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DE M83 Full Size M4 RIS Carbine Airsoft Low Power Airsoft AEG Electric Rifle Package

22 Customer Reviews

by Zach L. on 07/03/2015
"Best gun ever. beat my polarstar a million times over 10/10
by Marina B. on 03/21/2012
"this is a incredible aeg for novices and experienced players alike

cool looking
comes with perfect sized battery
rail covers sights lasers and a flashlight all included

low fps and rof
low battery life
my backstock snapped off (i put it in a freezer)
both of my barrel extantion were both bent up on mine
battery goes in the top ris section and you cant fit a bigger on in

all in all its incredible gun that can prove itself incredible in the heat of a game
by jennifer k. on 11/18/2011
"For the price, you could NOT get a better M4.


The entire gun is made of high quality plastic.
Has 4 R.I.S. rails.
Red dot scope is AWESOME.

by Conlan S. on 10/19/2011
"First off, my friend ordered this from another website, and it came in poor condition, so I was a tad hesitant about ordering it myself.

I was wrong.

This came in excellent condition, batteries included for all but the Laser, accuracy is a tad hit and miss. The looks are amazing, decent speed loader. The only quarrel I have with it is when removing the stick, the tab seems to loosen up a bit.


Parents, if your kid wants an airsoft rifle, this is ideal. Two separate safeties so your child doesn't pull a Christmas Story and shoot his eye out. Also ideal to get a good feel for a M4 if you ever plan to take them shooting with the Real Steel.
by Bowman F. on 05/01/2011
"Its a great gun. It was my first gun and it worked great.
But kepp it away from kids that cant use a speed reloader. The clip braks and it becomes a hasle.
overall a great gun
by Zach J. on 03/09/2010
"This is a very good starter gun. I got mine three years ago and it still works!
Here are the pros and cons.

Lots of extras. (silencer, scope, hand guard, I bought mine some were else, so it did not come with a laser:( sorry Evike, did not know about you)
Good FPS. (causes welts at ten feet away)
Solid build. (Barrel assembly may wobble, can be fixed)
Just nice.
As said above barrel assembly may wobble.(not really a problem)
Looks kind of plastic (Evan though it is plastic) you can put some WD-40 on a paper towel and rub it on the body.(it sounds crazy but it works, it makes it look better)

Overall it is a great starter to semi advanced gun. I recommend it to any one that wants a starter gun.
by Logan G. on 01/20/2010
"I bought this gun about 2 days ago, Charged it up and went outside.
Im telling you. This gun is GREAT for beginners. Sure you could buy a 200$ AEG or You could get a decent LPAEG for a low price.. The Gun is lightweight and easy to run with. Whats good about most LPAEG Is that there Inaccurete (Sorry for my english) Why is that a good thing?
Abushing people has never been easier with this gun!

-Logan G.
by evelyn s. on 08/29/2008
"this gun is great my first favorite but now i stick with a mp5 sd6 but its still a very good gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Andy S. on 07/10/2008
"it comes with a red cross scope, it may not be a great scope but it works fine
by Andy S. on 05/19/2008
"very good, very reliable...I've had mine for about 3 years, its been dropped and beaten and still works good but and now I have some mid/high grades...but I still use it and can still eliminate my friend who uses a TM 552...very good and very reliable...must get if your starting out or if you just want to mess around
by Javio P. on 05/19/2008
"Best price for the quality and looks. comes with A TREMENDOUS amount of items and things to swap. Looks really cool and the best thing is it wont break if you hose it for minutes. I literally hose this gun for 3 minutes and I have been using it for 3 months. All that happened was a smell of smoke. No scene of smoke though GREAT FREAKING GUN!
by Dylan P. on 08/01/2016
"for how much you pay for the gun, actually not that bad. Not much compatibility lol(like literally nothing) but with a speedloader and about 3-5 mags, great starter gun in my opinion. My first airsoft gun was actually this gun
by cole l. on 09/01/2014
- interchangeable barrels
- long battery life
- accurate with barrel attachments
- weak
- no inner barrel
- barrels break easily
- jams a lot

Overall pretty good gun. When i got mine for Christmas the battery was fully charged and had no glasses. this gun is somewhat durable great for backyard wars. I would not recommend playing public games with this. mine has lasted about 9 months but now it is starting to breakdown and jam.
by jordan c. on 04/02/2012
"this is a perfect first gun for a younger player. some people may complain about battery space but i brought mine to interstate battery and for 30 dollars got a 9.6 in it with no mods to the gun , you just hae to gie them the gun along with the battery. mine is an extra row of 2 cells on top with trhe bottom rows at an angle

cool looking
awesome for the price
lightweight(for kids)

bad rof and fps
no range over 50ft
by John C. on 06/08/2010
"A pretty decent gun. Other than the small magazine size, the terrible accuracy, and the hop-up that doesn't work this gun was pretty good. This is my first gun I haven't bought from wal-mart so I'm pretty impressed. Definately a gun for starters.