is included and sturdy

- I use G&P 130RD metal mid-cap no winding magazine for M4 M16 Series Airsoft AEG (, which are really good, but bb's have jammed inside, though not too often.
- REPEATING one more time, this is a CQB gun so dont buy if you plan to play in a forest.
by Alex L. on 04/21/2015
"This is my 2nd rifle purchase. I had been playing with an entrylevel sportline AEG for a while and wanted something a little better quality. My friend recommended a G&P rifle so I grabbed this. We were surprised at how nice it is stock.

This is a high quality gun for a cheap price. Shoots 0.20 bbs at 400fps right out of the box, mechanics sound good. The included vertical grip is nice quality. It comes with the orange flash hider but G&P includes a metal flash hider in the box if that's your thing. Disconnecting the battery is easy, just remove the crane stock and disconnect the deans plug, I leave the battery right in the stock. Very happy with this gun.
by Caleb B. on 04/15/2015
"I ordered this gun awhile ago, and I must say, I'm very pleased with it. The aluminum construction is great, but the body pins and hop up is questionable. I had to change the spacer in the hop up yesterday, and found that the stock spacer is just rubber tubing. Range is meh, but it's understandable because it's built for CQB.

Full metal
Heavy (con for some)
Very tough gun; will not break when dropped
Hop up
Body pins
Triangle post is ridiculously hard to remove

Over all its a 9.5/10
by edward q. on 01/30/2015
"The rifle is a must buy! The majority of it is metal and well constructed and little wobble. The rate of fire is amazing with a 9.6 deans battery and deans connectors. The range isn't amazing due to the short inner barrel but it's perfect for cqb besides shooting 400 fps out of the box. That could be fixed with a fps reducer. A must buy for anyone looking for a great gun!
by Jake H. on 12/25/2014
"This is the best gun I have ever owned - seriously!!

- REALLY loud, scares my friends very easily especially if you sneak around back and unload on them. They cry
- Incredibly durable, I have accidentally dropped this gun twice on a rock and on rocky roads. A little scratched but nowhere near broken, has some character which is SICK
- Perfect weight even for a full metal gun. I can hold it in one hand (no I'm not strong)
- It says CQB but it might be too strong for close combat, it shoots decently far and it HURTS A LOT
- great trigger response
- Rails
- It is beautiful and my friends love it/fear it
- You should buy this gun

- Ok so earlier I said it shoots decently far, well it doesn't shoot very far but its alright, I wish it would shoot farther, but personally I don't want a longer barrel
- Incredibly small magazine capacity, runs out super fast. I bought an awesome drum mag for it though, here:

Uhhh that's about it :D I recommend this gun 11/10
by Jacob M. on 11/29/2014
"G&P did right with this gun, I have taken it to several games and have outreached and out shot a lot of situations, giving my team the advantage to engage.

-Very adjustable hop up
-Full metal gear box
-Very Accurate 180ft
-Lipo Ready - I run a 7.2
-Adjustable stock

-Full metal externals
-Lots of rails
-Trades are very accurate (and not going to come off)
-Paint is beautiful and rugged
-Looks amazing with a mock silencer or tracer unit

-Reverse threading (probably will have to buy an adapter and the threads are rough)

With everything listed, I have to say this was a good purchase! You will never go wrong with G&P.
by HUNTER F. on 11/16/2013
"This gun is a beast. Besides the piston it is amazing. Tonight I had a little op and ended up getting ambushed. As I went to run for cover I tripped while running at about Mach 49 and in the ground harder than some kids do at a tackling drill. As I hit the rock I tripped on I hit it so hard that my gun was ripped from my hands and it hit the ground and bounced around. When my friend walked over to me to see if I was okay I said "screw me. Hand me my gun. THERE WASNT EVEN A SCRATCH!!! I thought with how hard it hit the ground that it would of snapped in half! Over all this gun is amazing.

No wobble
Mags feed great in it
Super easy replacement of parts
Looking body pins so you won't lose the pins when working on it
Stock is the best I have ever seen. No wobble. Super smooth operation
High quality plastic (on the few plastic parts)
Good battery space
Deans connector
Pistol grip has metal where the motor plate screws go in so no stripping it
Pistol grip uses 4 screws to fasten to gearbox
8mm bushings
Metal air nosle
Good accuracy
Good fps
Good rof!!!
Great externals
Solid internals

Hop up is questionable
Piston will strip fast(mine ate 2 in 2 months)

This gun is a good deal and is an amazing performing machine. It's a must have
by Arthur M. on 09/01/2013
"I've brought this gun to 3 airsoft skirmishes already and I'm very happy with it. I even dropped it hard once by accident and the gun was still solid. Before I got this gun, I was considering the KWA SR7 Devgru but it was out of stock. Well, I'm glad I didn't get the KWA because this gun is just as amazing or better. You hear KWA is so great but people forget that G&P is just as great. Here's the pro's and con's:

Nice FPS (~375fps)
Decent Range (~100ft)

Orange tip difficult to remove (all G&P's)
by Josh C. on 11/09/2012
"This gun is quite heavy, but I see that as a good thing too as it can take the beating of being fallen on, etc. The scope is real nice, but if you wear a mask or goggles, plan on getting a riser for the scope or not use it. The scope also is not useful during the daytime. The iron sights are just for looks really as the gun is not really made for the range in which you would have time to use the pinhole sight. It has run nice for me on a 7.4 lipo that fits in the stock tube (1200 nunchuck size) and has not shown any issues for wear or tear in 15k rounds. The hop up is dialed all the way up when I shoot .28's, so if you can find anything heavier to shoot, this is not the gun. Being a short gun it can maneuver easily and get you into those tight CQB bunkers. Also, it's short enough that a single point sling on the stock doesn't bust you in the knees when using a side-arm. The RIS is real nice on this one as CQB will likely lead you to purchase all of those nifty toys like flashlights, lasers, etc. (enemy locators), and it has two long rail covers that come with it. Decently accurate, average speed for a gun this price; generally it holds its own.

* Sorry to you guys who tell of all the "kills" you have with your gun- truth is, I haven't been counting.
by Sam B. on 08/29/2012
"i love mine so much. it is wired to deans plugs which is what i wanted. the stock was kinda tight. the flash hider is rediciolously hard to get off. ive had it for 2 weeks i went to a game and got 6 kills. (it was a small game) i am running emags on it and they feed almost flawlessly :) its beautiful. the whole gun is heavy especially with the flashlight grip, red dot, stock and battery
by mckee c. on 02/12/2012
"I got this Zombie Killer a few months ago and it was preforming flawlessly for about 2 wars till my piston stripped. I am definitely not a trigger happy player at airsoft. When i got it back from repair, i went through another 2 and 1/2 wars and my piston stripped again! I sent it back for another repair and i got it back and they sent it back with parts of it missing, body pins ect. It was real disappointing that evike would do this, but i could just get a few from my spare parts. But when it was repaired, it sounded like the angle of engagement with the piston was wrong, so i didn't worry about it. It soon stripped again... I had my friend tech on it and put in a G&G piston and after 100 shots. It stripped every singe tooth on it including the metal one. I sent it back and they a guarder full metal tooth piston and now it works flawlessly. Now its a 5/5
by Logun N. on 12/29/2011
"We have had this gun for a while now. Our first non KWA gun, this is an equal in every way with the nod going to G&P for the externals. Installed a KWA crane stock on it to utilize our KWA lipo fit batteries, works awsome. Rate of fire with lipo is sick! We always burst fire on full auto, not the spay and prey kind of airsofters. Accuracy is very very good. A really great weapon for both CQB and field play, so for those on a budget this gun can fulfill both roles. Some say $350 is a lot to pay, as with everything you get what you pay for.