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Classic Army M249 MkII Airsoft AEG Machine Gun (Package: LMG)

5 Customer Reviews

by tyler R. on 08/09/2013
"Okay if your looking for an LMG then i'm assuming your big enough to be able to use this thing for long periods of time. but let me start out saying i am a big dude 6'5 and i can use this thing like a sword but... one thing i always have issues with is breaching doors... while lmg's are normally a sit and cover your team, moving from one place to another can be a bit obnoxious when you have to duck through doors, open doors, lower your gun to avoid hitting the frame... basically what i am saying in a nutshell is this gun is big and if you have never been a SAW gunner then prepare for a bit of a change in tactic. (for the better) now if you thought your guns were loud before prepare to be flanked... double-triple-quadruple teamed... because this gun is intimidating loud AND DESTRUCTIVE. keep your side arm close and watch the door behind you. easily able to hold down targets from 100 feet this gun is a monster with no loss of the word. before this i used a m14 kart so i knew what i was getting into when i got a Saw as the m14 kart is a 15lb gun as well. ultimately people dislike it in most CQB arenas, and it does work best in an out door setting where you can set up a "mg nest". so i guess its time to get into pro's and cons.

great internals, powerful and can last even with stressed tested
sound / size... good for turning heads... be it allies or enemies
in the event that you have a A&K box mag malfunction (not surprising) you can always borrow some m4 mags from the nearest m4 user(cough cough everywhere)...
many modifications the plastic hand guard lasted like 40 minutes before i put on the bottom rails.
so long as the barrel is aligned correctly gun feeds efficiently with no dry fires.

not for small builds
inner barrel may loosen from the hop up adjustment... but given time you can easily master the alignment. and learn to eject the outer barrel sparingly.
the standard BI-POD sucks... barely managing to support the guns weight you find most of the weight being applied directly to the box mag (which if its A&K its plastic) its is nearly impossible to mount a good bi-pod using anything but rails but i found if you use one of the utg bi-pods with the tightening screw on the bottom you can remove the top and mount it on the front of the gun though one of the holes.

ultimately its a good saw despite the price.
by Thomas U. on 02/28/2009
"This gun is great i got it about 2 years ago and i haven't had any problems with it at all the gun is still all stock and the box mag works great highly recommended
by Thomas H. on 04/04/2011
"Its a beautiful gun and I do love it when I use it...... But for its initial price tag and the maintenance to keep its performance up I could easily cry myself to sleep every night
Because it is a support weapon it fires a lot and that puts wear on the internals. I have spent about $200 on internal upgrades (most of that was labor) and I'm not too happy with the results... If you get this gun realize your buying it for looks and will need to upgrade/ maintain it and that will cost alot... if you do upgrade everything with durable parts this will be an unstopable monster

-looks so awesome!
-sturdy as long as you take good care of it
-out of the box has AMAZING performance (wears down though)

-not very durable internals
-someone stepped on the stock and it broke in half= $100 replacement stock
-very expensive
-Its bulky which limits movement
by mitchell m. on 08/05/2013
"I bought the gun about 18 months ago, it held up well for a while. After i switched to a 5000Mah battery it started to have internal problems. that cost me around $120 just to restore to working order.

great support fire and sustained fire
awesome look that will scare the crap out of enemy team
can handle bigger batteries once upgraded

only full-auto; can't be used at indoor arenas
large=low mobility
runs through ammo quickly
by matt t. on 08/04/2016
"bought this gun to start a support kit
the externals are good
outer barrel is actually a para barrel with extension
quick change spring
stripped the piston after about 500 rounds ( not 5000 ....500) have yet to fix it