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DE M83A2 Full Size M4 RIS Carbine Airsoft Low Power Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle Package

26 Customer Reviews

by Cole M. on 02/27/2017
"This is a great starter gun for the price. It was my first AEG, and it is awesome. It has amazing accuracy. My only complaint is that the barrel breaks easily, even though it shoots the same without it. It comes with loads of accessories, and for $45, it is amazing. The mags have great weight to them, and so does the gun. Buy some extra mags with it, because they are low-caps. The battery lasts a long time. I love this gun!
by Dylan P. on 08/01/2016
"for how much you pay for the gun, actually not that bad. Not much compatibility lol(like literally nothing) but with a speedloader and about 3-5 mags, great starter gun in my opinion. My first airsoft gun was actually this gun
by cole l. on 09/01/2014
- interchangeable barrels
- long battery life
- accurate with barrel attachments
- weak
- no inner barrel
- barrels break easily
- jams a lot

Overall pretty good gun. When i got mine for Christmas the battery was fully charged and had no glasses. this gun is somewhat durable great for backyard wars. I would not recommend playing public games with this. mine has lasted about 9 months but now it is starting to breakdown and jam.
by jordan c. on 04/02/2012
"this is a perfect first gun for a younger player. some people may complain about battery space but i brought mine to interstate battery and for 30 dollars got a 9.6 in it with no mods to the gun , you just hae to gie them the gun along with the battery. mine is an extra row of 2 cells on top with trhe bottom rows at an angle

cool looking
awesome for the price
lightweight(for kids)

bad rof and fps
no range over 50ft
by John C. on 06/08/2010
"A pretty decent gun. Other than the small magazine size, the terrible accuracy, and the hop-up that doesn't work this gun was pretty good. This is my first gun I haven't bought from wal-mart so I'm pretty impressed. Definately a gun for starters.
by alex d. on 04/01/2010
"this is a great deal! if you do not like the gun, which a lot of people do not. you still get a cool red dot, real steal m4 stock, rail covers , laser pointer, and a vertical fore grip for only $35. if you do like the gun, which i think is good for someone who just started airsoft, then you have a realy good deal!
by Horst O. on 03/07/2010
"this was my first gun it was pretty good but after a while the semi turned to auto because the button below the trigger got jammed, but overall a pretty awesome gun nice rate of fire too
by Bradly H. on 12/31/2009
"This was my first airsoft gun, except it is camo. It was a good gun but after awile the mag starts mis-feeding.Anyway it is a good gun for starters. Doesn't need any maintnence at all. Can be a pain to put the battery in sometimes. Mag only holds 44 rounds anyway

No maintnence
Cheap mags
Plastic is durable
has a little button on handle (second safety) for little kids (5-9)
adjustible hop up
removable stuff

Mags holds 45 rounds
You can only buy mags that are made for this gun
The paint on the front sight will scratch off and reveal the orange plastic
Bad range (it is like a FULLY AUTOMATIC shotgun)
Mag misfeeds after three months (you have to push the mag into the gun for it to fire correctly)

Anyway, this is a good gun for begginers and this is a good toy for (mature enough) kids.
by jacob h. on 12/20/2009
"This was my first AEG but now I own a ton more. This would be a good starter gun if you don't know whether or not you will get into airsoft. If you are sure you are gwt into airsoft and like it then I reccomend getting a JG gun. If you get this you will see that its going to brake soon, unless you give it ***VERY GOOD CARE***. Its all plasyic with plastic internals and I have no clue why Evike claims it is Marui compatable??? I underatand that Iam making it sound really bad, but this is from a 5 year airsofter, so all you people new to airsoft go ahead and buy it but be carefull. This thing worked for me for about 5 to 7 months witch is okay. Not once did the body brake, the internals just coudn't keep up. I am sorry to say this but I don't exactly remember the accuracy since it has been so long but I think it was good (not as good as my echo1's and other high end guns) I still have the broken gun witch looks fine but doesn't shoot and I can't find how to dissasemble it if I could I might be able to fix it... Over all its a suberb first gun or begginer's gun but don't try to take this to an airsoft feild :P So yeah thats it good gun for back-yard skirmishes and it looks cool. Thats all so to all you new airsofters buy it it's very cheap :) :) :) :)
by Justin S. on 07/11/2008
"this is pretty good gun, my first AEG pros: good mag, comes with a loader; lots of extras cons: extras dont work too well, im only using the grip right now, every so often you have to remove magazine if its not shotting to get out loose bb's get a better speed loader it'd be a lto easier, the one it comes with slips a lot both silencers don't seem too well made i'm not sire if the hop-up works, i tried it on hop-upa dn normal and it seemed the same pretty good mid-range CQB gun for beginners
by Quenton O. on 02/20/2018
"Alright so I just started airsoft, itís a fun sport but you need a cheap gun to really see if you like it. This is a good gun for that, I really like the things it comes with. This sight was pretty alright, itís a Red Cross sight and you can move it left or right to get it pretty on point. It was kinda hard to get on but just give it a minute lol. MY BARREL COME BROKE, so if youíre not a fan of the mock silencer then I wouldnít risk getting this gun. I use really crappy BBís and it shoots fine, buy a better spring for it and itíll be better itís only a few dollars and you can find a lot of videos on YouTube on how to change it. With this gun youíre getting what you paid for and a little extra, I think itís a pretty decent gun.